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  1. CRCError1970

    Update to Arsenal.....

    In the interim, try the Arsenal Search mod... You can narrow stuff down pretty easily with it... You can even search by partial class name if you know what you are looking for. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2060770170
  2. CRCError1970

    LDF Ammo Box Bugs

    I've encountered two LDF ammo boxes that contain the wrong magazines for the weapons used by the LDF faction. Box_EAF_Ammo_F - It has "9Rnd_45ACP_Mag" in it when it should be "11Rnd_45ACP_Mag". The 9 round mag does not fit in the .45ACP that LDF soldiers use. Box_EAF_WpsSpecial_F - It has the "200Rnd_338_Mag" in it when it should be "130Rnd_338_Mag". the 200 round belt is for the Rhino, the 130 Round belt is for the SPMG that LDF soldiers use.
  3. Hey @Keelah, Thanks for this tool... It's incredibly useful! I do have a request, though. Could you please increase the number of headless clients that the launcher will spawn? I run my Dedicated server on a computer with Dual 12 core Xeon processors with 64GB RAM (Soon to be upgraded to 128GB.) I have processor power to spare and the limit of 5 clients doesn't use all my cores.
  4. 1. Select the profile you want to delete 2. Right click the profile name at the bottom of the "Profile" window. 3. Select "Delete Profile" from the popup list.
  5. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    One other thing that's happening to our group is the guards are walking straight through the walls of the corrugated steel version of the prison. Regarding the alarm being bugged... I kind of liked having the alarm tied to the door only, but that made escaping the prison *too* easy, since the guards would not fire back at all once they were engaged. Our playing group abused that one a lot since we use the Enhanced Movement mod. We would equip the pistols and then climb up the H-Barriers and shoot the guards from above, then open the gate.
  6. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    In regards to AI sharpshooting... Our playing group noticed that the difficulty in successfully escaping seemed to increase quite a bit since Malden 2035 released. No settings on our dedicated server have been changed. I'm not terribly worried about, we've come to accept that Escape is a cruel game... :) Also, I think I've uncovered yet another bug that can prevent the extraction helos from activating on smoke. There is a common problem with the 3DEN editor that cropped up when they went 3D. When map makers copy & paste markers, they sometimes get pasted into an invalid elevation state. For some reason they don't snap to the proper AGL elevation and it can render them unusable, especially for scripts that rely on proximity to fire. I don't think there is anything you can do to avoid this happening, other than not pasting markers and manually placing them each time. This can be seen by opening up the Malden 2035 escape and checking out evac markers at 17. When in the 2D editor, select one of the markers at 17. Then right click on it and select "Go Here." You'll notice that the 3D camera clips into the terrain and you get the old "hall of mirrors" effect on the screen. I can attest that every time we've received that position for extraction, smoke grenades have never worked. The only way I've been able to fix this is to delete the existing markers and manually placing new markers on the map to replace them. Dragging a bugged marker doesn't seem to ever fix it, nor does manually editing the elevation in the SQM file. I've been meaning to contact the devs of 3den Enhanced and asking if they could make a function that would allow you to snap a marker to ground level.
  7. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    Just a heads up... In the UnitClasses.sqf in the RHS versions, the "Additional Weaponboxes" are calling a class name that spawns empty crates. I think the reason for this is they are "Arsenal" classes of crates, but when a player accesses them in Escape, the "Arsenal" option is not available and they open the "Inventory" dialog instead. Since they don't have contents defined anywhere, they are empty. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // fn_AmmoDepot // What kind of weapon boxes are spawned when the parameter "additional weapons" is activated // use to add boxes from mods to the ammo depots ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// a3e_additional_weapon_box_1 = "rhsusf_weapons_crate"; a3e_additional_weapon_box_2 = "rhsusf_ammo_crate"; The changes I have made for my server: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // fn_AmmoDepot // What kind of weapon boxes are spawned when the parameter "additional weapons" is activated // use to add boxes from mods to the ammo depots ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// a3e_additional_weapon_box_1 = "rhsusf_weapon_crate"; a3e_additional_weapon_box_2 = "rhsusf_gear_crate";
  8. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    Ok, I've looked on your FTP and in this thread and I'm not seeing any references to a 1.9 build download... Am I blind or is it a private release?
  9. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    Hey, for what it's worth, I just tried a map with the drn_Escape_ExtracionBoatSpawnPosX markers removed and the extract sequence did not fire.
  10. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    Well, I *had* made a scenario with the "Malden Defense Force 2035" available on the Steam Workshop, but something with how the author made the faction is incompatible with co10 Escape. The units spawn without any equipment in their uniforms and vests. I'm pretty sure it's something wrong with the MDF addon that can't be fixed within Escape. When I used the Eden to make custom loadouts for the MDF units, no matter what they spawned in game with their default gear. EDIT: It turns out that the MDF 2035 author used the "ALiVE Order of Battle Creator" tool to make the new faction. Units made with this tool are incompatible with both the Eden Loadout Editor and scripts that modify loadouts when they are spawned.
  11. CRCError1970

    co10 Escape

    I just now downloaded the 1.8.1 hotfix version and had an observation and a few questions. First, the questions... So I understand - The number of extraction points possible is now globally greater than 8 now? Is 20 a new hardcoded limit or can there be more? Also an observation: On the vanilla Malden 2035 map, there are 4 extraction markers for "drn_Escape_ExtracionBoatSpawnPos19" and none for "drn_Escape_ExtracionBoatSpawnPos20". I think that the markers for 20 may have been inadvertently named "drn_Escape_ExtractionPos19_2" and "drn_Escape_ExtractionPos19_3" instead of "drn_Escape_ExtractionPos20" and "drn_Escape_ExtractionPos20_1" respectively.
  12. OH! MY! GOD! THANK YOU! No, really, the whole idea of the throttle not being one continuous axis was driving me nuts. I've been playing Elite: Dangerous for some time and the "Spaceship Controls" ruined me for real life controls. Thanks to you I now understand that Throttle ≠ Collective.
  13. CRCError1970

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    I'm sure I've seen this somewhere but I've searched with no results... What does the array do in the init field of the flagpoles? I.E. towns=towns+[[this,"Pyrgos",400,2,10,2]];
  14. CRCError1970

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    No, just CUP and ShackTac. I'm not sure exactly what they ended up being, I didn't get close enough to find out. :) Sure, I can send you the SQM when it's "ready". It's not quite to my liking yet, finding suitable start spots for the sides is proving tough with this one. Town balance is a bit wonky, too. The inland river has a lot more villages/building clusters on the west side.
  15. CRCError1970

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Hey, did you add a new behavior regarding the AI placing explosives on the map? I just made Nogova into a crCTI map and today while playing I saw at least 2 explosives icons that neither me or my brother had placed.