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  1. dennislongbeard

    Faces of War [WW2]

    This is looking nice... really nice uniforms.. please keep it up :) cant wait
  2. Toadie2k... you are the best.. love your work :) I only use your weapons when i make missions, they are so nicely done :) I once saw a topic where you wrote that you are working on MG3 :) is that shut down or are you still planning to make it ?? if so are you making it with a rail on top to mount scopes ?? i really hope so. but first of all i really hope this MG3 wil be a reality. When i was in the army, i was trained in that weapon.. its a awesome MG :) Do you take requests for other weapons ?? 1. C8IUR - http://coltcanada.com/le-patrol-c8iur.html 2. Now you are making old bolt rifles, what about Lee Enfield MK4 ?? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee%E2%80%93Enfield 3. Sako TRG 42 with folding stock - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sako_TRG#/media/File:Sako_TRG_folding_stock_%2B_Zeiss_3-12x56_SSG_P.JPG 4. Madsen MG - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madsen_machine_gun 5. Carl Gustav M 45 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Gustav_m/45 I specially hope to see the C8IUR and SAKO TRG 42 you the best Dennis
  3. dennislongbeard

    EF-2000 Version 7x

    I love this fighter... thank you.. could you please make a Danish skin ?? Denmark is about to buy new fighters, and the Eurofighter is one of the planes we are testing, i just hope Denmark will buy this plane, so i think it could be so nice to see your plane with a Danish skin :)
  4. dennislongbeard

    Boreas - WIP Open mod development!

    This sounds great... but its been longtime since last update.. is the mod dead ??
  5. dennislongbeard


    Nice mod, i like it... I always liked DayZ, but sadly its only for MP, and i only want to play SP.. so thank you for making this mod :) I know that this is a beta, but are you working on some axes, showels and so on to defend your self ?? Is it possible that you could add the HLC G3 to the mod ?? i love that rifle :) is it possible to make the fast runninf zombies a bit slower ?? keep the great work going best regards Dennis
  6. dennislongbeard


    I love the BW mod.. i use it alot :) great work.. But, we really need some trucks, cars and perhaps a fighter jet (Eurofighter) :) I would love to see some MAN trucks to transport the troops, and cars Light and armoured like Wolf and eagle V best regards Dennis
  7. dennislongbeard

    [SP Campaign] Hunter Six: Special Operations Unit

    Hey man.. i just played a little bit of this SP Campaign... THIS is what i like, thank you for this campaign, i like it a lot :) we need much more of this type of Missions/campaigns.... good work :) best regards Dennis
  8. dennislongbeard

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    Hey guys... love your work.. keep it up. cant wait to try this map :) best regards Dennis
  9. dennislongbeard

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I must Agree with DarkSideSixOfficial I even once wrote about that BI should make a Navy DLC, with more for the people who really want to have the Navy in the game too, to begin with, there is alot of water on both maps for vanilla arma 3, why not use it, i dont say that we should get the biggest boats and a hole fleet, but like DarkSideSixOfficial is writing about, smaller support ships, patrole boats and so on. I think that is a really great idea, and i support it, i know there are other people who would love to have more naval equipment to play with, why should they not give it to us ?? I think it feels like BI only listning too their favorit modders and community, not to all the players, if that is true, then its really sad. My list of Ships i think could make the Navy part better would be something like this: 1. Fregats - something like this one (http://marineschepen.nl/schepen/f125.html) or this (http://www2.forsvaret.dk/nyheder/intops/Pages/T%C3%A6tp%C3%A5Somaliaskyst.aspx) 2. Patrole boats - Like these (http://www.fassmer.de/shipbuilding/naval-vessels/offshore-patrol-vessels/80-m-offshore-patrol-vessel/) or (http://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/le-patrouilleur-ladroit-deploye-sur-la-campagne-de-thon-rouge) 3. Smaller patrole boat - (http://laststandonzombieisland.com/2014/08/11/florida-states-85-foot-patrol-boat/) or (http://www.swedeship.se/?page_id=19) these are just exampels, but these would look nice in game, and people would have a feel of the Navy, they should also with the ships, make some naval units and uniforms. Its should be a DLC, so you guys who do not want the navy units, doesnt have too. best regards Dennis
  10. Nice.. looking beautiful :)
  11. dennislongbeard

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Nice looking forward to see my scandinavian borthers Norway in the field :) looks good so far, but i didnt know Norway uses the Diemaco, i thought it was HK 416 ??? best regards Dennis
  12. dennislongbeard

    [WIP] G250 Wolf

    Still in use in Denmark :) nice car
  13. dennislongbeard

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    Thank you for your kind reply :) An expantion pack sounds nice, and i really hope to see some of the features your are talking about, that is what i want :)... I dont care about female soldiers, though i think it would be great, but female civilians would do a great thing in the game for me and for Milsim, so really hope to see this in game. It's fine if we cant have a bigger transport airplane, but i would love to have it in the game too, maybe i must stick to the mods on this one. And i totally support your request with the naval units, there are so much Water and it would be perfect with some more naval units, fregats and patrole boats and navy units :) best regards Dennis
  14. dennislongbeard

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Hi guys I was thinking, with this last Marksman DLC, is this the final DLC/Work BI will do with Arma 3 ?? i know they might patch the games sometimes, but will there be more DLC's or bigger updates with new stuff ?? I know we have alot of great modders out there in the community, and i really enjoy many of the mods, but i really hope to see some more stuff from BI, maybe some of the stuff they where showing on the pictures years ago. examples like, the air fighter F35 i think it was, and females (OH NO, NOT AGAIN YOU GUYS THINK) i know there have been alot of talk about females ingame, and i even myself have asking for this before, but this is just to bring it up again, i hope that BI for once will listen to others then there favorit modders and community guys, im a Milsim player and i like that i can see civilians, and not just alot of guys wearing the "same" clothes :D its gonna be one big Gay parade :D Well this is not complaining about the game, because i really love it, and enjoy every second i play, i just want more for us milsim guys :) Then there is you guys who hate me for writing this, well i understand if you are tired of reading about this again, but still i have to come out with the thinks i think could make the game better, it is afterall a place for all of us ;) i will now make a little list with changes and things I think would make it better. 1. FEMALES... they are needed :) 2. More civilian stuff.. Cars, Ambulances, Police (why do they make a Police boat, Cap and Vest, but no Police car and men ?? ) 3. I would really love to see another damn truck for the AAF - a MAN SX (http://www.patriotfiles.com/archive/danskpanser/Nyheder/2008/080905-1.htm) Truck as a great example, i dont like the old russian truck, and its too outdated. 4. Better Medical system (Carry and drag function, and maybe if a soldier is more then 50% wounded, they need an Military Ambulance with better equipment) I know many is requesting this. 5. Please fix some of the civilians cars, they look like crap and something from an older game :) (better model and texture please) 6. Is a good number ;) well a transport plane would be awesome, A C-17 maybe.. 7. Ability to kick in a door on the houses, would make great sense when clearing houses :) well this was just some of the things i would love too see, SO before you guys replay with hate and anger, remember... count to ten, and think that we all should be able to write our thoughts in here ;) best regards Dennis
  15. dennislongbeard

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Thats fine :) thanks for your reply :) and keep up the great Work :) i will follow this close ;)