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  1. beazley

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    I'm looking for where ArmA defines the sound rain makes (attempting to disable it). I can't find it in CfgWorlds, is it shared across all maps? If anyone knows it would be most helpful. edit: I've now tried: class CfgEnvSounds { class Rain { name = "Rain"; sound[] = {"", 0, 0}; volume = 0; }; }; class EnvSounds: EnvSounds { class Rain { name = "Rain"; sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\dummysound", 0, 1, 0}; soundNight[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\dummysound", 0, 1, 0}; }; }; The latter nested inside CfgWorlds > class Altis edit: I opted for enableEnvironment [false, false]; In the mission's init.sqf instead. This disables all environmental effects - the second item in the array refers to sounds, the former is wildlife I believe.
  2. There won't be a backpack - they state it's going to be an inventory item (which makes sense; it's tiny). I look forward to this, and may well introduce it into the 16AA's modpack! The British Army apparently withdrew them from active service in 2016/17, but they're nice and sensible, so sod 'em.
  3. beazley

    UIcorrections Suite

    That was the only thing I could think of, but I thought all base game stuff was loaded in first (for obvious reasons). I also didn't think the requiredAddons was used like that - in ArmA 2 you had to start the game with the mods in the right load order for this reason. I guess it was updated and I didn't realise. Anyway, thank you. I will be updating these shortly.
  4. beazley

    UIcorrections Suite

    But AFAIK the requiredAddons array does nothing but make the game complain if you load with a mod without one of its dependencies. A3_UI_F still exists, and still contains the exact things I'm changing in this mod.
  5. beazley

    UIcorrections Suite

    Ooookay, you were right - another mod was hiding the round counter (presumably ACE). I have updated the requiredAddons array and you're correct, that does fix it. I am completely confused as to why, though.
  6. beazley

    UIcorrections Suite

    Sorry - I really don't check the BIS forums any more. Need to follow my own threads. Firstly, I've played a few missions since April on the latest released version and have not noticed an ammo counter, secondly I'm confused as to why changing the requiredAddons array would fix it - unless BIS removed one of the addons that I was requiring previously? Will have a look tomorrow, ta for the report.
  7. Congratulations! My apologies; the bug tracker link must have got lost for me in amongst all of that text (it's sandwiched between two lists). For me, the biggest two 'mersion breaking bugs are the lack of background engine sound and the position of the gunners. Ta Rock.
  8. Issue with engine sounds - there is no background idle sound at all, so when engine is on and vehicle is static it's very odd (at least from the exterior, cannot recall interior and I've now closed ArmA). Issue with PIP render targets - when I initially place vehicle and get in as driver, the top wingmirror on the left side of the vehicle does not display a PIP render target as it should. The display above the steering wheel functions normally (engine on -> 4 separate views). When I get out of the vehicle, and then get back in, the wingmirror on the top left works correctly, but one of the render targets on the screen above the steering wheen (seemingly random which one it is) stops working. Issue with gunner standing position/animations - Image1 Image2 Image3 Gunner has no reload animation for GPMG
  9. Me neither. They made it possible on the covered variant, so it's possible they did for fuel too. Someone should check!
  10. Hey-o Unsung team, Ages ago I offered a sharktooth Huey to you guys. Unfortunately, I was swamped with other projects at the time and never actually made the complete, bug-free port of the model, but I did get the texture down. Well, I've just remembered that I should probably, y'know, give you the texture. I've released it here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/202420-uh-1h-huey-sharktooth-texture-release/ (Shrunk) texture: (Download link for .paa and .psd) Example: Unfortunately the best shot of it I can find after a couple of years, no idea where my actual screenshots went (this is a cropped screenshot of one on a 16AA 'Nam special). Part of the original plan was to collaborate with a modeller to add hiddenSelection areas to the doors and tail, so one could randomise which serial numbers/insignias were on the Huey itself.
  11. Ages ago I helped the 16AA put together a Vietnam modpack for a special event, and sourced/ported content from multiple sources to make it work. However, I noticed there was something missing. I had never seen, in all of my ArmA life, any mod which had a sharktooth Huey. Of course, I immediately went about remedying this. After creating the texture, I had always planned to get together with friend and colleague Soldierman to release a complete, bugfixed, ArmA-3 ported and jazzed up Huey mod - and give it to the Unsung 3.0 team - but we were busy, and then I started my long hiatus from ArmA. So now I'm just releasing the texture for them, and anyone else, to use. Inspiration Results (If somebody could take me a nice picture I'd be thankful; I seem to have lost all of mine and I can't quite bring it upon myself to fire up ArmA and fiddle with mods again.) No full frontal shots here because of ^. Use your imagination for now. Source .paa and .psd in this MediaFire folder - Beazley
  12. UPDATED! DOWNLOAD v2.0 Download (MediaFire) CHANGELOG v2.0 - Updated for patch 1.6, added covered transport variant, added UN variants. NEW MEDIA NOTE: Containers missing on UN ammo variant in screenshot only. Fixed in release version. PSD FILES NOW AVAILABLE See front page.
  13. ETA probably tomorrow (Tuesday 6th), if not then definitely the day after (Wed 7th). I'll also be including a UN version of the open transport and ammo variants - I made it ages ago for a 16AA campaign, and completely forgot to update this mod with it. I'll maybe do a covered UN version if there's call for it, but the UN are supposed to be high-visibility right? ;)
  14. Sorry! You're welcome to PM me here next time; it'll send me an email then. I'm neither active on the BIS forums or with my ArmA unit at the moment.
  15. Hi guys, I've just been made aware that this is broken - I'm on a long hiatus from ArmA at the moment, so didn't realise. There is a fix in the works, and will also include a retexture of the covered version in woodland and desert. Cheers, Beazley