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  1. No. I want them unchache only if they engage hostile AI
  2. Hello. Is is possible to make friendly AI stay cache even if player is nearby?
  3. comradeguy

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    Recently I tested in editor AI with disabled "suppression" and "autocombat" (autodanger). This option enables you to force AI charge at enemy position ignoring enemy fire or make them retreat (if you engage tank or some HMG) . They run, fire , sometimes lie on the ground , then stand up and run again. Thats pretty good . I wish I see these options in this mission. Maybe I will upload video , if you ask about this.
  4. comradeguy

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    "AUTOCOMBAT" - disables autonomous switching to COMBAT when in danger . https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI For example you may do the same thing in High Command Converter . I think we need this one because when AI engages combat it ignores any further orders.
  5. comradeguy

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    Yes .
  6. comradeguy

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    You did a good job comrade. I have one suggestion : could you add enable\disable autocombat function in squad's order list?
  7. comradeguy

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    For some reason mission doesn't open. I installed all mods , but it says it's missing some content. Could you help me? Here is screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/HcPkg0y.jpg
  8. comradeguy

    ADV Zeus Script

    Very nice script! But what if I want to interact with only blufor(opfor) and Empty units spawned during the mission. How do I do that?