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  1. Hello. We are building a mission for around 50 guys with all kinds of assets and loads of AI so we are looking for a caching script. This one seems well and simple but my question is ; I've downloaded this and couldnt figure it out if there is an option for separating the uncaching for different assets of ours. What I mean is; I want the AI uncache for my Infantry units lets say at 2kms but for my air assets at 1km. because if the AI always uncaches at a standart distance, 2 pilots flying over the AI will uncache the hundreds of AI for the other 48 players :)
  2. Hello guys. Grat mission enjoying it very much and running on our clan server weekdays and no performance issues or whatsoever. Just one thing. And I've tried searching this forum before I posted but BIS wont let me search under 4 characters in this topic when I want to search for GPS or MAP :) How can I disable the radar kinda thing when I press ctrl+m and get the standart arma gps instead. Thank you Hustler for the great mission and keeping it Alive free :)
  3. Hi. really top quality mod, which makes me wonder if you guys have kind of a roadmap for future releases. As a marines clan we would very much appreciate to know when we can get our hands on the destroyer :)
  4. hello. looks really great and very useful for scenario ideas we got for our clan. so the question is; is this multiplayer compatible ? thanks
  5. Hi Shay_gman, We use AGM and MCC for a long time in our clan and since yesterday we have an issue. when we die we can't respawn. I mean the whole "esc" menu wont appear. The agm mod is essential to us so the guys are telling me to let go of MCC as Zeus became so powerful with addons like Ares. But I still wanna hang on to MCC as I feel more comfy with the UI. So is there a way to fix that. Thanks
  6. denzelw

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    does anyone have the issue that once you go down with the elevator from hangar to well deck it wont move back up anymore nor the safety things will go down so that the vehicles can move out?
  7. Hello. Although I didn't check the battleye tick box tadst starts the mission with battleye and it kinda a starts a different mission with ping increasing without end? Any ideas why? I have doubts that it is the mission but what from the mission could it be. It is a mission from steam which I edited by putting a few men more. thanks for any help.
  8. would someone consider doing the skin for this lovely F16 of the turkish demo team :) http://bagimsizhavacilar.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/solo_TY.jpg http://f1r4t.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/966015_10200619430021801_79423904_o.jpg http://www.hvkk.tsk.tr/Resim/TR/Icerik/5685-B-2011041812115-11.jpg well at the moment this would also suffice :) http://www.badpolitics.ro/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/f-161.png
  9. Hi Shay_gman Because of real life matters I cant spend much time on arma right now but I really do wonder if the issue with admin rights is solved. thanks
  10. hi guys. so has anyone tried if the problem with admin rights is fixed? We had that problem that after guys without access rights respawned they somehow got to login mcc. Any ideas? thanks Shay and Spirit for keeping up the great work.
  11. @Dorak and @654wak654 I know the video quality is not that good but the grenade system here is not the same with agm. Like Dorak says you can drop or high throw in agm but here you can tilt the grenade. Vertical 45deg. or horizontal which allows you to build a smoke wall which is awesome :D one more awesome thing incoming is the mortar(artillery) fire mission system. Well after the testing I had the feeling that soon enough we wont be needing the AGM :D
  12. Here is a sneak peek from the upcoming Update. Shay_gman was generous to visit our server for testing the new stuff. Keep track of it, lots of cool stuff incoming which are not in the video
  13. I am a noob to scripting so I have to ask this :) What do I modify in this sqf ? And I want to spawn for example planes on deck and vehicles in the hangar bay, how do I do that ? thanks very much for any help
  14. Hi guys, I normally use play with6 and yesterday I realized,after deciding to use the SCAR for the first time, that I dont have the SCAR, MP7 or the G36 rifles. Then I downloaded from Armaholic but I still dont have them. Then I tried those two ways with the massiweaponsfix but still nada. to try this I didnt even use any other mods. What the heck am I doing wrong :) anyone any idea?
  15. denzelw

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Well defences is what we have been discussing in the last 3-4 posts with deltagamer :) When you go down to the well deck, as soon as you get out of the elevator there is a botton on the right corner which operns the door. You should look for this kinda bottons all over the ship but just stay away from the walls. they like mankind's meat :D hope this helps :)