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  1. is there a way to pass on high command in multiplayer after the hc gets killed in game?
  2. weapons updated and all is good...THANKS HC AND ALWARREN!!
  3. i seem to be missing the ammo types for the m60 tank. I also get an error that says misssing ".model" . Is anyone else having issues with this?
  4. does anyone know the command to unload all cargo for the lcu1610? I am trying to have the ai beach up on the shore line and then let the cargo vehicles out. If I use the waypoint "vehicle get out" the lcu coasts up on top of the unloaded vehicles and creates mayhem.
  5. is there a way i can turn off the cache system for a particular player? I have a mission where I have one player as a jet, but several players as infintry. The jet takes a a lag hit when everything starts to spawn in. The jet is close air support and only needs to see what the infintry player sees.
  6. yes, its rc6 and on singleplayer. hal will radio call offensive position, but wont even send recon units to any objectives. I have the debug on and the radio message will just check moral.
  7. having a problem here. hal fires up but refuses to send any units to any objectives. I added the new array for simple mode with my obj names. named commander Leaderhq, activated ace tasks, but no go on tasking at all. am i missing a game logic or something?
  8. is there a way to set the trigger owner after the owner dies and resapwns? maybe something like "settrigger owner" looked all over the biki but i cant find anything or any way to do it?
  9. Does anyone remember how to do this? I forgot.
  10. i went from vcom to type x, what a difference! Playing on Rosche with around 100 opfors and about 70 blufors my frames with vcom were around 12-17. With type X i am sitting around 52 fps. NO errors and everything is running smooth with smart enemies. The mission also is using Hetman, rhs, and blastcore. I am also using type x in the script format. Well done snkman, well done!!
  11. oneisdown

    NR6 Reinforcements - HAL Expansion

    i am trying to spawn an rhs hind helicopter with pilots via a trigger, but I am running into problems. the triggers name is t1, both the 2 pilots classnames are: rhs_pilot_combat_heli . the hinds classname is: RHS_Mi24Vt_vvsc so my code in the trigger activation is [east,1,[(getpos t1)],100,30,"custom",1,[LeaderHQC,LeaderHQD],[[' rhs_pilot_combat_heli',' rhs_pilot_combat_heli'],['RHS_Mi24Vt_vvsc']] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Do I have a bracket wrong or something else? By the way hetman is awesome!!
  12. just a quick question here. I am trying to get an rhq to change via trigger. I have one squad who's leaders name is lead1. in the init file i have excluded him from Hal. I have RydHQ_Excluded = [lead1]; which works great. the problem i am having is what to place in the triggers activation field to turn the rhq to RydHQ_Excluded = []; via a trigger activation. Its gotta be some wonky syntax issue i am missing,
  13. i looked through the sample packs in the rhq folders, but cant seem to find the "rhs" names? Am i looking in the wrong spot? Where would I find the rhs classnames so i can use rhs units?
  14. Is there any way i can remove the ingame round curser and make players only option to just use the map to direct arty fire? I am building a mission where there is no icons and it is too easy for a player just to point at a building and rain death. I really dont want to use any mods to implement a new system to call in fire.
  15. is there a way to add the ace hellfires to the rhs apaches?
  16. oneisdown

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a way to put ace hellfire missiles on the ah 64? They show up on the cobra, but not on the apache in the pylon config slots.
  17. where is "lieutnant" located? I am having the same errors and cannot seem to figure out in what sqf I am supposed to change? edit: just found it
  18. oneisdown

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    This map is by far one of the best I have ever used!
  19. oneisdown

    tricky "&" statement

    IT WORKS PERFECT!!!! Thanks Grumpy!!!
  20. I am working on a cool older script using the "alive" mod combat support and the "unsung" mod radio back pack. I found the code in these forums from 2015. So here is how it works: The item I have set up to call support is the standard arma 3 radio. The script will spawn a radio into the players inventory if he or she is within 2 feet of the the soldier with the unsung radio backpack, and the curser is on the unsung back pack. If the player moves more than 2 feet away away from the radio mans pack or the curser is removed from the radio mans pack the arma 3 radio is removed from the players inventory. This simulates the cord length of radio. It works great, but i need to fill the back pack capacity so a player cant just stuff it full of 30 round mags. I decided to use 45 laser designator batteries, which fills the pack up nicely and seems like a realistic choice to simulate the power storage for the radio. I have been trying to use the "and" statement to make sure the battery count is at 45 in order to meet the conditions to proceed with the script, but no luck. I am sure this is a simple fix but its way over my head. Here is the code player addaction ["Use Radio",{player addItem "ItemRadio"; player assignItem "ItemRadio"},0,0,true,true,"","backpack CursorTarget == 'UNS_ARMY_RTO' and (_this distance Cursortarget)<2"]; waitUntil {(isNull CursorTarget) OR (player Distance CursorTarget > 2)}; player unassignItem "ItemRadio"; player removeitem "ItemRadio"; Hint "Radio Removed"; somewhere in there I have to include something like "and Laserbatteries=45" any help is appreciated!!
  21. oneisdown

    tricky "&" statement

    also how would i loop this i cant seem to get the loop to work?
  22. can someone upload the full sqf code to this? I can not get it to work???
  23. does anyone know how to get the ai mg42 units to fire full auto at any range?
  24. oneisdown

    Faces of War [WW2]

    does anyone know the command to lower the ramp on the USA landing crafts? I am trying to get the LCVP to drop the ramp when it completes the waypoint.
  25. Hello I have created a fun mp mission just for my lan network. I have 2 squads of soldiers and a sniper/spotter team. I am trying to figure out a way to lock the scope to the sniper rifle so it can not be used or taken off and put on an assault rifle. This way I do not have a grunt putting it on his m4 and going insane at long ranges. Is this even possible to lock an optic to one weapon?