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  1. Excellent, thanks guys! I was able to get everything working.
  2. Ondrej, I am having some issues still. My shadow LOD is triangulated, sharp edges, and smaller than the model itself, but it's creating some pretty wild visual glitches. I should clarify, I am not using any custom uniforms here. Just BI ones. I can see the shadows from the teeth, eyes, base of the neck, etc. through the object. Perhaps I just haven't set up the shadow LOD correctly. Of course without the shadowLOD the character has no shadow. Thanks again and most respectfully, Sam
  3. Ondrej, Thank you very kindly for helping with this! I will look into it and let you know how I fare! Sam
  4. Hello all! As part of my group's addon, we use a couple of custom faces (complete with custom models too). After this latest update where Mr. Crowe, Mr. Buchta, Mr. Pettka, and a couple other developer heads were added, I noticed that I could see my character's eyeballs now, and so could another group member. Both of us are using custom faces I built. I think it has to do with a config problem. I temporarily fixed the eyeball problem by creating a view-pilot lod and removing all objects from it. The shadow issue persists, though. (I tried creating a shadowvolume lod but it resulted in some pretty bad graphical glitches (I sharped the edges, merged near vertices, and triangulated the object in object builder) Here is the config for Vori's head (at the end of my config.cpp): class Default_A3{}; class DefaultHead_A3: Default_A3{}; class bun_female_bun_01: DefaultHead_A3 { model="\A3_female_heads\Models\female_head_bun.p3d"; selectionHeadWound="injury_head"; selectionPersonality="personality"; }; I looked in the new config.bin for the heads in the latest update, and saw where the new heads were added, so I attempted to use one of those classnames in hopes that her face would inherit the new heads' properties. I was wrong, the issue was the same. class Default_A3{}; class DefaultHead_A3: Default_A3{}; class Hladas: DefaultHead_A3{}; class bun_female_bun_01: Hladas { model="\A3_female_heads\Models\female_head_bun.p3d"; selectionHeadWound="injury_head"; selectionPersonality="personality"; }; Here is my actual config for the face itself: class Default; class Man_A3: Default { class Default; class X_female_bun_01: Default { author="Iceman"; displayname="Vorian"; head="bun_female_bun_01"; texture="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\xxx_co.paa"; material="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\f_white.rvmat"; materialWounded1="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\f_white.rvmat"; materialWounded2="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\f_white.rvmat"; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// textureHL="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_co.paa"; materialHL="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_white.rvmat"; textureHL2="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_co.paa"; materialHL2="\A3_female_heads\female_head_ICEMAN\female_01\F_HL_white.rvmat"; }; Does anybody know what I can do to fix this issue? Thank you in advance for your help, and most respectfully, Sam
  5. Anybody notice the FFV slots in the back of the ACR Landrover if the player aims down sight, the other FFV slot becomes invisible? Also the Tatra series of trucks has a bug where one of the cargo slots doesn't have the proper camera positioning for the player. Thanks guys and keep up the great work. Sam
  6. Greetings to all, and thanks for checking out my post! There are plenty great of groups out there, and I hope you find the one that is right for you. What follows is a summary of the inspiration behind TFTW and some additional information to help give you an idea of what the group is all about. Before we start, here is some good music to bring pleasure to your ears while you are reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQM0QDQf21k :) In July of 2017, some good friends and I founded Task Force Timberwolf while I was in Eastern Europe on a training mission. The group has already grown into something extremely meaningful to me, and it's a project I hope to continue building for the rest of time. I am passionate about and have an immense interest in everything military and the Arma series is the perfect sandbox to tell stories, play out scenarios, and overall just be immersed in a military conflict zone environment. The type of gameplay offered in the series is unmatched by any other platform, and it scratches that itch perfectly. Since starting this group, I have focused hugely on ensuring that we have a healthy, good community of players. This is an absolutely critical part of building a group right. We only take those who can get along well with others, those who have maturity, and those who have a passion for Arma and military role-playing/simulation. Our group focuses primarily on military sandbox gameplay augmented by other event types which can take place in a conflict zone. The goal is to create an immersive and interesting military sandbox environment for each mission, and I have a dream of introducing unique role-playing elements into missions to add depth to storylines. I encourage our players to treat every scenario with the thought of "what would I do if I was in this situation in real life?". Our sandbox environments and use of real-world tactics bring an incredible amount of life and purpose into our scenarios. The group is a small project currently, but its future is incredibly bright and I am absolutely hyped to see the community grow and prosper. If you think this type of gameplay is what you're looking for in an Arma group, I highly encourage you to apply. Be forewarned, though, the selection process is tough, and I am looking for quality, dedicated members who truly want a good experience. While Task Force Timberwolf places an emphasis on using authentic tactics, techniques, and procedures of actual military operations, the community is definitely NOT a hardcore MILSIM group. It's a friendly, light-hearted community outside missions and people are never going to be subject to rank-and-file nonsense of many hardcore groups out there. My goal here is not to force people into the right state of mind for events, it is to attract the types of people who really do enjoy a type of gameplay that is often slower-paced, much more authentic, and more immersive than the typical experience. Task Force Timberwolf won't ever require members to attend our regular events. People should want to come to the events instead of being forced to come to the events. Our members have families, jobs, school, commitments, and otherwise. As a US Army service member who was stationed overseas, I totally get that. It's part of being a member of society in the real world and Arma shouldn't define your life. Session Times: Fridays at 2200 US Central Time (alternate with Saturdays) Saturdays at 2000 US Central Time (alternate with Fridays) Sundays at 1300 US Central Time We require that all applicants: Are 18+ years of age Own a legal copy of Arma 3: APEX Use a working, clear microphone Use wired internet connection Have a great attitude! If you'd like to fill out an application to become part of our family, please find one under https://www.taskforcetimberwolfhq.com/recruitment. Make sure to actually submit text here, some people tend to overlook that. We will likely not accept short applications of "hey, I want to join" etc. Please put some thought into it. I'm excited to see what you have to say, it's always a pleasure to be connected with the Arma community! See you in the field! IN PACK, WE HUNT! Very respectfully, ICE MAN Founder, Task Force Timberwolf
  7. ICE_MAN


    My friend please do upload this to Steam Workshop. It'd make COOP and TvT missions so much more realistic! Thanks for making this :)
  8. ICE_MAN

    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    For the love of God tuck the dogtags in on the T-shirt one. YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER SEE SOMEONE WEARING THEM OUT!
  9. this just gets better and better!
  10. How about weapon sounds, I was thinking that it'd be good to use those from the ACE SM. Those IMO were much better than the old JSRS ones. Just a suggestion.
  11. You've made the game for me. Thank you guys so much!
  12. Are the Arma 2 modules being ported? Like ambient civilians, ambient combat, environmental effects, civilian interaction, etc.
  13. ICE_MAN

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Great work! I have a problem though with using RHS and JSRS3. Turrets on RHS HMMWV's and other M2 turrets won't turn or fire, they're stuck in freelook. :)
  14. Great, that's what I like to hear!
  15. Are the voices from Arma 2 (e.g. Czech for CDF, Russian for Russia, etc.) being ported? I'd really like to see that done because it adds a lot to the immersion factor.