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  1. multiple_canines

    Killoch's MultiNational Pack

    Hey Killoch, are you ever planning to add more UN stuff? I would love to have a chest rig of some kind in UN blue. Also, it seems the UN helmet has doesn't say 'UN' on the side. Not sure if that's intentional or a mistake. Regardless, it's a great mod and I hope you continue work on it!
  2. multiple_canines

    Killoch's MultiNational Pack

    Just wanted to say this is great looking, and I'm gonna push to have it added to my group's modpack (2 members have already left posts here). Anyway, what other nations are planning to incorporate?
  3. Hey man! I just want to say that I'm incredibly excited for this mod (so much so that I literally made this account just to comment on this thread), and am extremely eager to try it out. The models and attention to detail are amazing! You might've gotten this question before (I haven't had time to look through the thread thoroughly), but when can you expect a playable version of this mod with infantry and new weapons to be released? Thanks in advance!