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  1. Thanks! I'll do my best 🙂
  2. I tested all of these buildings and most of them are unfinished and bugged. Some also lack of collision or even doors. I know we are all a bit tired of the vanilla and CUP buildings, but for now we don't have any better option.
  3. Hey guys, I was a big fan of the old A2 Fallujah map by Shezan74, and I was missing something similar with the A3 quality. So I decided to stop waiting and go ahead with my own project. This is basically a 10x10 km terrain featuring most of the Ramadi city in Iraq (Al-Anbar province) and surroundings. I'll use A3 vanilla assets whenever I can, but of course it will also require CUP Terrains for the middle eastern stuff. The project is in its very early stages, so what I have so far is: - 10240 x 10240px resolution satmap image (1px/m aprox) - Very detailed map mask. - Euphrates river (wip). - Terrain layers, textures and clutter. I'm not using a real heightmap because it'll be a pain in the ass for building placement, so I'm editing it manually to add the features that I want. However the map will be mostly flat (like the old Fallujah map). Right now I'm working on the road network which will take some time to complete. After this I'll begin working on the object placement. I leave you with some pics of the satmap image and an ingame aerial view. This is my first terrain, so I am open to suggestions and constructive criticism 😊
  4. atunero

    Nassau 1715

    Thank you @Delta Hawk and all the team for your hard work!
  5. Nice Have you planned to improve mortars too? Many thanks!
  6. atunero

    Nassau 1715

    I assume you'll make a custom map for this mod, right? Ships and uniforms are pieces of art. Good job!
  7. atunero

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    Wow, that's impressive! :lol:
  8. I'm following this thread since the beginning, i assume that making such a big map take a lot of time, i hope to see some screenshots when possible. Good job. ;)
  9. atunero

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Well done, I love this map, but 2.2Gb it's too much for just one map.
  10. atunero

    Advanced Towing

    Would be awesome if this is integrated into ACE3. Good job.
  11. We are still using AiA TP and there is no problem with Fallujah.
  12. atunero

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    Because the last time i tried to edit a mission with AiA TP and Hazar-Kot Valley map i had a bunch of errors and incompatibilities. It was like a year ago.