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  1. Very Nice cant wait to play with it!
  2. F-18 is already out. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24551Though I believe it needs an update due to apex (like every other jet sound mod we made)
  3. Any idea what object specifically? My dedicated server is doing this as well and I'm also trying to figure this out.
  4. Shazzy

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    That is insanely helpful!
  5. Frag Platoon is a fairly small tight knit group (of about 12 people currently) which has been around for over a year, however switched to Arma 3 on new years from Arma 2 so we are some could say "new" to arma 3. We are hoping to reach a stable 20-25 players regularly. We feel a small group that plays well together is better than 30+ player counts where you don't really know everyone. That and easier to make missions. Our focus is on on fun and semi realistic play style. Meaning that our missions have a realistic role selection (squad lead, squad medic, fireteam 1, ect) without all the "proper" drills or requirements to be in certain slots its first come first serve for roles. You are not locked to any role for example you can be a rifleman one game and a pilot the next (we do ask you do know how to fly though and not take it and crash instantly). Missions we play vary wildly. Coops, TVT's, Zues missions and gimmick missions (take it easy missions like car races ect) usually played at the end of session. The mod's that we use are in our Arma 3 sync repo. Consisting of: ACE3, Acre, CBA3, Cup terrains, Standalone F-15, John's SU-35, both RHS packs and Shacktac's hud. With Unsung's update in the future Our sessions are at 8pm EST as due to our international members this works best for the majority so anyone is welcome to join. We do not have any "session requirements" meaning we are not forcing you to play with us join us whenever you can. We are even fine if you multi-clan. We do ask to please let any admins know if you cant make it for courtesy sake as sometimes we plan missions based on estimated player count. Requirements to join are fairly simple. Must be respectful, mature, have a good sense of humor and willing to play as a team. No lone wolfing. Must be at least 17 years to join. Sorry no exceptions on this one To join is there is 2 ways: one join our teamspeak and talk to Shazer (me) Ewarrior or Wally the Walrus. or two apply to our group on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragplatoon Hope this peaks some people's interest!
  6. Shazzy

    F-15 RealSound

    Iv never liked adding those as its too easy to in and out of super sonic and never sounds good IMO even with a sleep to it
  7. So after disappearing for roughly 2 years I've come back and picked up my aircraft sound mods again. This time bringing Firewill's F-15 sound. So while this mod gives the F-15 sounds from real life its not designed to give 100% realism and meant to a balance between gameplay and realism. So dont complain its not 100% realistic as its not designed to be. Anyway features are: Full start up and shutdown, Idle, Half throttle (roughly still playing with this), Full throttle, Distant (up to currently 6ish km will adjust to 4-5km), New warning sounds (as in your locked on and missile fired on you). Note: These are not meant to be realistic but to get your attention and tell you HEY YOUR LOCKED. These are the same as my A164. No new interior sounds as from a gameplay perspective they work as is. I was planning on flyby scripts (similar to the F/A-18's) but after about 4 days of no results have gave up on it for now. Maybe will implement if I can get them working. Anyway enough talk here's a video showcasing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAOe8iHwtok Now while this mod is technically in a finished state, I wont release it quite yet as I need to fiddle with the config a bit more until I'm 100% satisfied
  8. We are and we arnt, The problem with that is the problem I ran into doing sounds for the YAK-130 (aka the Neophron) its extremely hard to find sounds (the startup the upclose the distance and shutdown ect ect.) for it thus you need a generic sound and from my point of view LordJarhead does pretty well for the "generic" sound for the jets. Instead it would be better if we made them compatible with his mod (which as far as I know they are already). As for have we made anymore? Don't know about Lt Shadow as he's been away. Myself however I have done the RAH-66 (and has been done for quite some time just kinda forgot about it) which ill post within a few days. Other wise no progress and I havnt touched Arma 3 for some time but will probably get the Huey from the US helicopter import mod as I miss the classic Huey thump thump in the near future.
  9. ^ you should see two F/A-18s of the E and F (so four planes) one says RS at the end the other is the original.
  10. As far as I'm aware yes they are compatible with JSRS, the planes that have released versions for on the first page first post of the WIP page for real sounds, and on armaholic.
  11. Shadow is currently away on from I believe I remember was a mission trip so until he gets back there wont be updates on this.
  12. Shazzy

    A-164 Wiepout sound mod

    The only thing I did was create a sort of "hotfix" for the 1.24 bootcamp update so they wont be perfect again until the next update. As for the gun I removed the two fire modes along with sound as they would get very buggy when used some other mods. So until I figure out a good sound/config way to fix it then it will remain vanilla.
  13. The video's showing the SU-35 are pretty old now, and was still very WIP at the time.
  14. Shazzy

    A-164 Wiepout sound mod

    Fixed, armaholic will have it updated soon. Thanks :P
  15. Hm might be worth a shot but we'll see. For now heres an update on the SU-35 and F-15C both nearing release