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  1. omg, vbs3 is just totally awesome :O
  2. just can't wait to try it gooood luck !!!!
  3. yes it is, but you need to think about how players will use them, (in terrains, or with editore etc ...)
  4. I hope they will not take pictures of military installations ...
  5. The ArmA 3 "plateform update" will probably bring a chinese terrain ...
  6. eliott

    Official launcher isn't working

    Everytime I start the launcher, I see 2 times that it has stop working :'( Plz BI fix !!!
  7. eliott

    Get more skeleton ?

    Ok thank you very much :D I can play now ^^
  8. eliott

    Get more skeleton ?

    I'm not alone to play this game ?
  9. eliott

    Sahrani for A3 by SMD

    Good luck for this !!!
  10. Hi evryone, recently i've purchase Take on Mars and start the Space Program ! It's looking fun, but I have a problem, I 've do some search in the Tech Three but some of them requieres Vehicle Skeleton (or landers), And I don't know where can i get them ... Maybe in the Tech Three but i've don't find anything. I'm a beginner so if anyone can tell me ?