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  1. plsgo

    Feat of Arms

    This is amazing, thank you!
  2. plsgo

    ASR AI 3

    Are you on dev or stable? I was experiencing close behavior getting sniped out of humvees and stuff it's probably related to the absurd accuracy levels that stable AI have at the moment.
  3. plsgo

    Feat of Arms

    People who run dedicated servers that run multiple missions that may become broken benefit from the modules. At the same token, your normal user is probably never going to open a mission in the editor so I think having it enabled by default with an option to use modules if you need them is the best solution. On another note a totally different request. Could you have the AI use satchel charges on units in buildings? As it stands they have a really hard time breaching and clearing buildings efficiently and this would add an element of unpredictability for the use of buildings. You would need a marksman to cover it for you essentially. I don't think it should be 100% chance to use satchels or anything but even a userconfig setting relating to the frequency of use would be nice! (and it opens up really neat options for dubbing so players have audio cues to try to escape the explosion!)
  4. I think a great start would be automating and simplifying the current HC so your average user could benefit from it. I don't expect them to perfect the way the engine handles threads because threading an application this complicated is probably a nightmare. But I don't think the current implementation is really useful for 90% of the player base and that seems like a waste to me. I also don't think that automating this process would be particularly difficult because the systems already exist and scripts could control the launching and connecting of additional clients. I'm not really an experienced coder so I'm talking out of my ass here though!
  5. plsgo

    super accurate ai after 1.4

    To everyone struggling with this, as far as I'm aware it's still broken on stable.
  6. plsgo

    Feat of Arms

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. If I use Garrison and patrol and sync them to a mission does that make it autonomous e.g. the AI patrol and garrison automatically without my intervention once I add them to the mission? Also there's a bunch of FOA modules and I'm not sure what they all do or if there are certain dependencies when placing them. I've really only used alive modules so I'm not sure if I have to add the base FOA module and then the garison and patrol module to have them functional. Sorry for all the questions, I'm not very experienced in this yet. Your AI mod is some of the most intense combat I have ever experienced in ARMA though, thank you so much for this.
  7. plsgo

    ASR AI 3

    Thank you so much for the reply, I've been working for hours trying to fix it on my end. So I guess it's time for the waiting game. There's no workaround I'm assuming?
  8. plsgo

    ASR AI 3

    Is the AI Skill level module working for everyone else? I'm having aimbotty ai problems on my dedicated server even with mods disabled and difficulties edited. I'm starting to run out of ideas here.
  9. My thinking behind this was for the vehicle caching more than the AI caching, I'm not sure if Alive caches empty vehicles properly.
  10. Thanks a bunch for this, I was having issues with AGM Medical module but I was also able to fix those. Regardless some mods mess with FAK mechanics so this is a very useful function!
  11. Why even have the end user or mission maker have to do anything at all? Why doesn't the client and/or dedicated server automatically branch the AI onto a different thread? Don't applications like Google Chrome do this kind of thing already? Would latency between threads be a huge issue? Even if so would the global performance increases make up for this factor? Judging by the fact that running a dedicated server and a client on the same box you get massive FPS improvements on missions I can only assume splitting the workload in this way would only be beneficial. You could always make it a menu setting if there are downsides to this or problems on certain hardware. Even splitting the AI onto a different thread in singleplayer would likely increase performance dramatically.
  12. Can we get an official word on rather or not this is compatible with mission frameworks that already have caching scripts, such as alive?
  13. I think a modular design could save you a lot of time on designing missions with different units and vehicles/statics. One mission per map as opposed to the 3ish you were considering? People can easily edit AGM Medical in and out of missions too so that doesn't need to be a huge concern. Personally I don't mind downloading a ton of addons but designing your missions in this way would enable the vanilla crowd to enjoy them too. I have no idea how much work it takes to make missions modular in that way though, so it's hard to say rather or not it's worth your time.
  14. plsgo

    Feat of Arms

    I'm not sure if I'm seeing issues but could you remove the AGM AI module and see if that solves them? Also, am I supposed to just add these modules to a mission to have them sync with the addon? Which modules should I add if so?
  15. I'm having this problem with disabling armor in that module.