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  1. HerestotheGears

    Ravaged and Frithified Gear

    Enjoy that retirement, it's been well earned 😊
  2. HerestotheGears

    Ravaged and Frithified Gear

    EO, any thoughts on retexing any of the new contact uniforms such as the Grant suits or maybe even the sweater fatigues in a similar way to how you did the fatigues recently?
  3. HerestotheGears


    Haleks, have you ever considered adding Aegis as a supported mod in the gear menu? Seems to be a pretty popular mod that's regularly updated and has tons of gear that fits the post-apoc/armed population vibe that comes with Ravage.
  4. HerestotheGears

    Project Livonia

    Great to hear you're back in action! Poor LDF has been MRAPless for far too long! Or at least some form of armed transport. Poor guys.
  5. HerestotheGears


    Holy crap this mod. The power perception they give off as they travel around the map is crazy!!! These things are terrifying. Job well done friend.
  6. HerestotheGears


    Haleks, amazing update with the driving AI. One question though...does it affect all AI or only randomly generated AI from the Ravage mod?
  7. HerestotheGears

    Project Livonia

    Oooo I just had a thought. Instead of being stuck with the strider or hunter as an MRAP you COULD use the BRDM-2 from GM. Yes it's pretty old but it still would fill that empty role in their motor pool well while keeping the LDF further from an AAF clone.
  8. HerestotheGears

    Project Livonia

    Your work... It's a thing of beauty... Are you planning on reskinning all the variants of those little guys? The recon variant would be so fitting considering the focus on electronic warfare in Contact. One thing I feel the LDF is really lacking is some kind of armed/armored motorized transport. The fact that they're just rolling around in pickups and vans always struck me as pretty stupidconsidering they're supposed to be an advanced NATO ally. They could definitely use an MRAP or wheeled APC of some sort. Which one? That's the million dollar question 😉🤔
  9. HerestotheGears


    Awesome, thanks for the reply EO!
  10. HerestotheGears


    Hey Haleks/EO, I was wondering how exactly Ravaged and Frithified content ends up in Ravage itself. I love both but notice duplicates of most items and I'm always looking for opportunities to keep my arsenal as as limited as possible. Is all of R and F just eventually incorporated into Ravage? Or do you pick and choose which content comes into Ravage from the pack? Love both and gotta have both just wondering if I truly need both?
  11. HerestotheGears

    Ravaged and Frithified Gear

    Hot damn EO...your content continues to be at the forefront of quality, immersion and usefulness. Absolutely love the additions you've made to the pack lately.
  12. HerestotheGears


    Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I've scanned the wiki pretty thoroughly and haven't been able to find an answer about my survivor question and situation. Any idea about that?
  13. HerestotheGears


    Hey guys first time posting here but been loving Ravage for a while now and decided to take on the endeavor of creating my own mission with the modules. I have a few questions First, how can I place ravage items like food or water in the world through the editor? I can't seem to find them in any lists in the editor. Second, I'm creating an AI that the player is to meet up with at a camp and lead but I would like for them to be a survivor but I can't seem to find a way to place survivors in the editor. And a spinoff question to that is, if I do make them a survivor, will they just immediately start running around as survivors normally do? Thanks in advance for any responses and the help and thank you most of all Haleks for the great mod. Hands down my most used.
  14. HerestotheGears

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey there everyone, As someone whose been playing Arma since before it was Arma back in the OFP days, I've loved watching this community grow into what it is today. I just recently was lucky enough to get Arma 3 on sale (FINALLY) back during the winter steam sale and wow it is just wonderful. That being said a lot has changed in my life since I was 12. I think OFP played a huge part in my decision to enlist and go active duty in the military. That being said, going AD leaves me with not a lot of time and figuring out how to mod and texture and port and import takes a lot of time that I don't have. I hate asking others for help especially when it comes to doing something I know I can teach myself. So here I am, humbled enough to ask the community if they would be willing to create or refer me to something that might be what I'm looking for. I've grown attached to the AAF somehow but their lack of vehicles leaves me wanting. Even with CUP and Aegis there selection is still slim or lacking in quality so I'm wondering if anyone could reskin maybe some HMMWVs from RHS to the AAF side or any vehicles that are high quality models for that matter. I feel just about any nationality can be justified in the arsenal of the AAF although I prefer to keep it inline with something that Greece is currently using or would be likely to use. Let me know what you guys think! And thank you for the read!
  15. HerestotheGears

    Project RACS

    Hey guys, Been following this topic for a long while and when I got ArmA 2 this was the very first mod I downloaded. It was my long time favorite back on the original ArmA and had to have it the second I bought ArmA 2. Wld, you've done an incredible job creating a finely complete military to represent this little colony island. After catching up on the forum it seemed like PRACS was getting some new life breathed into it but that was all the way back in January. Still playing this mod every day, I find myself longing for some additions to the RACS such as a new M113 IFV and FSV without the slat armor for a simpler, cheaper look or a V150 with the M2 turret as an option for troop transport. I also think that some more low budget equipment such as the M1008, a Peugot P4, or a transport/utility version of an M548 would and some flavor inspired along the lines that this is no 1st world military. The one thing I think they need desperately is an unarmored open-top 4-5 person transport like the P4, a Rover,(maybe even a UAZ??? Not sure how I feel about that...) or something along those lines especially since they are from the tropics. I will post more thoughts as the days go on. Let me know what you guys think and I really really REALLY hope this mod isn't dead! :)