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  1. I will work in removing mods one by one and see what causes it maybe I can trace it back. Thanks.
  2. I can post the rpt. do you need server and client? besides these what other info should I provide? I am sure you can infer based on the set up in the rpts what i am using. server rpt:https://pastebin.com/EVqpsqHu client RPT: https://pastebin.com/SAY1rWcv
  3. I installed couple mods to my Exile server and I noticed that my game now shows an options "RHS Game Options" in the exit screen (whatever that is called) and I noticed that all the cars spawned now on the map, either Exile or CUP vehicles or RHS vehicles are just super crazy fast on the map. I also run Infistar. Did I mess up something that made the cars like this? Is there a way to revert this? I am sure the cars were working fine at the beginning when there were no mods installed.