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  1. lolkij

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is not a problem of RHS, it's a buggy ACE fragments.
  2. lolkij

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you using ÐСЕ3 with RHS?
  3. lolkij

    1.64 update broke Wasteland Wheeled Vehicles

    U mad? BIS are saints and are never wrong!
  4. Congrats on update, Toadie! Everything cool, but you put the old hlc_wp_saw.pbo (created 09.04.2016) into the "NIArms_AllinOne V6". And a lot of compat files still has "WeaponSlotsInfo" error.
  5. lolkij

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Awesome! Especially the turn signals and gestures. This addon sets new reference standard for vehicles in A3.
  6. lolkij

    An-12 CUP

    hcpookie, thank you for this awesome addon! Small bug-report: - part of the ramp in the air - one of the aircraft requires a resource from your other addon - few lines from rpt - rear gunner have "AM-23" cannon, not "ZU-23" Any plans to add a "vehicle loading" script in the future?
  7. Is there any way to add the scope adjustment feature for sniper rifles with fixed (nonremovable) sight? Like "hlc_rifle_psg1" by Toadie. I tried to do this: class CfgWeapons { class Rifle; class Rifle_Base_F: Rifle {}; class My_Rifle: Rifle_Base_F { ACE_ScopeAdjust_Horizontal[] = {-10,10}; ACE_ScopeAdjust_HorizontalIncrement = 0.5; ... and this class CfgWeapons { class Rifle; class Rifle_Base_F: Rifle {}; class My_Rifle: Rifle_Base_F { class OpticsModes { class Scope { ACE_ScopeAdjust_Horizontal[] = {-10,10}; ACE_ScopeAdjust_HorizontalIncrement = 0.5; ... but it does not work =(
  8. This is not a bug of Lingor, it's a buggy model of CUP TP building. BTW, if you're using ACE3 - the door can be opened via ACE interaction.
  9. lolkij

    Project OPFOR

    Keeway, if so, then this is very good news. Thanks in advance! As always I'll keep you posted if I find any bugs =)
  10. lolkij

    Project OPFOR

    Congrats on the release with new name! But! The new file structure became very uncomfortable! Previously I could not add some faction pbo's as their counterparts appeared in the RHS. Now everything is more complicated...
  11. lolkij

    US Military Mod

    Some vests has a wrong proxy for pistols http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/446239101705031644/A3979CE6CF0EA9F514AC6A855CCB007735830A8A/
  12. Hmm... The file name is "cup_cwa_fix.pbo". What could it be??? Probably a virus???????? Yeah! 100% it's an old-good *.pbo virus! Another random suspicious link (be very careful!) facepalm.jpg