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Project 82 The Falklands/Malvinas war mod Work In Progress - Pics

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try this


class M_Shaffir_AA: M_Sidewinder_AA
	model="\p82_skyhawk\mk17\shaffir_mk2"; //added quotes
	proxyShape = "\p82_skyhawk\mk17\shaffir_mk2"; //added quotes
	simulationStep = 0.002;
	trackOversteer = 4.0;
//		trackLead = 0;
	thrustTime=5; //10;
//autoSeekTarget = 1;
lockingTargetSound[] = {"\ca\Tracked\Data\Sound\alarm_loop1",0.000316228,2};
lockedTargetSound[] = {"\ca\Tracked\Data\Sound\alarm_loop1",0.000316228,6};
	airLock = 1;
	irLock = 1;
	cmImmunity = 0.8; //0.1;
weaponLockSystem = "16 + 2";// "1+16+2";


class ShaffirLauncher: SidewinderLaucher
//lockingtargetsound[] = {"mod\small_arms\bluefor\common\javelin_locking",1,1};
//lockedtargetsound[] = {"mod\small_arms\bluefor\common\javelin_locked",1,10};
	displayName = "Shaffir Mk2";
	sound[]={"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\Javelin1",db30,1};    //added quotes
	soundFly[]={"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\rocket_fly1",db28,0.8};    //added quotes
	reloadTime = 0.2;
	magazineReloadTime = 5; //30;
	magazines[]={"2Rnd_Shaffir"};     //added quotes
//		autoAimEnabled=true;
weaponLockSystem = "16+2"; // "1+16+2";
cmImmunity = 0.8; //0.1;

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here's a full config and inheritance i used in unsung for the sidewinders


class MissileCore;
class MissileBase: MissileCore
	manualControl = 0;
	maneuvrability = 20;
	maxSpeed = 2500;
	simulationStep = 0.01;
	sideAirFriction = 0.2;
	maxControlRange = 4000;
	irLock = 1;
	airLock = 1;
	soundHit[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\explosion_large1",19.9526,1};
	soundFly[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\rocket_fly1",0.1,1.5};
	soundEngine[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\noise",0.00316228,1};
	supersonicCrackNear[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\supersonic_crack_close.wss",1,1};
	supersonicCrackFar[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\supersonic_crack_50meters.wss",1,1};
	CraterEffects = "BombCrater";
	explosionEffects = "ExplosionEffects";
	initTime = 0.5;
	thrustTime = 2;
	thrust = 141;
class uns_MissileBase_AA: MissileBase
	model = "";
	proxyShape = "";
	hit = 200;
	indirectHit = 85;
	indirectHitRange = 10;
	maneuvrability = 40;
	simulationStep = 0.001;
	airLock = 1;
	irLock = 0;
	cost = 15000;
	maxSpeed = 828;
	timeToLive = 180;
	sideAirFriction = 0.01;
	trackOversteer = 1;
	trackLead = 1;
	initTime = 0.5;
	thrustTime = 5;
	thrust = 2900;
	fuseDistance = 250;
	CraterEffects = "AAMissileCrater";
	explosionEffects = "AAMissileExplosion";
	whistleDist = 20;
	weaponLockSystem = "16 + 2";
	cmImmunity = 0.8;
class Uns_AIM9D: uns_MissileBase_AA
	model = "\A7_CorsairUn\wep\uns_AIM9";
	proxyShape = "\A7_CorsairUn\wep\uns_AIM9";
	hit = 400;
	indirectHit = 180;
	indirectHitRange = 6;
	minRange = 300;
	minRangeProbab = 0.7;
	midRange = 750;
	midRangeProbab = 0.95;
	maxRange = 1500;
	maxRangeProbab = 0.6;
	maneuvrability = 75;
	airLock = 1;
	irLock = 0;
	laserLock = 0;
	thrustTime = 500;
	maxControlRange = 2000;
	thrust = 700;
	maxSpeed = 1300;
	weaponLockSystem = "16 + 2";
	cmImmunity = 0.8;
	effectsMissile = "uns_Missile1";


 class uns_AIM9Dx1: VehicleMagazine
	scope = 2;
	displayName = "AIM-9D Sidewinder";
	count = 1;
	ammo = "Uns_AIM9D";
	initSpeed = 0;
	sound[] = {"\ca\Sounds\weapons\cannon\ch-29",31.6228,1,1100};
	soundFly[] = {"\ca\Sounds\weapons\cannon\rocket_fly_x2",1,1.1,700};
	maxLeadSpeed = 2000;
	nameSound = "missiles";
	reloadSound[] = {"",0,1};


