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  1. Field of war (Formerly known as GcCTI) FOW is AI commander led CTI mission which creates a dynamic battlefield for the players to play on. Player can help the AI to capture towns or go solo and fight wherever he wants to help the team to win Current version: 0.9.96 This mission is WIP but can already be played. Main Features (So far): AI commander Buys new units (both air/land) and assign them to defend or attack Uses special units such as airborne to attack the enemy Uses aircraft and AA units to establish air superiority on occupied territory Sends close air support to help friendly forces attacking Sends scouts to recon enemy occupied areas (ground forces or plane) Builds new FOBs (bases) by sending engineer truck or helicopter Calls artillery strikes Moves ambulance to attack so that players may respawn in them Three different AI com types: Rusher, Turtle, Balanced Buys headquarters units so support forces on the field HQ also works as respawning point Does research to make better weapons and vehicles available Assigns patrols around owned places to create ambush Tells what he is doing Player Can buy equipment (In bases, HQs) Can buy vehicles and men (In bases, limited in HQ or towns) Can call artillery strikes (If artillery available) Can call close air support (CAS) Can be revived by AI or player medics Can call reinforcements by air or sea Can call airlift helicopter (To transport player via air) Can call air drop for him self Can call ordnance crate drop Can call vehicle drop Can request ambulance to be sent near enemy location Sees a kill feed Can use maintance in friendly base to refuel, rearm and repair vehicle Gain money periodically from places of same side and from kills Gain XP from kills (either team member kills (less XP) or own kills) Has a limit on how many men can the player control. Increasing in rank through XP allows higher men control limit Can take control of friendly forces if rank is high enough Needs a radio for remote actions (Optional feature) Has to eat and drink to survive. Warmer maps require more drinking (Optional feature) Gains trait points on leveling up which can be used to activate useful traits Can use loadout editor for aircrafts And much more AI groups Intelligent unit spawning system to allow large military operations with minimal lag If vehicles get stuck to something they are moved to nearest road by script. This helps them to arrive at destination If squad leader loses his ability to walk he's healed after the battle is over so that the squad can move at normal speed Groups report how they are doing via radio (text) Group who's icon is blinking is currently talking via radio AI groups gain skill from kills (Stars shown on cursor hover on) AI units have morale value (Shown on hover over) AI units have to be near the HQ or FOB to receive morale bonus The AI may try to ambush the player by positioning them self at windows The AI is scripted to engage targets behind cover (If they know the location) Some other features (So far): Recon unit's are not only highly skilled but have special ability to detect enemy forces from greater range than regular units The resistance has bunker and sandbag defenses in their occupied towns Even AI is shot down he may still get up and fight! Throw a smoke to show air lift it's landing zone Total 5 different type of reinforcements of which 2 are over sea and 3 over air 2 types of close air support Helicopter or plane Select either predefined or random starting position for army Be aware of shooting civilians as this will reduce town money income Supply trucks travel between towns increasing the condition (Recovering town income) Air supply helicopter flies between bases giving money to the side on each landing Air supply helicopter travels between bases giving money for the army (And creating nice ambient air traffic) Enemy locations are hidden in start and must be searched out AI places mines on town roads to defend the town Airfields under your army's control can be used to buy airplanes Instead of fleeing the enemies surrender if hostile forces are near (Shooting surrendered enemies gives no money) Aircraft carriers Side missions, player can do different kind of small missions for money Various startup parameters (Nearly 30) to setup your game Notes on parameters: At 100% max locations attacked at a time is 3 And max attackers at a time is 6 Mods required: Either IFA3, Unsung, Apex, CUP or RHS Bugs: Sometimes the civilian module will throw an error, this is being investigated Starting dedicated server and joining it may take a while before the mission is loaded Sometimes respawn position is weird but works at next respawn While in respawn dialog there can be error messages (But doesn't seem to be a problem?) To play: Download/Subscribe the FoW mod and FoW mission you wish to play Activate the mod and start the FoW mission you chose Play as multiplayer to enable respawning Optional: Try running the mission on dedicated server environment for better performance. You can setup dedicated server on your PC with the TADS or FASTER tool Important: When playing with new version check your lobby parameters that everything is setup correctly That's it, enjoy! Download links: Mod Download Missions available for download: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1757695005 Alternative non-steam downloads: The mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QFeQRA2XWSvS_4s2RyYhzEa1RgwikCAb/view?usp=sharing (v0.9.96) Updated 17.May.2024 (Updated later or upon request) Missions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11AEIicp5_7l6GkjE3FIPWjRLj9qYyITJ/view?usp=sharing Updated 6.Dec.2022 (Rarely needs updating) Also new 3 sides supported maps in here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e3_aNPtJ_rQV1qI75ZAk_-QAgcEKofps/view?usp=sharing (Updated 25.Oct.2023) Important note on mods: If you have issues of getting gear or vehicle menu working try disabling all mods to fix this. For server admins https://armagc.blogspot.com/p/fow-admin.html Login as admin prior to mission start to see the admin dialog For mission makers Field of war mod can be used to create custom missions. Tutorial: https://armagc.blogspot.com/p/field-of-war-custom-mission-creation.html Optimization tips: Via admin menu Login as admin before mission start to see the admin dialog that allows selecting performance presets - good for quickly selecting less performance heavy setups Via mission parameters Toggling some parameters off (under the performance section) can help to rise the FPS Check the color coded parameters! Green means faster Also try playing on smaller map or set the full map parameter to no More about optimization can be read from here: https://armagc.blogspot.com/p/field-of-war-optimization-guide.html (If you have ideas for this mission please post them) Beta testers: I'm also looking for beta testers so if there's anyone willing please let me know :) Have fun!
  2. C O I N | Counter Insurgency Operations Current version: 0.92 (beta) Filename: CO45_COIN_092.MapName ABOUT COIN is a CO-45 multiplayer mission featuring USMC recon marines who have been tasked to seize and secure various AO's occupied by Opfor insurgents and Takistan Armed forces. FEATURES COOP 44 Player slots + 1 (optional) headless client; Support for RHS and CUP mods; Multiple AO's, offering challenging opponents and immersive game play in a lively Middle Eastern setting; A variety of Side missions; Extensive replayable randomized operations; Various support options available to the CO; Join in Progress (JIP) supported; Respawn at the FOB. Teleport to team leader using the flagpole; Optimized for dedicated server play with the support of a headless client. ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE Besides all missions, the AIO package also contains media and slotting and briefing templates for forum postings etc: Direct download: https://mega.nz/file/JVxiHaSK#uHyIXcCDBts3wmTmAaZVDQuTMnqk2ZaxtMwKbgPKPIY Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=36012 Steam collection (missions only): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077447852 SUPPORTED MAPS Aliabad Region, Takistan (MCN_ALIABAD); Al-Rayak, Takistan (G.O.S Al-Rayak/PJA310); Al-Salman, Iraq (swu_public_salman_map); Anizay district, Takistan (Tem Anizay); Chongo, Republic of Angola (Chongo); Dariyah Region, Sudan (G.O.S Dariyah/PJA307); Dingor, Republic of Lingor (dingor); Diyala district, Iraq (DYA);Diyala, Iraq (DYA); Farkhar Valley, Afghanistan (ARC Farkhar Valley); Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA); Feruz Abad district, Takistan (Takistan); Kujari Region, Sudan, (Tem Kujari); Kunar Province, Afghanistan (CLAfghan); Lythium, Afghanistan (Lythium); Reshmaan Province (Reshmaan); South-Sahrani, Sahrani (Saralite); Tora Bora Region, Afghanistan (Tora Bora); Zargabad, Takistan (Zargabad). New maps will be added in future releases. REQUIREMENTS Community Based Addons ARMA 3 (CBA_A3); CUP Terrains Core + CUP Terrains Maps; The map of choice + it's required add-ons; -or- Red Hammer Studios USAF, AFRF and GREF (requires Project OpFor -and/or 3CB Factions); -or- CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles (requires Community Factions Projects). The following Steam Collections contains all the required mods needed to play COIN: RHS mod set: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2057020307 CUP mod set: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2174257521 CHANGELOG version 0.92 Added: CUP Units/Weapons/Vehicles compatibility. Requires Community Factions Project; Added: New maps: Chongo, Al-Rayak, Dingor, Farkhar; Added: Localization (CN, CZ, FR, DE, IT, JP, KO, PO, PT, RU, ES, TR); Added: Intel function. Intel provides clues, opfor location information etc; Added: Side missions (can be enabled/disabled in mission params); Added: IED's and VBED's (can be enabled/disabled in mission params); Fixed: Airlift support when the airframe was KIA.; Fixed: RPT spamming; Fixed: Invunerable turret gunners (fixed for real this time); Updated: Ambient civilians can be enabled/disabled in mission params; Updated: Ambient air traffic can be enabled/disabled in mission params; Updated: Clear map AO's and/or Side Missions, enable/disable in mission params; Updated: Advanced flight models set to 'player option'; Updated: Applied ADF 2.26. KNOWN ISSUES None UPCOMING / FUTURE RELEASE(S) Additional maps (suggestions welcome); Session Saving.. SUPPORT / BUGS / SUGGESTIONS / ETC Please leave comments/feedback/bug reports in this thread. GAME PLAY COIN's COOP missions are designed to be enjoyed by at least 10 players. A headless client is recommended. Small AO's generally consist of 35-55 Opfor, while the largest AO's can have as many as 255 Opfor. Some AO's have an army based which is populated by Takistan Armed forces. SCREENSHOTS The All-In-One archive contains a folder with media that can be used for forums post etc. Latest screenshots can be found on the Steam collection page. Screenshots from the different maps: https://imgur.com/a/Xu10Gef.
