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  1. MrCopyright

    call iniDB_read not reading

    Are you sure you aren't calling the iniDB functions from the client in a multiplayer environment? If the version is displayed in the Eden editor but not a hosted server, it seems very likely that locality is your issue.
  2. MrCopyright

    call iniDB_read not reading

    Have you checked the .ini file manually to see if the UID is saved properly? If it has saved, ensure that _datenbaseplayer is defined in the same file that you call iniDB_read from.
  3. MrCopyright

    Custom side chat of life server

    You can also create your own "radio channels" with the radioChannelCreate command. You are free to change the colour, label and call-sign. This method would be far easier than creating your own chat system.
  4. If the display is completely closed, then you will need to re-assign the event handlers when the display is re-created.
  5. MrCopyright

    Setting listbox item background

    In the configs, the default inventory ListBox uses the itemBackground[] and itemSpacing properties. However, when the ListBox is populated with the lbAdd command, it doesn't utilise those properties. This leads me to believe that Bohemia do not use a publicly available command to create their inventory menu.
  6. MrCopyright

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I started using the dev branch, as of yesterday, to utilise the new DLC assets. However, this code simply does not work anymore: ["interactionMenu", "onEachFrame", { hint "Test"; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; I had code inside the event handler that was not executing, so I put a hint in there which still won't execute. The change log mentioned that the BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler was 'fixed'. Am I missing something?
  7. MrCopyright

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    You guys are being hypercritical of the ambulance model. Sure, it's not perfection but it's not awful either. I had not even noticed the majority of the imperfections until you had pointed them out. I'm sure the vast majority of players will not notice those details nor will they be affected by them. I would happily pay the current price if the models were half as decent; the sheer amount of content being added in this DLC is remarkable for the price.
  8. Have you tried adding a delay between each setObjectTexture command? Perhaps a 0.01 second sleep would resolve this issue.
  9. I believe it's to do with the BattlEye script filters. Make sure they are compatible with your version of Altis Life.
  10. On the default Arma 3 inventory dialog, each listbox element has the main text (the item name) and text on the right hand side (the quantity). I do not believe that this was achieved via text formatting as I have found attributes in the config file that refer to the colour of the right hand text (colorTextRight[]). How can I go about adding this to my own listbox? I have been unable to find any attributes directly setting the right hand text nor have I been able to find any engine based commands.
  11. MrCopyright

    RscListbox Text

    Thanks @killzone_kid. Also, is there a reason why commands such as lbSetTextRight are omitted from the Arma 3 commands section?
  12. MrCopyright

    Removing whitespace script release

    I currently send over 30+ functions from the server to the client when they connect. I haven't noticed any performance hit as this process takes less than a few seconds but this can only improve network traffic. Thank you @das attorney.
  13. MrCopyright

    Removing whitespace script release

    So the only difference is the size of the variable being transferred across the network? How much of a performance impact does this have?
  14. I have been unable to add any event handlers to RscPicture controls. The base defines were created via Arma 3's GUI editor. _ctrl = (findDisplay 700) displayCtrl 1200; _ctrl ctrlAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown", "_this call fnc_test"]; I can assure you that the IDD and the IDC in the .hpp file are correct. I've never tried adding event handlers to pictures until today.
  15. I found the solution to the problem, use RscActivePicture instead of RscPicture.
  16. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    I was going to refrain from posting again, because you're not worth the time, but I had to point out your lack of intellect. You proclaim to not be using profileNamespace yet your function very clearly uses profileNamespace. You cannot realistically save and load data without using a database or profileNamespace. You don't even understand the function that you "figured out on [your] own" which leads me to believe you copy and pasted that code from somewhere. I hope everyone else realises that helping you is fruitless, you can't even help yourself. Have fun.
  17. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    @Revixy, if anyone is being an ass, it's you. I have taken time out of my day to help you, yet you refuse to help yourself. You are not willing to accept help unless it involves someone writing the code for you. I have offered you a real alternative. It genuinely isn't difficult to set up iniDB. As I have stated before, you put the addon in your directory, you run the addon, you add a line to your init.sqf file. If that simple procedure is beyond you, you're an absolute lost cause. You threw your toys out of the pram and now you will have to enjoy no assistance.
  18. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    If you're asking for someone to write your save system for you, I doubt there will be anyone forthcoming. You want to use profileNamespace which involves you passing a few parameters to it, it's not that difficult. If you are unable to do that, you need to read up on the SQF syntax more.
  19. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    If you put your mind to it, iniDB really isn't that hard to implement. You run the addon, you add a line to your init.sqf file and then you are free to use the write/read functions. The hardest part is separating the locality of the server and the clients. Ensure that you have the x64 version of iniDBi if you are using the x64 version of Arma 3.
  20. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    Can you provide your fn_savestat function? I need to be able to see what parameters the function takes before I can write the code.
  21. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    Why are you so opposed to using database mods? There must be a reason for it. They are robust and the benefits far outweigh the negatives.
  22. The benefits of having script errors far outweigh your need of having a "clean" log file. If it is really that much of an issue, you can always do as @beno_83au said.
  23. MrCopyright

    Persistent Vehicle Saving

    @FireWalker you can always use profileNamespace if you wish to keep things unmodded.