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  1. kennyleif

    Arma3 Videos

    Trailer for our webseries Elite Unit Dagger is out now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD446_82Cjs More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/EliteUnitDagger
  2. kennyleif

    A Arma Webseries

    Trailer Premiere this wednesday! We will be watching it with you guys, LIVE, while we answer questions and comments from you all. Hope to see you there, and please share it with your friends.
  3. kennyleif

    Arma3 Videos

    Arma 3 webseries Trailer premiere this saturday. Hope you guys will join us in this HUGE step forwards for the series. We will watch the premiere with you guys, and answer any question or comments you might have. Hope too see you there. From the team behind Elite Unit Dagger - An Arma Webseries
  4. kennyleif

    A Arma Webseries

    Thanks mate, means a lot! We got another behind the scenes video out, introducing four of the team members in the unit. You can watch it here on our youtube channel. The trailer is in production, and on the way and we really hope we can get it out there in December some time. Thanks for all the support and love. The team.
  5. kennyleif

    A Arma Webseries

    Not the trailer yet, but it is under way. But here is a behind the scenes video where we share some information about the show Hope you share it with your friends.
  6. kennyleif

    A Arma Webseries

    Trailer is coming. Can't wait to share it with you guys.
  7. kennyleif

    A Arma Webseries

    For some months now, myself and a team of 15 people have been working on creating a webseries for Arma 3. Captured in true tv show style, with a real script and actors, we are dedicated in creating a 5 part mini series for youtube. Very soon, we will be able to share news, trailers and a lot more information about the show, so we have created both the youtube channel itself, but also a facebook page, dedicated to information and news sharing for fans and followers. As any other creater of content, we're trying to inform as many people as possible about the project, so as many people as possible has a chance of seeing it. Down below is more information about the show, but if we have peeked your interested, and you would like to know more, hit the link for the facebookpage, and follow our youtube channel, and PLEASE do share it with as many people as possible, if you find us worthy. This show is dedicated to Arma, and to all you guys, throwing all those late night hours into mods, missions and communities. Information Elite Unit Dagger, is a series about a top secret NATO unit, called Dagger unit. The series follows the unit on missions, trying to stop a brutal and evil organisation called The Black Order, in executing a terror attack. A TV show inspired web series, with real actors and many hours behind it. “After a brutal assault on a NATO base where the terrorist organisation Black Order steals a device (normally used for controlling earthquakes), NATO deploys team leader Jack Persson and his Special Forces unit, Dagger, to help hunt down and stop this Black Order organisation. The team is closely bonded and Jack leads them on the hunt, trying to close in on the fast paced and well trained Black Order whom always seems one step ahead of them. And with painful memories of good friend who went MIA on a Dagger operation earlier in the year Jack struggles between being a trusted team leader, and a normal guy dealing with the loss of his best friend. Will Jack and the Dagger unit be able to find The Black Order in time, before they can carry out a terrifying and devastating attack? Find out in a five part web series released on youtube, and follow Dagger Unit through funny down time, action paced raids and secret operations.” Facebook Youtube Best Regards - KLV Productions and the team behind "Elite Unit Dagger"
  8. kennyleif

    Arma 3 webseries

    Hi all My name is Kenny, and i'm part of a danish group, currently working on a Arma 3 webseries. We got the story down, and the script for episode 1, and a currently trying to fill out all the holes in the crew. The series is in english, and will be a 5 part webseries about an elite force hunting a terrorgroup. It will be published on youtube, with both teasers, trailers, and a website with more information in the near future. We are currently missing "players" for 2 roles, before we can begin shooting, so if you know someone who might be interested in hearing more, please contact me in here for more information. Best Kenny
  9. Currently using your shop in a PMC setting. Is there a way to add crates to the shop, where you can store all of your things you have bought? The crates need to be store in database, i case of server restart too.
  10. I heard rumors that the Task Force Radio team has pretty much stopped working on a full version (heard from danish Arma community) Are these rumors true? I'm not asking for a full version date, but only; Are the mod authors still working on TFAR? Regards
  11. Yeah but is 1.0 out? We are running the beta version..
  12. Is there any fix to the radio being removed as soon as you enter Arsenal or load a loadout?
  13. Did anyone fix it to work on dedicated?
  14. kennyleif

    Advanced Rappelling

    My unit is experiencing som trouble with this mod. We tried on several helicopters. When the team is either using "rappel self" or pilot uses "deploy ropes" the first guy on the ropes usually gets down fine. The others get out on the rope at then falls down to the ground, like they get stuck. Anyone else know of this issue?
  15. kennyleif

    AI Grenade Spam

    Is there a mod, script or something like it, that can prevent AI from spamming grenades?