  3. This topic is a practical and objective step-by-step for new Reforger Editors who are coming in. After here, you will be ready to explore your creativity through the World Editor tool much more painlessly instead of going around in circles, trying for hours to make your mission run properly. Feel free to suggest updates, tweaks, and improvements around the tutorial below. Most recent tutorial update: 2024 May 14th SUMMARY Installation Project Setup Coop Mission Features Mission Creation (skipped) Final Touch & Publishing More Details - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1) INSTALLATION About this chapter: Just once needed by PC. On Steam, install Arma Reforger Tools and open it; In Enfusion Workbench Launcher, click on Add Project and, after that, on Add Existing Project; Go to your Arma Reforger folder in the Steam folder, and open the ArmaReforger.gproj file; Steam path example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma Reforger\addons\data\ 2) PROJECT SETUP About this chapter: Just once by Campaign/Lone mission project. In Enfusion Workbench Launcher, click on Add Project and, after that, on Create New Project; Give a project name and select the location where the mission files will be allocated. Recommended: pick a custom location where you have more control of your backups; Open your recently created project and welcome to the Enfusion Workbench interface; In the Resource Browser left column, select your project folder based on your project's name chosen; On the same place as the addon.gproj file, with right-click or through the Create button, create the folders "Worlds", "Missions", and "Images"; Now, open the World Editor somewhere on the Enfusion Workbench interface; On the World Editor, click Load World and select the base world (map) you want to use for your mission. Examples: ArmaReforger > worlds > Arland > Arland.ent ArmaReforger > worlds > Eden > Eden.ent After the map is loaded on the screen, click Create New World and select Sub-Scene; After the loading, save it in <YourProjectFolder>/Worlds/here_name_of_my_mission_without_spaces_and_special_characters; 3) COOP MISSION FEATURES About this chapter: for each mission inside your project. Very basic: Double-click over the "default" layer shown in the Hierarchy area, and select through the top menu the option Plugins > Game Mode Setup; Make sure the template selected is ScenarioFramework.conf, and press Next, and Scan World buttons; No worries about the Missing Entities list. This is expected. Just go forward, click on Next again, and then Create entities; A new list is shown with other entities to check. Just press Re-scan and after that, Next; Now, let's create your mission header file: press Create header; Click over "Yes to All" for that Script Authorization Required pop-up. Click Next too, and finally Close button; Probably your Mission Header will be opened on the screen. If so, you can close it or fill in the fields with what you already got; Recommended: uncheck the Override Scenario Time And Weather. Remember these tips: Coop/PvE missions in Arma Reforger are called Combat Ops; In the World Editor: If you need to find an object/entity/asset listed in the Hierarchy area, select the element and press the "F" key to fast travel to the object position on the map; It's highly recommended you create new layers in the Hierarchy area to smart organization and prevent erasing things accidentally: using the layer lock option; Always double-click over the layer you are working on to send the new things to the right layer; AI improvement: If the selected world is not a custom one, delete the SCR_AIWorld, replacing it with a specialized AI with the world's name in the script (SCR) AI name, e.g. SCR_AIWorld_Arland if you are using Arland world; Important: if you get an error message, no worries, click on Retry or just Esc it and check if the AIWorld is in the Hierarchy area. If not, try again; Now, just for this example purposes, I'm pretending you selected Arland World. That said, in the Hierarchy area, click over your SCR_AIWorld_Arland; You'll see through the Object Properties area three components called NavmeshWorldComponent. Click on the first one: On Navmesh Settings > Navmesh Files Config, click on Set Class and, in Navmesh File, configure it with: ArmaReforger > worlds > MP > Navmeshes > Coop_CombatOps_Arland.nmn; To finish this AI improvement, go to the third/last NavmeshWorldComponent listed initially; On Navmesh Settings > Navmesh Files Config, configure the Navmesh File with the option (click on "..." symbol): ArmaReforger > worlds > MP > Navmeshes > LowResArland.nmn; Spawns & Player Loadouts: Important: if you start the chapter section, don't run your mission without completing the whole thing, otherwise errors will come to you on the screen; In the World Editor window, look to the Hierarchy area, click over the GameModeSF and, going over its properties area, select the SCR_BaseGameMode. In the Game Mode area: Uncheck Auto Player Respawn if you wanna prevent killed players to respawn automatically; If the players are still respawning, you can create a trigger that deletes the spawn point after all players spawn for the very first time; Uncheck Allow Faction Change if you wanna prevent players from changing their faction if more than one is playable; Check Use Spawn Preload; Let's define the playable faction(s) and their loadouts: If you won't build a US vs USSR mission, or you just want full control over the factions, delete the FactionManager_USxUSSR and the LoadoutManager_USxUSSR, both in the Hierarchy area; Through Resource Browser, look for FactionManager_Editor.et, and bring it somewhere on the map; Make the same with LoadoutManager_Base.et, bringing it on the map; Click over your FactionManager_Editor already in the Hierarchy area, and over SCR_FactionManager in its Object Properties, open each of SCR_Faction: Check the Is Playable box for that faction you want the players to use; If you don't want to see players changing their factions by another playable one, uncheck Can Change Faction playable; Click over your LoadoutManager_Base already in the Hierarchy area, and over SCR_LoadoutManager in its Object Properties: In the Loadout Manager area, click to add at least one Player loadout by clicking over the plus (+) button and selecting SCR_FactionPlayerLoadout; For each loadout added, set a unique role name (e.g. Squad Leader); In Loadout Resource, click over the "..." and select one of these examples specific to Squad Leader: ArmaReforger > Prefabs > Characters > Factions > BLUFOR > US_Army > Character_US_SL.et ArmaReforger > Prefabs > Characters > Factions > OPFOR > USSR_Army > Character_USSR_SL.et ArmaReforger > Prefabs > Characters > Factions > INDFOR > FIA > Character_FIA_SL.et In Loadout Image, click over the "..." and select one of these examples specific to Squad Leader: ArmaReforger > UI > Textures > EditorPreviews > Characters > BLUFOR > US_Army > Character_US_SL.edds ArmaReforger > UI > Textures > EditorPreviews > Characters > OPFOR > USSR_Army > Character_USSR_SL.edds ArmaReforger > UI > Textures > EditorPreviews > Characters > INDFOR > FIA > Character_FIA_SL.edds In Affiliated Faction, type one of these options: US, USSR, or FIA; Let's create the player's spawn points: In Resource Browser, search for the faction spawn you want to (examples below), and drag and drop over the exact spot on the world; ArmaReforger > Prefabs > MP > Spawning > SpawnPoint_US.et; ArmaReforger > Prefabs > MP > Spawning > SpawnPoint_USSR.et; ArmaReforger > Prefabs > MP > Spawning > SpawnPoint_FIA.et; Through the Hierarchy area, select your new SpawnPoint and go to SCR_SpawnPoint in the Object Properties area; Verify if the default settings fit as you need; Still in the Object Properties, click over SCR_MapDescriptorComponent; In the Main Type field, set Spawnpoint; In the Unit Type field, set Infantry; In the Faction field, set the faction index (single number) must spawn there (by default: US=0; USSR=1; FIA=2) Important: to confirm the faction index, go to FactionManager_Editor, click on the SCR_FactionManager and, leaving the mouse over the SCR_Faction you can see the index number; Save your mission and run it by clicking on the green play button to make sure everything is happening exactly as you want; Important: if you are facing some error on the screen, close all Reforger tools, re-open them, and check each step from this part of the chapter; Including the Screen to Select Squads & Loadouts available: In the Hierarchy area, click over the GameModeSF and, going over its properties