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  1. Sorry i ask but where can i find this GUI for trader 😅 i kinda like this more then the default i have now
  2. sad that this project has stopped.... :( i think there more who think this..
  3. Yarpii

    Loading addons takes extremely long

    I have this same issue.. but i have this problem with fresh install on our server..... And i have no addons... and our dedicated box has good enough CPU & RAM.... Sooo how to fix it..
  4. Yarpii

    Apex DLC & Linux Server

    I think i can better wait for 1 year till linux is fixed XDDD I think this one can be closed going to setup my server to Windows Server 2012
  5. Yarpii

    Apex DLC & Linux Server

    well all this is because i got this error Bad version 71 in p3d file 'a3\vegetation_f_exp\clutter\grass\c_grassbunch_hi.p3d' And this is last part of the .rpt log
  6. Yarpii

    Apex DLC & Linux Server

    And also here on Arma III Dedicated Server steamdb.info depots shows this: https://steamdb.info/app/233780/depots/
  7. Yarpii

    Apex DLC & Linux Server

    well first of all thanks for the reply. And second well u have appid="107410" but i have appid="233780" Because: Arma 3 (107410) Supported Systems: windows Arma 3 Server (233780) Supported Systems: windows & Linux I have been trying to get the server working on [107410] but last time i updated it was beginning to download windows files to the server. ===================================== And well CentOS is for my opinion better then Debian for my server i like to manage the server with cPanel witch is only for CentOS, CloudLinux, RHEL or Amazon Linux.
  8. Well my server is running on CentOS 7 without any problems. Have been fixing every error the .rpt logs gives me and now the server runs smooth. My opinion: i think Linux Based Operating system runs better then Windows.
  9. Hi guys i was wondering something because i have been playing the Apex in development and preview. What i was wondering is it possible to get the Apex DLC on a Linux based server ? I have seen so far the Apex only on a Windows Operating System. Now am i a CentOS 7 user and i like to see the Apex on my server running without giving errors. Now do i also have been trying to get the CentOS server to development mode without any success. All Google gives me that On Linux Based Distribution development mode don't work. Well is this true ? Gr. Mr Heisenb3rg