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    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    I have the same issue that the server key is no longer working.

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    Hey, thank you so much. It really helped because I realized that I had this [WEST,West1] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; in my init.sqf instead of this [missionNamespace,"WEST1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; Thanks a ton, buddy. Now I can finally get this mission up and running as I want it to be!

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    How did you manage to have multiple loadout per class from which you can select upon respawn? I cannot get it to work. Do you mind uploading an example?

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hi guys, does anyone of you know a mission that uses the new respawn screen introduced in 1.60 with various loadouts to select per role? I am trying to get that set up in a mission I am currently working on. But my scripting/editing knowledge is rather poor, so it would help a lot to see an example where this is working.
  5. Hey guys, I would really appreciate if someone can upload or link me to a mission that has the new class/role/loadout selection (THIS) included and working. Thanks a lot in advance, Felix.
  6. Spyderaddons, which is designed to run with alive can do that... And lots of other cool stuff. Gesendet von meinem XT1053 mit Tapatalk
  7. I think you have to choose the commander role and then set up the permissions on the permissions menu from the scroll menu. Not totally sure where you find what, since I am not at my pc nor did I play the mission in a while. Gesendet von meinem XT1053 mit Tapatalk

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    That definitely sounds like it is the effect of ace hearing. Try to put ace earplugs in your inventory and then equip them via ace self interaction. Then take an lmg and fire a few long bursts. With earplugs put in, that sounds should not be there. With earplugs out, that sounds should be there after your soldier is exposed to very loud sounds.
  9. This makes no sense any longer since the spam above has been deleted. This escalated quickly...
  10. ^^THIS would love to have an Eastern European map with enterable buildings to setup a threeway alive mission with rhsafrf as conventional opfor and rhsgref nationalists as insurgents.
  11. Transport boats that work like a shuttle to just load troops, drive them over the pond, unload and repeat would be so much wow! Just saying ;)
  12. FAILIX

    BMR Insurgency

    Only issue I have with cup is that the quality of the weapon/vehicle models is nowhere near RHS. That's the main reason why I always try to circumvent mods that use RHS weapons. If I have to use a mod faction that uses cup weapons, I always load the NIArms weapons as well to at least have quality weapon models for the players.
  13. FAILIX

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Operation Prophet [Insurgency]

    That menu should open in this mission of you hit your "app"-key/right windows key .then a screen pops up where you can choose " commander actions". If you select one of those, it should be shown on that nifty tablet.
  14. FAILIX

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    I would prefer this as well. The mod is awesome, but to be honest: I usually try to not use mods that use cup weapons. Rhs is so much better. I would even go so far to say it's CUP<RHS<NIArms/HLC when it comes to weapons used by factions. Even if they are only used by opfor I prefer to have the best available weapons, just for the rare cases where you're out of ammo and have to pick up one of them.
  15. FAILIX

    BMR Insurgency

    That is awesome. They will even make for a good opfor on Bornholm. I am getting slowly tired of all the middle east maps. So saint Kapaulio will be a very welcome variance. Thanks a lot for this and all your well done work with this mission!