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  1. Is there a server us to play on if so. how do we access it?
  2. fwedman

    Missing items in the editor

    Ok so its a problem with my mods. can this thread be closed please
  3. In the 3d editor i am missing quite a few vanilla items such as furniture like the camping chairs, walls such as the H barriers(all of them except the large 4 blocks and the corridor), the long sandbag wall. So far this is all I've noticed missing but i'm sure there's more. Could this be an issue with mods or is my game playing up?
  4. AAF Soldiers from the newly formed Spartan company having a break during a counter-insurgency campaign near Sofia Mods: Rismarks WW2 pose pack
  5. A company of AAF soldiers about to depart on a counter insurgency deployment in the region surrounding the towns of Sofia and Molos Mods: Vanilla
  6. fwedman

    Spawning in a radius

    I might give a few things a go when im back on my main pc
  7. Looks awesome. Is it somewhat inspired by the iwo jima map on red orchestra 2/rising storm?
  8. U.S. Marines having a break after a 3 hour firefight Mods: RHS, Rismark's WW2 Pose Pack,Cup
  9. A protest against the Altis Government as tensions increased before the coup d'etat in Kavala in 2026 Mods used: Direones poses ,Rismarcks poses
  10. Whats the best way to have Germans in the mg bunkers shooting at Allies as the run up the beach on the Omaha map. i would like it so they are constantly shooting. I tried the static MGs but they just fall down so is there a way to do it with the infantry MGs?
  11. An Eastern European foreign fighter helps defend an oil processing plant against an Islamic State attack. Mods: Iraqi/Syrian conflict, CUP, RHS, Project opfor.
  12. awesome looking foward to it
  13. Will the building interiors be decorated?