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  1. Vortorsk Terrain

    vortorsk rebuild coastline textures need alot of work forests are generated across all of map first then i cut away and create infastructure, cities fields ect, this can be concidered a complete rebuild using only an older version of the heightmap as data from the old terrain in rv4
  2. Frithified Gear (WIP)

    o7 keep the project alive bro
  3. these are arma 3 default haze values that i have on the map, they are tweaked however their intensitty is not tweaKED, not to mention these are the same values for over 1 year...
  4. does not seem very hazy to me?
  5. Overhaul to the HDR settings on the map, aswell as lots of lighting tweaks to compensate for the new (old) tonemapping method, the changes are not entirely noticable at distance because of how refined my lighting config is to get this type of look, but now close range to objects you really notice the difference with the light, the entire config was actually rebuild from scratch and no longer inherits from CAWorld aswell Needs work but this is probably as close to 2015 A3 / A2 as youll get in terms of lighting ect
  6. Retexturing RHS uniform

    join the arma 3 official discord, invite should literally just be /arma and message PuFu, hes my goto guy for anything rhs, and im pretty sure rhs allows textures and config tweaks, as for actually DOING it, you may want to consult some youtube or written guides via google if this is your first time doing so, if you want to do it the right way (imo ONLY way) youll be setting up your p drive for mod development + getting mikero's tools
  7. new quarry at Bor, north of komarovo or w.e new clouds and sky (again)
  8. Ravage Mod

    I have a quick question, may I modify and repack the fn_zed_attack.sqf script so I may remove the backpack and weapon dropping mechanic? It is causing a few errors on my server, I run Exile as the "main" mod, and there arent any settings i can find which disable it.
  9. Ravage Mod

    easily disable-able? the items are being deleted on my server, probably because im running exile as the main mod
  10. Ravage Mod

    question do zombies knock backpacks and weapons out of players equipped gear?
  11. Chernarus 2035, MikesMod ,tryk, rhs, exile
  12. Ravage Mod

    o7 sent
  13. Ravage Mod

    yes that is correct! sorry i forgot to mention. all i have done is add the zombie spawning module into the mission.sqm aswell as some remoteexec allowances so it would work i may have missed something related to mp for ravage idk, i did look into it a bit but this is my first time ever using ravage
  14. Ravage Mod

    I have a quick question, i have a server which is average 60 players using ravage, with the ambientzombie module that spawns zombies off of buildings, i set the max zombies global to 200 zombies, and the max zombies per player to 6, so now only 5 zombies on the ENTIRE server are spawning in total. I then tried setting the max zombies per player to 30, after this there are 30 zombies per player, going wayy over the max zombies global, spawning in hundreds and hundreds of zombies, this ALSO makes zombies spawn in a circle around the zombie, they dont even spawn off of buildings, making me think the whole spawn system spazzes out and breaks, when working normally the zombies only spawn around static vic classes I then tried setting the max zombies per player to 14, after this again there was only 13 zombies spawning on the whole map... do you guys have any insight into what im doing wrong or failing to do? all i am changing is the max zombies per player, and having WILDLY different results changing the numbers a few times