area, find the SCR_RespawnSystemComponent component; In the Spawn Logic option, right-click over SCR_AutoSpawnLogic, select Change Class, and after that change it to SCR_MenuSpawnLogic; Save and run your mission to see the new screen before the mission starts. [OPTIONAL] Including the Mission Briefing Screen: In the Resource Browser window, make sure you already cleaned the search field, and go to the folder Arma Reforger > Configs > Journal; Over the Journal folder, right-click and select Transfer to <your project folder>; A popup window will be shown, uncheck all options, but Journal_CO_Arland.conf (don't worry if you are using another world, we need just the file model); Go to the Enfusion Workbench window, and verify if a copy of the Config folder structure now belongs to your project too; If the transference didn't send the Journal_CO_Arland.conf file to your mission (bug in v., do it manually: Still in the Resouce Browser of the Enfusion Workbench window, go to ArmaReforger > Configs > Journal; Over the Journal_CO_Arland.conf, right-click and Duplicate to <yourProjectName>; Open your journal/briefing file and, if it's not for the US faction players, change for the correct one through the Faction Key field (e.g. FIA or USSR); Don't forget to edit this file with your mission information now or later; Back to the World Editor window, in GameModeSF properties, click on the Add Component button, and add the option SCR_EditorRespawnBriefingComponent; Look for the Journal Config Path option, and find through that field the path to your mission journal (briefing); In the Info field, click on Set Class and select the option called SCR_UIInfo; Save the project and run the mission to check if it's working fine; Supplies, Electricity & Other Resources: In the World Editor window, look to the Hierarchy area, click over the GameModeSF and, going over its properties area, select the SCR_BaseGameMode. In the Game Mode area: If you don't want to use supply costs management when an arsenal is added, go to the Disabled Resource Types, and add Supplies; Electricity grid (soon with Reforger's next major update); Logic of hostilities: In Arma Reforger, by default, all factions are enemies of each other. If you need to change it: Click over your FactionManager_Editor already in the Hierarchy area, and over SCR_FactionManager in its Object Properties; In Factions, pick up one through SCR_Faction options, go to the Friendly Factions Ids field, and set who is friendly for that faction, using the id's US, USSR, or FIA. Below are some logical results: If US is friendly with FIA, automatically both are enemies of USSR; If US is friendly with USSR, automatically both are enemies of FIA; If US is friendly with FIA and USSR, automatically FIA and USSR are enemies to each other; [OPTIONAL] Preparing AI to Use the Dynamic Spawn/Despawn: For Coop/PvE/CombatOps mission, in the Hierarchy area, select GameModeSF; In its Object Properties area, click on SCR_GameModeSFManager, right-click over it and, after that, Change Class; Select SCR_GameModeCombatOpsManager and turn on the Dynamic Despawn; 4) MISSION CREATION About this chapter: for each mission inside your project. Now, explore your creativity and ability to make your mission true. Set units, compositions, waypoints, etc. A good quick start is here in the official basic guide. 5) FINAL TOUCH & PUBLISHING About this chapter: for each mission inside your project. [OPTIONAL] Customizing the Squads' Sizes and Names: If you want two or more squads available for a player faction, in your FactionManager, go to the SCR_FactionManager in its Object Properties, after that in Factions and the specific SCR_Faction you want to custom; Find the option called Create Only Predefined Groups and check its checkbox; After that, in Predefined Groups, click on the plus (+) button to create one custom player squad for the faction; All you need to do is set the number of slots that will be available for players in this specific squad through the Group Size field; [OPTIONAL] Customizing the Player Loadouts: Soon... [OPTIONAL] Adding Markers on the Map: In the World Editor, and through the Resource Browser area, go to ArmaReforger > Prefabs > ScenarioFramework > Components; Drag and drop somewhere on the map an Area.et; Drag and drop a Layer.et into the Area created in the Hierarchy tree; Now, for each faction marker you want to create, do it: Drag and drop a SlotMarker.et into the Layer recently created and listed in the Hierarchy tree; Click over that SlotMarker created, go to its properties, and click on SCR_ScenarioFrameworkSlotMarker; Through the Map Marker area, give the marker a name, and select its icon, and color. [OPTIONAL] Customizing the Mission in-game HUD: Turn off the "PlayerName die!" notification: In GameModeSF, go to SCR_NotificationSenderComponent and, in the Kill Feed Type field, change to Disabled; Turn off or on the friendly names over the player's head: In GameModeSF, go to SCR_NametagConfigComponent and, in the Config Path field: If leave it empty, no name over any head; If configured with NametagFriendlies.conf, only friendly unit names over their heads; [OPTIONAL] Customizing the Time and Weather: Return to World Editor of your mission and select GameModeSF through the Hierarchy column; On the Object Properties area, check if you already have listed the component called SCR_TimeAndWeatherHandlerComponent. If not, add it via the Add Component button; On that component features, custom the time and weather as you want, but don't check the option Allow Header Settings (still broken nowadays); Updating the Mission Header (mission information, available slots for players) In the Enfusion Workbench window, go to <yourProject>/missions/<yourMission>.conf; In the Path field, set this: Missions/<yourMission>.conf; Up-to-date more mission information as Name, Author, Game Mode (Coop, for example), and Player Count; Important: Time and Weather settings are still broken in the Mission Header (World Editor v1.1.0.42); [OPTIONAL] Adding a Custom Image to the Mission Loading Screen: Check this post. Publishing the mission on Reforger Workshop: Save the mission; In the Enfusion Workbench interface, go to the top menu and click on Workbench > Publish to Workshop; Make sure your mission title is correct and you have a cool Preview Image to select; Check the categories make sense for you (like Scenarios_SP and Scenarios_MP for example); If you flagged the mission as Public, you will see your content visible for all Reforger Players in-game and, also, on the Arma Reforger Workshop Website; In the Summary field, I recommend you annunciate the main mission's objective; In the Description field, I recommend you set the whole mission briefing. If you want some model, check out my briefings; Press Publish; Updating your mission: Open Arma Reforger Tools; Select and open your mission in Enfusion Workbench Launcher; Go to the top menu and Workbench > Publish to Workshop; In the Change Notes, write what was changed in the new version; Press Publish; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6) MORE DETAILS I do recommend you dive deep into the @Blackheart_Six playlists on YouTube where he's teaching lots of things through hours of videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLACt0Y23f-9074_5L2FO7tT1XCLoCiPiT and this one too https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLACt0Y23f-93SYPMzNneCI_8QFQ865yZw And of course, here in the BIS Forums community is the best place to share ideas, solutions, and challenges. If I do not answer you after 90 days, copy and paste the entire topic and keep the work updated and alive for the community. Cheers, thy @aldolammel
  4. Considering only the World Editor tool, how can I prevent the respawn when one or more players are KIA in a custom mission? Desired: if the player spawns on the mission but during the match they are killed, they must be unable to respawn. Nowadays, my mission game mode and respawn settings are: Still in GameModeSF properties, I DO NEED to keep using the SCR_MenuSpawnLogic to have the briefing and menu deployment available. If I unselect the "Enable Respawn", the player CANNOT even spawn in the mission.
  5. How to verify if all players are dead in a coop mission? I was investigating by blind tests to use the (ArmaReforger>Prefabs>ScenarioFramework>Components) LogicCounter.et to check if some player is still alive but I failed. Last week has been published my first mission for Reforger without to really check if some player still alive on the mission, and that is bad hehe. Any North could be awesome.
