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  1. Returned from a long break, I'm seeing the A3S automatically loads up all of the CDLC's for me. I would like to turn them off. How/Where?
  2. I realize this is an intended mechanic, because by default Zoom is bound to RMB, and Ctrl+RMB is switching between Optics Modes, so when you're holding RMB to Zoom and then add Ctrl (in order to perform one of the many other actions that are bound to Ctrl+?, like changing stances, optics, etc), the game decides to zoom you back out. Years ago I had a solution to this problem but after losing my key-binds profile, I have no recollection on how to fix this without having to bind Optics Mode to anything other than Ctrl+RMB. Suggestions?
  3. Bug report: When using a Steam Controller, if you focus Arma3Sync, the SC stops working and you have to alt+tab or use the regular mouse to make it work again. A3S is the only Windows program that so far does it. I'll also report it with Steam, but I suspect it's an A3S issue.
  4. Totally worth the wait. <3 you guys!
  5. It's a little sad because DAC actually does it better with the DAC_Config_Objects.sqf. When creating objects, it allows you to set the probability of each object, but then this idea doesn't carry over to units.
  6. We're having a meta/oversight issue with DAC: When you create any group, it always takes the unit defined in the first row (So SL for example) and then chooses everyone else randomly. So in most cases you get seriously random (and unrealistic) fireteam and squad compositions like AT/AA/AR soldiers without anyone to resupply them or like numerous Grenadiers, etc. Any tips on how to avoid this? Perhaps reduce the randomness and use more pre-defined compositions?
  7. This looks promising, considering ACE3 BFT (ported from AGM) and F3 Map Markers have no proper support for JIP and respawns. Will definitely give this one a try, thanks!
  8. bullhorn

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    What I'm trying to understand is why BI, having such limited manpower resources, spends all this energy on 'fixing' what's not broken while the things that the player-base has been complaining about for years appears to rarely be solved. I have to agree with pretty much everyone; the new fatigue system is an absolute deterioration.
  9. Thanks, that fixed it. We are having another problem though with both the previous version and the new versions: Even though connections are set to 10, it never allows more than 1 connection. We even rebuilt the repo from scratch to make sure it's not a mistake on our part.
  10. I'm not sure what's wrong but since 1 or 2 A3S updates, our repo has become extremely slow - It sometimes downloads normally, but then it just hangs for 2-3 minutes at a time. It's worse with many small files and less prominent with bigger files. The FTP runs perfectly fast when using FileZilla. Ideas?
  11. Having 2 folders with the same name in subfolders - always loads the 1st alphabetically. This is a huge annoyance when you have for example \Arma III\@CBA\ with one signature and \Arma III\Other\@CBA\ with a different signature. A3S always loads the first, even if you intended it to load the 2nd one. The only workaround is having to manually rename mod folders that share the same name or cut-paste them away and rename/put them back before every repository update.
  12. bullhorn

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Something broke with 1.48 - RHS vehicle a seats (specifically the 4-seaters with a MG on top) behave like a fully armored vehicle whe trying to talk with passengers while outside using ACRE2. Anyone else noticed this?
  13. I wasn't around when the mission was tested. Unless there's nothing unique between listen and dedicated server, I'll take a look at the mission in about 9 hours and report back.
  14. I made a mission with the Script version, tested it and it worked. Uploaded it to dedi server and it never spawned the waypoints or units... What am I missing?
  15. bullhorn

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    We had severe issues on our first 30+ player ACRE2 training mission where people were stepping each other over direct speech. You had like 3 guys talking about combat and contacts, 3 guys talking about their pets and lunches and 1-2 guys trying to communicate commands over the radio. It was a mess... I tested the direct speech ranges to get a better idea of which setting out of the 9 should be used for which situations. For testing purposes, I disabled all game audio and my Post-Mix slider was set to x3 (the setting that myself and many others in our community use): "LOUD" stands for where does the voice sound identical to how it did from point-blank "QUIET" stands for where did I notice a severe drop in volume so that anything beyond it means that speakers no longer interrupt. "BARELY AUDIBLE" stands for where you last hear the speech, a few steps beyond this range and you can't hear the speaker at all. Measured with a Vector. 1/9 is good for radio silence or private discussions, sometimes in PVP. 2/9 is good for quiet private or small talks, especially things that aren't really important for anyone else. 3/9 is identical to TFAR except the audio doesn't magically disappear at 20 meters, it gradually fades out but quiet enough not to bother anyone. This is a good setting to use when talking about general things and when outside of combat. 4/9 and 5/9 are very different but I can't really define anything specific for it. 5/9 all the way to 9/9 is almost identical. Basically, I'd say that 5/9+ should be used only in emergencies like calling out contacts, calling for help or a medic, giving orders to a somewhat far buddy team, etc. Use common sense.