class MissileLauncher;
class uns_AIM9DLauncher: MissileLauncher
 		canLock = 2;
	scope = 2;
	displayName = "AIM-9D Sidewinder";
	minRange = 300;
	minRangeProbab = 0.1;
	midRange = 500;
	midRangeProbab = 0.7;
	maxRange = 1500;
	maxRangeProbab = 0.001;
	sound[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\RocketLauncher_Shot05",31.6228,1};
	soundFly[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\rocket_fly1",100,0.8};
	lockingTargetSound[] = {"\uns_missilebox\uns_aim9\Sound\aim9_search.wss",0.000316228,1};
	lockedTargetSound[] = {"\uns_missilebox\uns_aim9\Sound\aim9_lock.wss",0.000316228,2};
	reloadTime = 0.1;
	weaponLockDelay = 3;
	magazines[] = {"uns_AIM9Dx1","uns_AIM9Dx2","uns_AIM9Dx3","uns_AIM9Dx4","uns_AIM9Dx5","uns_AIM9Dx6","uns_AIM9Dx7","uns_AIM9Dx8","uns_AIM9Dx9","uns_AIM9Dx10","uns_AIM9Dx11","uns_AIM9Dx12"};
	aiRateOfFire = 1;
	aiRateOfFireDistance = 500;

this works perfectly - hope it helps

ah and of course in the vehicle i'm firing it from:


class Plane: Air{};
class A10: Plane{};
class uns_f100b: A10 
	radarType = 4;
	IncommingMisslieDetectionSystem = 16;
	LockDetectionSystem = "2 + 8";
	irScanRangeMin = 100;
	irScanRangeMax = 12000;
	irScanGround = 1;

---------- Post added at 07:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:31 PM ----------

what vehicle are you in?

what vehicle are you trying to lock onto?

is the target vehicle set up correctly?

have you tried locking say an mi8?

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Hey man! I just want to say that I'm incredibly excited for this mod (so much so that I literally made this account just to comment on this thread), and am extremely eager to try it out. The models and attention to detail are amazing! You might've gotten this question before (I haven't had time to look through the thread thoroughly), but when can you expect a playable version of this mod with infantry and new weapons to be released? Thanks in advance!

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I must thank the repeated kinds word from this team regarding the work that was done for the OFP version that the team I lead in the end release to the general public.

From what I have seen there is much skill here and the much poorer versions of equipment I built is being replaced with quality, although I can honestly say that before the OFP mod I had never done any 3d modelling and still look back and shudder at what I see as the poor quality of what I built (buildings/ships).

That Seadart looks beautiful, and I wish I had the skill to of reached that back then.

What happened back in 82 cannot be forgotten, but most of all I hope it shows that war is not a solution, the islands are as they was before the war with both sides now politically more aggressive, I hope the peoples can see what is needed and not go back to fighting.

Although this team is being directed from the south I have no objection in its aim, and if anything this will allow a better representation of the Argentine side that the 1982:Flashpoint in the Falklands team could not manage, we tried, but I think we tried too much overall and never really got to what we wanted.

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For what OFP could handle those models were impresive, the idea is to add uvmaps were it wasnt add some geometry and props, but the overall is an excellent guide to work on.

The P82 is open to anyone who wants to contribute actually Cimalex is Italian, he is the proyect leader, if I didnt make a SeaHarrier or a HarrierGR3 is cause maybe someone in the UK could want the chance of do it, but at the end is more important to create the assets. War didnt solve anything to anybody, argentina keeps out of the falklands, the british expend a lot of money protecting it

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UPDATE of all planes, includes now the Mirage3EA and the Mirage Nesher/Dagger and the T34C turbomentor

the mirage 3EA comes in two configurations

-armed with two R550 misiles and one fuel tank

-armed with one R530 misile and 2 fuel tanks

the mirage Nesher/dagger comes in three configurations

-armed with 2 Shaffir misiles and one fuel tank

-armed with 2 bombs and two fuel tanks

-armed with 4 bombs and two fuel tanks

the fuel tanks release simply cuts part of your fuel, I was trying to add an script to gain some speed when you release the bombs but I could not do it without causing stutering.

the T34C turbomentor has one configuration

-2 defa 7.62 pods and 2 rocket pods

Changes in other planes:

A4 added thrust flame, add _AS map to the materials

Pucara modified fire script to avoid stutering, remade bumpmap

Also this do not requiere older versions


Please test it and comment about bugs, problems, suggestions.

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Great to see more updates on this mod.

Have you thought about working with the guys from the Unsung team?

IIRC in their recent release they mentioned that they had releasable fuel tanks for their aircraft.

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New version frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account (Foxtrop) on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

** Note: since this is a project on which more people are working we will contact you in the future to discuss how you want this to be setup on Armaholic.

Edited by Foxhound

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Awesome workk Foxtrop !

Carry on the great work !

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This mod looks amazing, great job. However, it seems that only the aircraft are available for download.

Are we going to see the Armies and the maps themselves anytime soon?

I would like to see a full release of this mod.

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Great Gr.3, anyway would you like to donate any of your models to Project 85 mod :)?

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Great Gr.3, anyway would you like to donate any of your models to Project 85 mod :)?

sure, but the harriers need work in the cabin yet, send me a PM about the models you could use

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