  6. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    The mission In this mission you and your squad was send out to scout the military presence on an enemy island in preparation for an invasion. But your squad got captured by local layalists and you are now held in an improvised prison awaiting enemy officers to arrive for questioning. But friendly insurgent managed to hide a backpack with weapons in your improvised prison. Your task is now to overwhelm the guards, escape the prison, find a map of the island, make contact with your HQ, reach the designated evacuation zone and escape the enemy island! The mission is fully dynamic. Every playthrough will be different. Also the mission is quite hard to beat completly. You will definitly fail at the first try. But the mission is meant to be played more than once (infact our squad plays it serveral times the week). About the mission Escape was first devloped by Engima of Östgöta Ops. for ArmA2. At that time me (NeoArmageddon) and Scruffy ported the mission to different islands and began customizing the mission. When ArmA3 was released, Vormulac and HyperZ made the effort to port the mission over to ArmA3. From that point on Scruffy and me improved and fixed the mission to the current state. Most of the scripts are replaced and were updated to A3 standards. At this point the mission can surely be considered a complete new A3 mission and not a port from A2. The the official version of this release is 1.10 Terrains and Mods We ported the mission to the following terrains: Altis Stratis Chernarus (CUP TP) Chernarus Summer (CUP TP) Sahrani (CUP TP) United Sahrani (CUP TP) SMD Sahrani Porto (CUPTP) Takistan (CUP TP) Bornholm Celle2 Podagorsk Isla Duala Esseker Isla Abramia Al Rayak Tanoa Winthera Lingor Dingor Malden (CUP TP CWR) Everon (CUP TP CWR) Kolgujev (CUP TP CWR) Nogova (CUP TP CWR) Malden 2035 Thirsk + Winter Australia Clafghan and more.... I lost track... For A2 terrains AiA TP works but I strongly suggest using the newer CUP TP! Also there are serveral flavours of the mission with different unit sets. At the moment there is a version without any mods called "Vanilla" (except the terrain you are on) and the following mods: RHS CUP APEX (DLC) Contact (DLC) Global Mobilization (CDLC) We tried to compose a unitset for every terrain that match the scenery. We plan to add more mods and terrains in the future but we also want to release the tools to port the mission. Release notes To port this missions with more than 15 different mod setups to more than 65 terrains (overall we have produced 580 missions) we used an autocompiler that merges one codebase and the different config files. With this huge amount of mission we were not able to check every mission. When one of the missions seems to behave different (broken start, missing units, etc) please post the missionname here in the thread and we will fix the problem ASAP. This mission was build for dedicated server use! For statistics and improving this mission at the end of each session (fail or win) the result of the mission is stored anonymous on a server. Version, terrain, playercount, session length, servername and type of mission ending is sent. No personal informations like IP, player names, etc are sent or stored. This function can be disabled in the parameters. Download Mirrors IMPORTANT: The workshop release is not packed as single mission but as an addon/mod with multiplayer missions in it. If workshop files (or addonfiles from complete pack) are used on a server, all players need the addon files. The missionfiles from the complete pack are the recommended DS installation and are downloaded automatically to all players connecting. Complete Pack 1.10 (newest Release) co10 Escape (Complete) 1.10 I recommend checking out the more up-to-date development version on Github (click here) Steam Workshop Addon Release Workshop release without mods Workshop release with Apex Workshop release with CUP Workshop release with RHS Complete Pack 1.9 co10 Escape (Complete) 1.9 Complete Pack 1.8.1 Hotfix co10 Escape (Complete) 1.8.1 Complete Pack 1.7.5 @ Armaholic Armaholic Mirror (Version 1.7.5) Bleeding Edge/Development Version: The newest development version are in our Github (format Dev_Year-Month-Day): Download latest development archives Keep in mind that the versions that are builded automatically are considered bleeding edge versions. That means the changes are completely untested (actually we use those versions for our internal tests), may break the mission, arma, your PC or even the world. When you use this versions, make sure to read the changelog and contribute feeback and bugreports. Repository and Issue Tracker: For discussions, help and support you can join our official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/0kV3JvVEhmnMfmq1 We host an issue tracker and repository of Escape in Github over here: https://github.com/NeoArmageddon/co10_Escape Everybody is invited to create bugreports, issue and feature request. Changelog from 1.10 Screenshots and Videos Please submit your screenshots and videos and share your Escape stories with us! Tipps, Tricks and Tutorials Port to another terrains by Scruffy Replace Revive with ACE by belbo Credits Original Mission (Arma2) by Engima of Östgöta Ops. Mission ported to Arma3 by Vormulac and HyperZ. Continue devlopment by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy. Island ports and unit configs by Scruffy.Additional scripting and fixing by abelian, FrozenLiquidity, Dystopian, Phantom, DPM, Cyprus, aussie-battler, Kuroneko, Belkon, jaj22 and invrecon Additional ports and configs by SurvivorOfZeds (IFA3+LEN) Nils5940 (IFA3) CRCError1970 (Malden and Kolgujev) supercereal4 (Malden 2035) Kuroneko DPM Mag repack script by outlawled Testing: Armed-Tactics (Maikeks, Darcy, Memphis Belle, Aurelia, Freshman, Lunatic, Joshi) The Flying Monkeys In Space, Roy and many more. The official co10 Escape mission for Arma3 is currently developed and maintained by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy. Feedback Please post all feedback, bugs, ideas, request, etc here in this thread or in our Github issue tracker.
  7. Download, Mission briefing, loadout, and more: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1849325560 Languages supported: English and Portuguese. This mission uses dynamic minefields built by Ethics Minefields Script: This mission uses a playable area control script called PAC: Cheers, thy_
  8. Disclaimer: probably one of the hardest missions to complete I have made. Download, Mission briefing, loadout, and more: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2034213374 Languages supported: English and Portuguese. Cheers, thy_
  9. Download, Mission briefing, loadout, and more: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2878171355 Languages supported: English and Portuguese. This mission AI was dynamically built by CSWR: Cheers, thy_
  10. Download, Mission briefing, loadout, and more: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3228718317 Languages supported: English and Portuguese. This mission AI was dynamically built by CSWR: Cheers, thy_
  11. KP Liberation for Arma 3 Overview: The area has fallen to the enemy and it is up to you to take it back! Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all capitals across the region. Experience a massive “Capture the Island” campaign involving a large range of different settlements across the entire area. Cooperate with up to 34 players, including a Commanding role, two fire-team squads, a medevac and a logistical support squad as well as AI recruits to fill the gaps. Purchase both infantry and vehicles (both ground and air) using three different types of physical resources; supplies, ammunition and fuel. Build the FOB of your dreams with an in-game "what you see is what you get" system. Play within an immersive engine that not only punishes you for civilian casualty but diversely reacts in turn. Combat aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions. Monitor and work alongside, or against, independent guerrilla forces. Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the custom urban combat AI. Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression. Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system. Introduction: As promised I have continued the Liberation mission originally created by @zbug and in turn started a new thread for this continued version so that the old thread would not lead people to the old GitHub page, as any new links would be lost deep inside many pages. I will update this thread with all new information and the correct links will be shown within this post always. If you encounter any bugs or issues (and there will be some) please report them here at Github and not just here at our Discord or here in this thread. That would a great help to me as it will keep a good overview of any reports. I really hope that @zbug will return in the future but if not, let’s keep this mission running with community support. Join us on Discord: If you like, you can head over to our Discord. Please post any large issues and bugs on GitHub, because that way I've much more of an overview about reported problems. Get the Mission: Download the entire mission collection here from Github. Download prepacked missions here from Github. Download prepacked missions here from the Steam Workshop. Changelog: Have a look at the full changelog on GitHub The License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015 GreuhZbug, Wyqer Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT-ABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON INFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  12. Dynamically Generated Horror Missions Join the Paranormal Operations Group (POG) and deal with spooks, anomalies, and paranormal disturbances across the world... NOTE - THIS IS A BETA RELEASE. BUGS MAY PERSIST. PLEASE REPORT IN REPLIES SO I CAN FIX THEM Storyline: The Paranormal Operations Group, a secret multi-national organization, has served under various names since World War 2 to keep the world safe from (and unaware of) the cosmic horrors that threaten our existence. From zombie contagion outbreaks to anomalous beings from beyond the veil, POG stands ready to deploy, contain, and destroy the weird, the paranormal, and the horrifying, no matter where they crop up. - A Horror Mission Generator by UselessFodder Features: - Completely dynamic horror missions generated across the entire map - Every mission is completely unique - Generates based on the server's loaded horror/monster mods (see below) - Variety of mission objectives (purge zone, recover artifact, destroy object, etc) - 1-4 objectives per operation - Single Player or Multiplayer coop up to 16 - Ground