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  1. I think duplication is easier than ever with 64bits Taking vest at the same time One player have to disconnect to "fix" the vest Taking backpack at the same time with item in it One player have to disconnect to "fix" the backpack Some players reported that it only work with backpack and some weapon like the katiba
  2. manzarek

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    The doc about simulation is really incomplete...
  3. manzarek

    Revive Feedback

    Do you have eventhandler for unconscious or revived?
  4. manzarek

    Line Drawing Splendid Screenshots [Official Thread]

    We have a lot of this: https://gyazo.com/0add27028c8e5a4a47d2a37ae40cd798
  5. Thank you for thoses commands :) Can you explain how disconnectTimeout works? Its when a player ALT-F4/lose connection or something or even if the player disconnect properly? What value do you recommand for high pop server (120+)?
  6. We have a shitload of be filters But c'mon you should be aware that there is a way to kill people without being logged and make it looks it was someone else. For now I just go full Donald Trump and ban all foreigners... The way they do (I think) it is by spawning a bullet set the owner of the bullet to a random guy and teleport the bullet in the head of victims. All of this in memory or with network manager... Ammo->setAcceleration(targetAccel); Ammo->setPos(targetPos - TA + D3DXVECTOR3(0, 1.0f, 0)); Ammo->setOwner(FramePtr); But I have nothing in setPos.log Just trying to help here :(
  7. But i mean a real way to deal with them for server admins to prevent 150 players kill every 10 minutes until the guy get a global ban the next week (if the hack used is sig detected by BE) It seems that there is more more hacks that dont cause any logs in battleye log files. So there is no way to prevent or at least see the person that kill people because for now it is out of control? There is no way to know who is hacking.
  8. Hello Dwarden Thank you for the good work Do you have plan to counter non script based hacks for example the hacks that killed everybody on the server and frame another player with nothing on BE logs? like this http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/arma-3-a/176911-arma-3-external-hack-driver.html And ty for free week end ...
  9. Of course not but if you can hotfix this (in a perf build or something) I will be very happy :)
  10. How to make maxping work?
  11. manzarek

    Difficulty Overhaul

    where the fuck is the documentation