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  1. Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    this map is still COVERED in floating trees lol
  2. Opaque Compass

    For modding generally somebody will setup a server, and then add mods to that server, players will have to all have those exact mods or else they wont be able to join, finding random servers which just allowed random mods are pretty rare, youll either find vanilla servers which will be unmodded, or servers which use a specific list of mods to get their desired result, as for that specific mod your having trouble with, ive never used it so i got no clue if it needs anything special or it works automatically :P you should try to either find a group who has their own server and runs missions on it, or try unmodded servers which dont require anything to get into until you find a group of people like milsim units who have modded servers they play on. there are other options too, for example one of the biggest gamemodes that always has people playing is king of the hill, its a control the objective gamemode between 3 teams, there are vanilla koth servers, aswell as modded ones, some using total conversions like iron front to become a WW2 version of koth, those are good places to start playing modded versions of the game, then branch out from there and find a place you enjoy you also can just hit up the steam workshop and just browse the top rated mods or check youtube for top lists of mods for functionality immersion total conversion mods ect, you can easily test out almost any mod on your own, just download it make sure its activated on launch in the launcher then in the 3den editor you can find and test any new content added by mods, you can save a loadout of mods aswell in the launcher and can use that to make single or multiplayer missions, you can local host if you have port forwarded the right ports to allow others to connect to you and can play with friends without setting up a dedicated server aswell
  3. [ MAP ] St. George Island

    i have a problem with the default climate from l3dt xd your gunna want to have your sat image align with objects placed or else it doesnt look very good, its a weird problem u only notice when it comes to arma terrains lol
  4. Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    3 year old gravedig AND your not allowed to ask for release dates..... read the forum rules lol
  5. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    view -pilot lod perhaps?
  6. [WIP] Tsarvana

    those screenshots you posted are amazing! btw will the heightmap be the one you showed me awhile ago?
  7. Wolf like in dayz ? :)

    no point tbh
  8. Winter 2035

    if im not mistaken i used bensons midrange for this mod anyway, if not then just for another map i made lol ive got no clue as to why some people have this issue, only like 4 ppl have told me they have this issue xd, not rlly sure where to start to resolve it, the mod is super super straightfoward in how it replaces textures
  9. Winter 2035

    i dont have any more plans for arma modding right now
  10. Krokom, Sweden

    For those puddles and other fake water sources if you havent already you can define the surface type of their roadway to sound like water when you run on them, would be cool for immersion if people run on the puddles and get the corresponding footstep sounds
  11. Global Mobilization

    fm is a bad mod yes.... gm looks good!
  12. Winter 2035

    i havent modified caworld yet thus it will only work on altis and stratis right now
  13. well ill break down a few things in the 1.60 lighting which may help you edit the lighting this is from my version of chernarus south zagoria at noon class Lighting11 { height=0; overcast=0.25; sunAngle=45; sunOrMoon=1; diffuse[]= {{1,0.86000001,0.81},16}; diffuseCloud[]= {{1,0.86000001,0.81}, 17}; ambient[]= {{0.498,0.602,0.76999998}, 12.6}; ambientCloud[]= {{0.498,0.602,0.76999998},12.6}; ambientMid[]= {{0.63499999,0.63499999,0.66299999},12.904}; ambientMidCloud[]= {{0.63499999,0.63499999,0.66299999},12.904 }; groundReflection[]={{0.745,0.671,0.64300001},13.21392}; groundReflectionCloud[]= {{0.745,0.671,0.64300001},13.21392}; bidirect[]={0.025,0.024,0.017999999}; bidirectCloud[]={0.025,0.024,0.017999999}; sky[]={{0.15000001,0.35099999,0.708},13.445 }; skyAroundSun[]= {{0.115,0.245,0.60000001},13.662}; fogColor[]= { {0.15000001,0.35099999,0.708},13.145 }; apertureMin=70; apertureStandard=120; apertureMax=120; standardAvgLum=8000; desiredLuminanceCoef=1; desiredLuminanceCoefCloud=1; luminanceRectCoef=1; luminanceRectCoefCloud=0.5; rayleigh[]={0.0070000002,0.01388,0.035}; mie[]={0.0049999999,0.0049999999,0.0049999999}; cloudsColor[]= {{1,1,1},14.8}; swBrightness=1; }; everything is {{RGB},intensity}; and diffuseCloud <-- anything with cloud after it, should be affecting clouds however im not 100% derp also dont go above 1 for any rgb >.< diffuse[]= {{1,0.86000001,0.81},16}; This determines the color and intensity of the light color emited by the sun, for example during sunset you may want to decrease green and blue and increase red to have the light color on objects a reddish hue compared to a more normal flat color like white or a super super light pink in this one above sky[]={{0.15000001,0.35099999,0.708},13.445 }; This determines the color and intensity of the sky, the large half circle above the horizon, again this will be more blue then anything, itll take any number of combinations of rgb + intensity to get a color that feels good, keep in mind, at ground level to low level helicopter height, the horizon AND the sky mix together, to create a third color, you can also see this at high altitudes, but it only mixes in about an inch of your screen, at ground level it mixes covering almost half the screen, can provide examples below with other screens skyAroundSun[]= {{0.115,0.245,0.60000001},13.662}; This determines the color and intensity of the sky around the sun, I PERSONALLY disable this, as I flipping hate the halo around the sun it is ugly as shit, so i dont touch this in my config, but youd normally have this at a brighter color then the sky if you wish to disable this change aroundSunCoefMultiplier=1.4; to aroundSunCoefMultiplier=1; highly suggested imo fogColor[]= { {0.15000001,0.35099999,0.708},13.145 }; This determines the color and intensity of the horizon below the sky, this by default is an eye gouging white and the sky is a super neon blue giving a really bad contrast imo, so i always make this much more blue, this also affects the color of fog as the name suggests, so if you dont want blue fog youll need to make this more of a light blue/white color the other settings in the lighting arrays are not exactly useless, however they are not really worth changing, the effect is minimal and ive never needed to change them from default as they are fine normally for the intensities, ive seen at above 30 it just becomes an unbearable white across the entire screen and in some cases blocking out view entirely, thus youll want to stick below 20, and above 10 for daytime alltogether that config entry above will lead you to have a sky somewhat similar to this one below
  14. what about the lighting do you need to know
  15. Winter 2035

    the tree creaking comes from mempoints on the tree itself, it should be playing in 3d from the tree