or helicopter insertions into the AO - Mission Difficulty and "Vibe" parameters available - Custom 'horror events' and sounds to keep the spooks up while in the AO - Zeus capability for hosts & logged in admins - Mission "Themes" (Undead, Fantasy, Sci Fi, etc) to increase immersion - Fine-tuned control of the enemy factions - Extremely Easy to Port to new Maps - [Coming Soon] Custom POG Patches created by UselessFodder Steam Collection of all Maps Available here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=3064136265 Supported Maps: - Malden: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064130063 - Altis: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064103977 - Stratis: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064149451 - Chernarus - Autumn: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064063985 - Takistan: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064683012 - Bystrica: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3065545236 - (Soon) Livonia - (Soon) Namalsk - (Soon) Others as Suggested Supported Mods: NOTE: You MUST have at least one of the supported mods loaded or the mission will not spawn enemies! - Devourerking's Necroplague Mutants - Drongos Spooks and Anomalies - WebKnight's Zombies and Creatures - Empires of Old - Ryan's Zombies & Demons - Foes & Allies Aliens - The Corporation DVK - Ravage - Max's Alien - Max's Werewolf - Cytech Assets (WIP) - Horror Mod (WIP) - (Soon)Diwako's STALKER-like anomalies - (Soon)EpochZ Spearhead Zombies - (Soon)Atmospheric Horror & Emotional Music Pack - (Soon)BG21 Slaughter Assets - (Soon)Alias Night FX Modules - (Soon)SCP Foundation - (Soon)WH Fantasy Skeleton Faction NOTE: This persistent mission was inspired by the Dynamic Recon Ops, but diverges from that scenario in significant ways and does not utilize a single line of their code. The focus here is on the tension of clearing a dark, lamp-lit village on foot by flashlight, waiting to hear the footsteps of the infected just around the next turn... No one is coming to save your team: You are the saviors. I hope you enjoy the experience... If you encounter any bugs, please post them here, on the Steam Workshop page or in our Discord at https://discord.gg/UselessFodder . Thanks for playing! All Released DHO Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064136265 GitHub with most up to date version: https://github.com/UselessFodder/FS-DynamicHorrorOp Credits: - Horror Mod collection: Liru the Lcpl., Icebreakr, Nillers, GameCam, John, Scarecrow1625, Hippcelt, EpochZ, JamesH97, Maddog088, Spectakil, Jones.S, lemonstone92, SMuRG_Teh_WuRGG, Sir_Potoo, robofireman - Testers: GameCam, Flame, Poly, John, Sytx, Waksu, Axagoras, Element, uty206, slugfox - Bugfixes: Drongo, Devourerking - See more in-game Highlighted by BIS in Community Spotlight #144: No kidding screenshots captured during DHO missions:
  13. 23. Panzer-Division "Eiffelturm" Who are we? We are a professional Arma 3 realism unit portraying the 23rd Panzer Division, Panzergrenadier-Regiment.128 and their combat actions throughout the second world war. We also portray other Wehrmacht units such as the 79. Infanterie-Division during our Stalingrad and Kuban campaign. With our current manpower, we operate at a company level with over 70 members, hoping to expand to over 80 in the near future. With unit leadership and other members having years of experience in Wehrmacht realism, we aim to deliver the most professional, accurate and realistic portrayal of a Wehrmacht company in the second world war. What we offer? We take pride in our historical accuracy, and aim to offer the most authentic realism experience to someone who wishes to join our ranks. As well as realistic combat, we structure and operate our group as Wehrmacht units would have been historically. This encompasses ranks, tactics, tactical commands, radio procedures, uniforms, medals, weaponry, and most importantly camaraderie. With years of friendship between members of the unit and our diverse, international collection of individuals, you will be welcomed into a stable, active and friendly community to bond with. With a team of dedicated unit developers and permission from mod creators, we are the most customized and specialized ArmA 3 WW2 unit created with development in all areas of the gameplay experience. This includes completely custom maps, vehicles, uniforms and even artillery pieces for all theatres and time periods as well as special uniforms for individuals who have earned a combination of awards. Primary Language: English & German German is utilized to increase the immersion and historical authenticity of the events. - During trainings and operations, primary communication is done with English. (85-90% of communication) - Tactical movements and commands are given in German. (10-15% of communication) Combat billets Entry level combat billets is where all speculative members of the unit begin their time with the 23. Panzer-Division: - Mechanized Infanterie - High Demand Graduate level combat billets (You may progress to their different paths within the Kompanie when you graduate Rekrut Schule and reach Panzergrenadier): Specialized Gruppe Roles (MG-Gunner, MG-Assistant, Assistant stretcher bearer, Grenadier, Rifleman) - Tornisterfunktrupp (Funker - Radioman) - Kompanie & Zugtrupp's (Melder - Messenger) Sanitätstrupp (Sanitäter - Medic) - Panzer Crewman - (Gunner, Radioman, Driver) All billets are subject to availability within the Kompanie and those who are best fit for the role. Requirements to Join Age 18+: Accept if met current Criteria. 16-17-: Accept if met any of the following: - Friends with a current standing member of the unit. - Previous experience in a realism/mil-sim/reenactment unit. - Show above average levels of maturity for their age. - Show an interest in developing their current understanding and learning more about the Wehrmacht and what we do as a whole. Technical Must have a legal copy of Arma 3. Must have a working microphone. Must have or be able to have Teamspeak 3 VoIP program installed. Must be able to use Push to talk on Teamspeak 3 while in game. Must be willing to download mods off of Arma3Sync and utilize ACRE2 Schedule Attendance to main Sunday events and Saturday trainings is 100% mandatory. If real life bars you from attending you are able to write in a Leave of Absence to inform that Unit that you cannot attend: - Kompanie Operations, PvP's, & Trainings: Sunday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT) - 1. Zug und Panzerzug (1st Platoon 4th Platoon(Tanks)) Training: Saturday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT) - Aufklärungstrupp (Reconnaissance Troop) Training: Thursday, 6:30PM EST (11:30 GMT) Contact & Media Join our Discord below and fill out an application if this sounds interesting to you. If you're still thinking about it how about taking a look at our YouTube channel. Discord: http://discord.gg/YvMJQ57 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PaleJudge Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/23PanzerDivision-public
  14. virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21 (virtual tank brigade 21) Our unit was founded in September 2013. Since then we try to combine milsim and fun in our unit. Therefore we usually meet on Saturday at 19:00 CET (7:00 PM). Our unit is characterized by experience and knowledge, which comes from active and former soldiers. We try to use the knowledge we have gained as much as we can in Arma and work out meaningful trainings. However, we are aware that Arma is still a game and all members want to have fun. The real unit that we depict in Arma has different battalions that we try to depict ourselves. This gives us a wide range of possibilities. Whether as infantry, mechanized or with tanks, we offer everything and even have fun with it. We are interested in friendships with international communities. More Informations: Klick YouTube-Channel: Klick Facebook: Klick ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Die vPzBrig21 ist eine deutschsprachige MilSim-Community, die seit 2013 eine authentische Nachbildung eines Teilbereiches der Bundeswehr darstellt, dabei aber die Vielfältigkeit im Spiel nicht vernachlässigt. Hierfür treffen wir uns im Schwerpunkt Samstags ab 19:00Uhr. Um dies zu erreichen verwenden wir u.a. eine Vielzahl an Mods wie ACE3, ACRE2 und den BWMod. Abwechslung wird in dieser Community groß geschrieben. So stellen wir in den Missionen nicht nur Teile der Bundeswehr, sondern auch anderer Nationen und Zeiten dar. Hierbei haben die Missionsbauer sehr viel Freiraum, um ihre Missionen zu gestalten. Wir bieten an, als Gastspieler bei unseren Missionen teilzunehmen. Hierfür reicht ein Gespräch auf dem Teamspeak. Zudem sind wir an Einladungen zu Events interessiert und freuen uns über jede neue Freundschaft zu anderen Communities. Wenn du mehr über uns wissen möchtest, oder einfach nur mal reinschnuppern, dann besuche uns doch einfach mal auf unserem TeamSpeak3-Server. TS3: ts.vpzbrig21.de Weitere Infos findest du unter: Klick YouTube-Kanal: Klick Facebook: Klick Voraussetzungen für Bewerber Bei uns kann grundsätzlich jeder mitmachen, der folgende Voraussetzungen erfüllt. Vollendetes 16. Lebensjahr Funktionierendes Headset und Mikrofon Interesse an der Bundeswehr Zeit um an Aktivitäten der Brigade teilzunehmen Teamfähig Solltest du alle Punkte abdecken, steht deiner Bewerbung nichts im Wege. Dabei kannst du dich bei der virtuellen Panzerbrigade über 3 Wege bewerben. Über unser Forum unter: Klick Per E-Mail an: s1@vpzbrig21.de Oder am einfachsten per TeamSpeak ts.vpzbrig21.de Der schnellste Weg ist dabei meist direkt per TeamSpeak, da wir jeden Bewerber zu einem Gespräch einladen. Sobald du auf den TeamSpeak bist, wende dich an einen Kameraden mit der S1 Gruppe oder an den zu dem Zeitpunkt ranghöchsten Kameraden auf dem TeamSpeak. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Videos:
  15. Combat Helicopter Transport Missions - Collection on steam https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2905502852
  16. Asymmetric Warfare Series by Blackheart_Six Discord Server Asymmetric warfare (or asymmetric engagement) is a type of war between belligerents whose relative military power, strategy, or tactics differ significantly. This type of warfare often, but not necessarily, involves insurgents or resistance movement militias who may have the status of unlawful combatants against a standing army. -- Wikipedia Whether it is US Army forces against an insurgency or a standing Army, there is always a difference between forces. Asymmetric Warfare - Reforger is a combat operation of various scenarios. Either the Pick 3 lottery, or a randomized linear mission, utilizing the Scenario Framework by BI.
