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Zoom stops working while holding Ctrl

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I realize this is an intended mechanic, because by default Zoom is bound to RMB, and Ctrl+RMB is switching between Optics Modes, so when you're holding RMB to Zoom and then add Ctrl (in order to perform one of the many other actions that are bound to Ctrl+?, like changing stances, optics, etc), the game decides to zoom you back out.


Years ago I had a solution to this problem but after losing my key-binds profile, I have no recollection on how to fix this without having to bind Optics Mode to anything other than Ctrl+RMB. Suggestions?

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Idk if this would help, for example this is my binding for the optics, and zooming:

Optics -                         rmb

Optics temporary -      rmb

Optics Mode -              / [num]

Zoom temporary -      1 [num]

Reveal Target (focus)  - 1 [num]


So i can still go into weapon sights, weapon optics, but not zoom, i use the num 1 on the keypad to zoom and reveal target outside of those.


If you wanted this automatic try my addons ----->  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1171088485

theres an RHS, and IFA3 versions there as well. But this works on the zoom and automatically zooms you out when you use optics when

you use your optics key, and its specific to the gun.


I created this because with my key setup the zoom temporary and reveal target which i had to rmb wouldn't work,

and stay as long as i held the button so the addon does this for you. Anyways either the key example or the addon could help up to you, hope it does at least. Cheers!

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