  17. After i found GluxDesigns awesome stranger things art in arma i got inspired to make a mission with the same theme. The result is a Horror scenario with the up side down as your main area. Cinematic Cutscenes. Singleplayer and COOP up to 4 friends. More information on steam workshop. Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901890107 GluxDesigns Art
  18. Hi, I just wanted to present a mission I've been working on for quite a while now but never got around to posting it here. Basic description Random infantry skirmish on a random place on the map, you can choose any faction, any weapon and any vehicle and just start fighting. The battles are fast, fierce and fun. The mission purpose is to have some quick arcade fun with whatever faction mod you have. Main features Fast-paced, dynamically generated firefight with infantry and land/air vehicles Compatible with any mod that has proper units definitions Fully customizable, set your own rules, select your gear, pick a location, pick factions 3 game modes: Push, King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch Supports Singleplayer and COOP (up to 8 players) Supports 30 worlds! Game modes Push - attack and capture sequence of points, one after another while defenders put fierce resistance King of the Hill - team that has more units in a specified area gets points over time, the team that reaches the point limit first wins Team Deathmatch - get points for killing enemy units, the team that reaches the point limit first wins Workshop collection link (contains missions for all 30 worlds) The mission is fully open source, you can find the sources on GitHub: https://github.com/SkaceKamen/random-infantry-skirmish/ (feel free to use any code found there for any purpose)
  19. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Arma 3 Apex Framework Version - 1.5.6 (14/11/2023) Compatibility - Arma 3 2.14 Download (Github) Support (Discord) Email - armacombatgroup <at> gmail Documentation (Github) Donate (Patreon) Enjoy ______________________________________________ Terrains: Vanilla Altis Tanoa Malden 2035 Livonia Stratis (classic & zeus modes only) DLC * Further DLC integration & support is coming Sefrou-Ramal (Zeus mode only) - Western Sahara DLC Cam Lao Nam (Zeus mode only) - Prairie Fire DLC Khe Sanh (Zeus mode only) - Prairie Fire DLC The Bra (Zeus mode only) - Prairie Fire DLC Weferlingen (Zeus mode only) - Global Mobilization DLC Gabreta (Zeus mode only) - CSLA Iron Curtain DLC * Further DLC integration & support is coming Mission Types: Zeus. Disable the objectives and use the integrated systems (including advanced Zeus systems) to support your own custom content. Invade & Annex: Apex Edition. Classic I&A style mode. Sector Control. Domination-style Sector Control mode. Campaign. Insurgency-style campaign mode. Gameplay: Edited Raw Installation Guide: Features: Base Building. We have implemented an early prototype of base-building, with built in base-defense missions. Advanced AI behaviors: suppressive fire, building clearance, logistics & helicopter use, dynamic close air support & mortar support, regrouping, automated medics, vehicle repair, demolitions, house/building suppressive fire, stance adjustment, inter-squad communications, evasive behavior, attack & defend routines, tactical commander, organic intel gathering to decide where to commit soldiers & resources. tracer rounds to make battlefield more visceral, custom jungle spawning & patrol routines built for Tanoa. Custom Logistics. Deployable fortifications and player-deployable game mechanics. Towing. Wrecks. Game mechanic to recover wrecks after catastrophic vehicle damage. Headless Client. Plug & play 4+ headless clients with automated load balancing. Ambient civilians and wildlife. Custom wildlife and civilians at missions, using high-performance techniques to ensure they don't reduce FPS. Geo-typical dynamic weather. Weather for Altis/Stratis/Malden taken from Lemnos data, Tanoa weather taken from Fiji data. Persistent and full yearly cycle. Storm simulation & fog reduction. Dynamic day/night cycle. Accelerated nights, accelerated noon, slowed down at dawn & dusk. Cinematic AO lighting on dark nights. Persistent and full yearly cycle. Dynamic missions. Players can create tasks and objectives for each other. Recruitable AI. Players can recruit AI to help with the fight, either as engineers, fire support, fully integrated automated medics, etc.. Wide range of enemy weapons. Enemies use a wider array of weapons that those defined in config. 70+ custom player interactions. Intuitive and custom player interactions using the action menu (familiar to veterans and newbies alike). Role Selection Menu System. Change role or faction without aborting to the lobby. Custom menu system. Menu system supporting custom buttons, player options and link buttons to your community website. Full difficulty scaling by player population. Dynamic AI difficulty. Interactive side missions. Custom Zeus systems. Keybindings (numpad) to support on-the-fly Zeus missions, including garrison, patrol, attack, suppressive fire, player revive, unit incapacitation, and hunting/stalking logic. Custom Virtual Arsenal. Use either the custom whitelist or blacklist to set up what gear your players have access to. Inventory Saving. Save & Load & Edit the inventory of crates and vehicles easily. Custom medical system. An intuitive and simple medical system for public server play, not buggy! Revive, stabilise, medevac, carry, drag, load, unload, ambulances, field hospitals, AI revive. Custom MOUT operations. urban warfare AOs for Tanoa & Altis. Player damage modeling. Dynamic damage modeling to make playing against AI more fun. Admin tools. Admin tool menu with a range of options for moderators, admins and developers, including a custom dev terminal. Anti-cheat. A proven anticheat custom-fitted into the mission, caught about 30 cheaters on the development server over 16 months. Anti-troll. A system to resist and counter common forms of griefing. Restart schedule. A custom restart schedule built into the mission to provide graceful restarts, reminding players which server they are on and time-until-restart. Helmet-cam live feed. Players at base can watch a live feed of operations. Enemy capture. Capture enemies and imprison them. Blue Force Tracker. High detail blue force tracker system with dozens of configurations, including custom enemy info on the map display. Earplugs. Weapon lasers. Squad Radar. Suppression Effects. Hit Marker audio cue. Feedback when your bullet hits an enemy. Illumination Flares. Flares fired from weapons and mortars provide good illumination. Visibility & View Distance menu. Magazine repack. Backpack locking. Parachute deployment. Explosives charge 'attach to surface'. Gameplay Leaderboards. Track transport pilot effectiveness, top medics, weapon accuracy, sniper accuracy, and other objective-based metrics. Semi-persistent (weekly ladder). Dynamic Simulation. Server-side dynamic simulation and client-side optional dynamic simulation to improve FPS and performance. Logistics, Towing, Hauling & Mounting, Carrying & Dragging. Custom system to facilitate towing, and mounting of static weapons to suitable vehicles. Also linked directly to ingame Vehicle-in-Vehicle system for seamless logistics. Enhanced Slingload rope controls. Adjust rope length during flight and seamlessly attach Taru pods to Taru helicopters with simple controls. Active Protection System for armored vehicles. Based on Israeli "Trophy" and Russian "Afghanit" systems. Forward Operating Bases. Forward operating bases built directly into the framework, with logistics tasks, respawn tickets, vehicle respawns, ... Aircraft Carrier (USS Freedom). Dynamic aircraft carrier can be toggled on and off with a mission parameter, spawns at random locations, fully supported with vehicle respawns, player respawns, optional defensive turrets, and field hospital mechanics. Destroyer (USS Liberty). Dynamic destroyer can be toggled on and off with a mission parameter, spawns at random locations, fully supported with vehicle respawns, player respawns, optional defensive turrets, optional naval artillery, and field hospital mechanics. 40+ Custom object compositions. Many missions spawn custom scenes to add a fresh and replayable element to the missions. Custom vehicle & uniform skins. A variety of custom and realistic military skins created for this framework. Monetization solutions. Servers cost money, so we have put in solutions to reward players for donating. Custom cosmetics system for patches, uniforms and vehicle skins, and whitelisted lobby roles. Monetization license. You may use this framework on monetized servers. Highly polished. Considerable time spent polishing and ironing out bugs and rough edges, a necessary part of professional development missing from many other mission offers. Performance. Surprisingly high FPS (both client & server) for the amount of action going on, smooth and doesn't stutter. Change Log: https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/documentation/_Change Log.txt Mods supported: Blastcore Edited (standalone) by Opticalsnare JSRS soundmod by LordJarhead Mods integrated: Advanced Rappelling by duda Mag Repack Custom skins (third party designers): A sample of the vehicle & uniform skins that come as a separate content pack for use with the framework, purchased from third-party designers. Notes: Do not use AI mods like VCOM and ASR. There is an AI system built directly into the framework. Youtube development channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/QuiksiIver/videos License: Monetization permitted APL-SA (you have permission to modify and publish the modified version for others to download/use).
  20. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    by Jigsor Fully JIP, MP, Dedicated and Hosted Server compatible. Performance has been a big factor in developing this mission. It should play well on a modest server. What is the difference from this Insurgency compared to traditional Insurgency? The primary difference is that Intel is not dropped when killing certain Insurgents. Rather, it is spawned in random buildings. Small black markers indicate Intel Locations on the map. You can choose hide the markers with lobby parameter. Minimum Required Mods: None (Altis, Stratis Tanoa and Malden versions). Current supported Islands requiring components of Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete : Sarahni Takistan Zargabad Fata G.O.S. N'Ziwasogo Fallujah G.O.S. Al Rayak Napf Napf Winter Saint Kapaulio Lingor Dingor Xcam_taunus Clafghan Staszow Anizay Song Bin Tanh Rosche Germany Stand Alone Islands: Kunduz Afghanistan Bornholm Mogadishu Diyala Lythium I recommend trying default lobby parameters first then tweak from there if needed. Please report any problems on this thread. Developed on A3 engine 1.96 Stable Mission Pack Download latest stable version 1.50: updated 12/07/2019 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jfbwfq8wmmhdlkq/BMR Insurgency.zip?dl=0 GitHub: Main Build Altis All other builds' file differences DevBranch Mission Pack Download Armaholic mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26372 (this version is out of date until the Devs at Armaholic get new site up or Big returns.). looks like never.. Version Variants: Mods: Situation: Ingame Game Settings: Support: Vehicles: Respawn: Objectives: Features: Known Issues: Credits: Pro Tips: Mission Parameters Overview: Changelog: Guides: I hope you enjoy the missions and as always, I appreciate any feedback. Jigsor
  21. Gemini


    "OPEX is a masterpiece." (Sowens) "This mod is awesome and should be approved by Bohemia." (Unknown) "You have made what I've been looking for since a very long time." (Guim's) "My friends and I are now only playing this mission." (Neall) "It's a titan work. Respect." (BingaNarko) "Thank you and go on, you're the best dude I have a poor PC and OPEX is running fantastic." (NeXoWw) "God bless you !! To be honest I've never seen someone who is so reactive and attentive to the community's feedback." (Bobzap / Sayker) "This mission is becoming so epic. I love it."(xaxa) ..... DESCRIPTION OPEX is an immersive, realist and fully dynamic task generator for ArmA III military simulator. The first version was initially introducing the French Army fighting against terrorist organizations all over the world (hence the French name Opérations Extérieures - means External Operations). This new version now allows players to chose among several armies, depending on enabled extra mods ! AUTHOR'S NOTE Bonjour ! I have to be honest, OPEX has totally be inspired by MSO from ArmA II. After I have tried it, I thought the idea of a dynamic task generator was brilliant, but some features were not perfectly fitting to what I was expecting for and some others were missing. So firstly, I tried to customize the original MSO but finally I chose to rebuild everything from scratch. After more than 8 years of development (yeah, really !), and even if there are still many things to do, it's now time for sharing all I have did so far ! MAIN FEATURES Made by Gemini Mission that required more than 2000 hours of learning, experimentations and development (project started in 2012) SP and MP compatible (from 1 to 50 players) Unique immersive and realist atmosphere Select the theater of operations (Europe, Middle-East, Africa...), your army (France, USA, Russia, UK, Spain, Czechia...) and the opponents (Taliban, Islamic State, Boko Haram, generic ultranationalists...) - extra mods may be required to get all options (see below) Entirely built with random parameters for generating unpredictible situations and unlimited replayability Custom menu at startup to enable/disable/set main mission features Plenty of things to do: select a specific task (among more than 20 available), patrol to find and fight the enemy, locate and destroy weapon caches, neutralize IEDs, search buildings and interrogate local people to gather intel, capture opponents... Dynamic civilian life with custom interactions (talk, search, arrest...) Dynamic AI activities: patrols, ambushes, reinforcements, suicid bombers, roadblocks... Dynamic reputation: take care of the local population or it may rise against you Gather and exchange intel to recruit AI teammates and to get extra supplies, vehicles, supports... AI improvements: ability to assign/unassign NVG/flashlights/silencer depending on daytime and behaviour, ability to board into nearest static weapon... Primary needs system: eat, drink and sleep to avoid bad effects Customizable MP synchronized music receiver in order to listen music into vehicles Performance friendly: useless AI entities are automatically disabled/deleted to save computer/server ressources Persistent save for both server (mission progression, global stats...) and clients (loadout, personnal stats...) Playable without any mod (vanilla game) but compatible with many ones (CUP, RHS, R3F, 3CB, FFAA, BW, CFP, Project OPFOR, TFAR, ACE3, Winter 2035...) Readable content fully translated in French and English And much more to discover ! Made by the Community Advanced medical system (tweaked version of Psychobastard's AIS script) or expert medical system (if ACE mod is detected) Optimized AI behaviour (thanks to R3F AiComTarget script) Move and transport almost every item (thanks to R3F Logistic script) Random and dynamic weather (thanks to code34 for his script - I modified it a bit so weather's evolution is depending on world regions) Futurist but realist electronic tactical glasses (thanks to TPW for his script - I modified it to create motion detector and hearbeat functions) Live video feeds (thanks to BangaBob for his script) Little immersion tweaks: light sensitive map and NVG's optimized utilisation (thanks to Viperidae for his scripts) Map gestures with nearby players (thanks to dslyecxi for his script) HOW TO INSTALL OPEX ? It's very easy, just watch this video (think to enable subtitles to get full detailed information). VIDEOS OFFICIAL (trailers, tutorials...) [FR/EN] Gemini OTHER GAMEPLAY SERIES [FR] MrRatSuper [FR] TypeX [FR] Faiavan INTERVIEWS [FR] RackBoy PICTURES REQUIRED ADDONS / DEPENDENCIES OPEX can be played without any mod (vanilla game) but in order to enjoy all the features and possibilites, it is highly recommended to subscribe (for free !) to the official mod collection. If you don't have a large storage capacity and a very high speed internet connection, you can also select only some ot these mods. COMMUNITY FEEDBACKS Don't hesitate to share your feedbacks, your suggestions and to report any bug or issue you may encounter here on the official BIS forum, or on Steam. KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES Picture "pictures\overview.paa" not found at startup when joining server despite the picture is present in the mission folder, I don't know how to fix this. Some vehicles are sometimes exploding when spawning because collision detection is not reliable at 100% despite I'm trying to improve BI's commands as much as possible. Ambient AI animations may sometimes be weired when playing on MP. TO DO LIST (Extreme priority): fix bugs and issues reported by the community (High priority): add compatibility with best incoming mods (OFrP...) (High prioriy): create version for several other maps (Medium priority): add new tasks (Low priority): optimize and tweak all scripts and functions (or better: rewrite everything because so many time has passed since the first code I wrote !) (Low priority): correct current localizations and add new ones (will require some translators !) SPECIAL THANKS Bohemia Interactive, for the best military games ever (OFP/ArmA serie) code34 and MSO/PO3/ALiVE developpers, for the dynamic/random mission concept Kamih, for the first MP tests during the early development HeroesandvillainsOS, Vengeance1, Scimitar and Sumsun93 for their precious feedbacks All beta-testers, testers and reviewers for their precious feedbacks and suggestions BangaBob, for the live feed and drag body scripts Binesi, for the defend/patrol tasks scripts code34, for the dyamic and MP compatible weather script dslyecxi, for the ShackTack Map Gestures script KC Grimes, for the building occupation script Killzone Kid, for its optimized random position script R3F team, for their Logistic and AiComTarget scripts Seth Duda, for its towing scripts TPW, for the hud, houselights, streetlights and animals scripts Viperidae, for the Little Immersion Tweaks scripts Meh44, for the Russian translation Tonic, for the Virtual Vehicle Spawner script All addon and mod makers whose creations are used in this mission: ACE team, ACRE team, CBA team, CUP team, Icebreakr, James2464, Keeway, Minimalco & Robster, Nkey, R3F team, RHS team, X-Cam team And fore sure, thanks to all the OFP/ArmA community for thinking, creating and sharing so many brilliant additionnal content If I forgot to mention someone, please excuse me and contact me ! SPECIAL DEDICATIONS To the old OFP french community, that participates to give me the passion for this game. And above all, many many many thanks to my wife, who is so patient and comprehensive every time I'm only thinking about the developing this project ! 😘 IN MEMORIAM This mission is dedicated to the memory of Faiavan (1979-2018). I only had the chance to share one or two missions with Faia but his accent, his good mood and his sense of humor made me feel good. May he rest in peace. DON'T FORGET TO RATE IT ! If you enjoy this mission and want to motivate the author, please click on the 5 stars on the top of this web page and on the thumbs up button on the top of the Steam web page. It's free and it's always a pleasure ! DONATIONS If you would like to support the author's projects, you can also make a donation via PayPal by clicking here. CHANGELOG Please keep in mind that OPEX is a non-professional and non-official mission. It may be more or less often updated in order to enhance it. So if you play it, do it at your own risk. DOWNLOAD From Steam Workshop (highly recommended because it requires only 1 click - then everything is automatic) From Armaholic (not recommended because it requires manual installation and updates) From my website (not recommended because it requires manual installation and updates) Enjoy !
  22. Hello, A friend and i recently started playing Arma again after a few years and im amazed by the new 3den Editor, i only knew the old one and never bothered to learn it properly. Now i wanted to create a custom coop scenario on a modded map with some mods also. Those mods are: 3den Enhanced AGC - Advanced Garbage Collector Automatic ViewDistance Better Convoy (NOT USED in Scenario) BWMod (Mainly Used for Blufor units) CBA_A3 CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - CWA CUP Terrains - Maps (Chernarus2020 used in Scenario) CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0 CUP Units (Mainly Used for Opfor units) CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Enhanced Movement Enhanced Movement Rework JSRS SOUNDMOD JSRS SOUNDMOD - CUP VEHICLES MOD SOUND SUPPORT JSRS SOUNDMOD - CUP WEAPONS MOD SOUND SUPPORT Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Switch weapons while moving When it comes to the way my friend connects to me (im hosting), we use Hamachi, because for whatever reason (tried everything in the book for UPnP and Port Forwarding - didnt work) i cant use anything else. Besides some hicups we managed to get over by making firewall exceptions etc. it worked perfectly for Vanilla Maps and Scenarios. Also when i first started building my Mission with the first few Tasks and Triggers i showed it to my friend and he could join no problem. Now i finally finished my mission and wanted to try it with my friend, but he can't join. What happens is, that i host the game through Lan and on the create mission screen i select Chernarus 2020 and my Mission. When my friend joins i get the message that he connected, but he is stuck on the Stratis loading screen and can't get to the Unit Select screen. On my side he is shown grey and only after some time his ping changes from 0 to usually like 25. If i assign him myself to a unit (only two available) and start the mission he still doesnt change from the stratis screen until i actually start the Mission by pressing continue on the briefing screen and ignoring the message that not all players are ready. Once i load into the game my friend usually gets either a message that the Mission Data is being downloaded (which sometimes works and sometimes gets stuck or shows 0kbs out of 0kbs) and after downloading is stuck on "Receiving Data". If i look at his character ingame it shows his username behind the units role e.g. Rifleman (Friend). Now we tried him getting the mission files from me directly and placing them into his mpmissions folder (including one very basic script i wrote), but no luck. Curiously when closing the hosted game and restarting it my friend can join vanilla games with missions (even little custom ones) no problem, also i build a little test mission on the same map (Chernarus2020) with just a few triggers, commands and tasks as a test and this one he can also join no problem. We don't understand what is wrong. I'll include his and mine .rpt file and also the Mission + script if anyone wants to have a look at the Scenario im trying to build. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YPRdyf97Imw03thshXZlsW5_grB2IMCR?usp=drive_link in this drive you have the Mission and both .rpt files. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. A few things we still haven't tried out is resetting both our routers, reinstalling the game + mods and maybe building the Mission from scratch step by step and testing when my friend can't join. Thank you.
  23. /!\ French & English speaker recruitment /!\ The Arma III section of the 14th Gaming is recruiting! For the past 3 years, the 14th Gaming has had its own private server and regularly organizes scenarios, large operations, and outings. We also frequently participate in inter-team events. From the beaches of Normandy to the jungles of Vietnam, and through the arid deserts of Afghanistan, the 14th Gaming excels in most theater of external operations. With its strong experience and a dedicated and cohesive team of players, we are looking to expand our ranks to continue exploring different periods of history. Currently, we are playing on a modern Liberation persistent server, featuring French and Czech factions. If you're looking for a great atmosphere, action, and fun gameplay while maintaining immersion, the Arma section of the 14th Gaming is perfect for you.We don't require mandatory attendance, just a good mood and a minimum level of commitment to milsim. If you are not French, we are still recruiting for our "Foreign Legion" branch, and all teams wishing to enjoy common gameplay on our dedicated server are welcome (as long as they accept the rules). You can also access various articles related to the Arma III community on the 14th Gaming website: https://14egaming.com/ Joining us is easy!Don't hesitate to contact us on Discord: @mrpatate8406 & @remux6346 https://discord.gg/6XgdDD7PV5 Still unsure? Feel free to check out Flopz's YouTube channel, where you can find some impressive operations we've conducted:
  24. Who are we? 1st FORECON consists of a strong core group of MilSim gamers that have been together since 2015. What do we offer? The mission of 1st Force Reconnaissance Company (1st FORECON) is to provide an authentic portrayal of its real life counterpart. We may cut a corner here or there to keep the health of the unit in the best state possible in regards to realistic portrayal, these circumstances are far and few in occurance, but take place with heavy deliberation by the Company Staff. We are a Military Simulation unit, and with that comes discipline, integrity, honor, and respect for the armed forces around the world, as well as the virtual projects that have made ArmA such an enjoyable community to be involved in. There are a few different specialties to choose from: 0307 - Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance (EGR) Officer 0317 - Scout Sniper 0321 - Reconnaissance Marine L11A - Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman L02A - Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Independent Duty Corpsman 7513 - Pilot, Helicopter, AH-1Z/UH-1Y 7523 - Pilot VMFA, F/A-18 Qualified Our missions include, but are not limited to: Conduct Post-Strike Reconnaissance to Determine and Report Battle Damage to a Specific Target or Area. Conduct Limited Scale Raids. These Operations include, but are not limited to, the following: Seize, Damage, or Destroy Critical Enemy Targets. Static Maritime Platform and Maritime Interdiction Operations. Capture Selected Enemy Personnel. Recovery of Sensitive Items or Personnel. Conduct Other Operations as Directed by the MEF or Supported Commander. When do we play? Saturday 3 PM EST / 20:00 London Time - Weekly Event Sunday 2 PM EST / 19:00 London Time - Weekly Event How to join? Submit Interest Form In order to become a member of 1st Force Reconnaissance Company you must contact a Recruiter. This is most easily done by joining our Discord Server https://discord.gg/QdBTEZf and reacting with the “Candidate” Role or contacting a member through our Teamspeak Server: Interview A Recruiter will then contact you and set up an interview where you will be inducted into the unit. You will receive all the necessary information and all your questions about the unit will be answered. Supervisor After your interview, you will be assigned a Supervisor. Your Supervisor is your contact person within the unit. Your Supervisor is responsible for making sure that you get inducted into the unit and will answer any questions, or solve any problems that you may have.
  25. Overthrow is a dynamic [SP/CO16] revolution simulator campaign built for ARMA 3. Description: Overthrow simulates undertaking a grass-roots revolution against an oppressive NATO occupation of your home. Altis, Tanoa (Apex required of course), and Malden are currently supported. Start in a in a small town with nothing, and fight your way to remove the occupying NATO forces from the Island. There is no single way to Overthrow, which is what makes it exciting and unique. Head on combat, guerrilla tactics, or economic domination are all possible. ACE and CBA are required, and Advanced towing is integrated. Our overall focus is to ensure that all player actions matter, and that things behave generally as you would expect them to in the real world. It was inspired by the great times we had playing the original "Antistasi" dynamic campaign. We would love you to help us test our mod, and help guide future development. Updates (24 July 2017): APEX no longer required, and an Altis, Malden campaigns have been added. Get ready for more community-map additions soon! Current Version is, released 15th July 2017. Updates are coming out frequently as new features are added and fixes completed. To install: - Steam Link --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774201744 - GitHub (download full source) --> https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow To get in touch: - Facebook (general help and chat) --> https://www.facebook.com/armaoverthrow/ - Discord (keep Armazac company) --> https://discord.gg/QGQ5gf4 - GitHub (report issues / view wiki page) --> https://github.com/jabberzac/Overthrow/issues - Reddit --> http://reddit.com/r/armaoverthrow General features: - GTA-inspired wanted/stealth system - Dynamic political system with regional stability - Buy and sell just about in any-game item/vehicle/weapon for currency - Reverse engineer and build items and equipment for your revolution-machine - Complete jobs to gain faction reputation and access to blueprints for valuable equipment - Capture towns and military objectives - Dynamic economy/Regional pricing/Trade - Buy, sell and lease real estate with prices affected by regional politics - Fast travel to any owned real estate or camp (configurable with difficulty settings) - Manipulate the markets with guns or piles of cash - Recruit and arm civilians - Designed to work in both single player and multiplayer - Committed to creating a living and breathing landscape where anything can happen - Ongoing development and addition of features - Support for more maps planned This addon includes the following scripts: - VCOM AI - by Genesis92x - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25381 - Advanced Towing - by Duda - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30575 Warm Regards, Foofski and the Overthrow Dev Team