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  1. Not sure if this is proper place to ask VVS is nice, but broken in many ways... Question is, can i use new Virtual Garage to spawn different kind of transport on pre-defined markers? In case of VVS, i attached bunch of actions to radio on table, placed marks like spawner_air and spawner_heli, and done. So... what's with garage? Can't find any info about it.
  2. rlex

    BMR Insurgency

    Yep. #define _debug true solves problem completely. Takes some time to generate all intel, tho... Intel detection script works as well. I think i'll just leave intel debug on for now since it only posts to server log
  3. rlex

    BMR Insurgency

    Ok tested with this: _intel = 0; { if (_x isKindOf "Land_Suitcase_F") then { _intel = _intel + 1; } } forEach allMissionObjects "All"; diag_log format["intel detected: %1", _intel]; ...i'm not sure if this should work, but it shows 0 on dedicated server. I'll try with debug you mentioned in previous post and see if there is anything useful in logs.
  4. rlex

    BMR Insurgency

    How long does it takes to generate all intel on, say, bornholm? Several times we checked alot of buildings and hasn't found any, feels like there wasn't any intel at all. Of course as soon as i enable debug there is no problems with locating intel (well, since it marked anyway), and there is alot of it. Well, maybe just bad luck. Is there any command to dump current intel (or at least scan for it and display number, so we can confirm mission started correctly?)
  5. Yea that was server issue. Now you need to rename everything to downcase, including pbos and folders. Previously lowercase pbos was enough. Well, at least it works now.
  6. There is some weird issue with all FIR* mods and linux dedicated server.Might be arma issue as well but other mods works. Problem is here: https://imgur.com/a/O5OaP As you can see, all FIR* mods loads with same hash, i'm pretty sure it only loads AWS and not planes (if i try to start mission with F-15 or A-10 placed it will not start mentioned missing classes) Any ideas? I checked files, they're correct. Tried downloading from workshop and from your direct links. No luck.
  7. rlex

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    Since 1.42, there is this error on server startup: 14:03:04 File modpack/@FFCamoPack\mod.cpp, line 12: '.overviewText': Missing ';' at the end of line 14:03:04 File modpack/@FFCamoPack\mod.cpp, line 12: '.overviewText': Missing ';' at the end of line And indeed, overviewText = "" missing ; at the end. Does not affect anything, anyway. Btw, can i ask for some generic textures on viper helms / uniforms?
  8. rlex

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Thank you so much for update! Bornholm is my favourite map for insurgency-styled missions.
  9. There is strange issue i'm facing while running recent version of CUP Terrains on server: If i place helicopter / plane in editor, on mission start (only on dedicated server, local works fine) helis / planes will be "launched" to air (not far, like 2-3 meters), their engines will be working and they will explode short time after that. This does not happen with local MP / editor, this doesn't happen on altis / stratis, this also only affects flying vehicles. Tested only takistan and zargabad.
  10. This probably been asked before in your other threads, but 1.60 update intoduced new targeting computer on A-10. Can you add this feature to F-15 as well?
  11. i can confirm. With v4 perf, HC drops from server immediately. For now i'm running stock arma3 server for HC and perf for server, at least it works. Thanks for cpucount trick, btw.
  12. rlex

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    >Should I divide NATO and AAF fatigues into seperate downloads or leave them as part of one download? You can always split camos to separate PBOs. As i can see, NATO camos are already in separate file. So you can probably mention that this additional file can be removed. Those who doesn't like increased size (really, just 100mb when everybody using mods like CUP and RHS that takes 10GB?) can always make their own "version", just like ACE with their modular system.
  13. Just for authenticity then? Someone needs to write all those bombs/missiles in your mod and "how to use them". I'll try to do that for some of bombs but i hasn't used all of them. P.S. F-14/15/16 do not carry dumb fire missiles? Such as hydra-70 and similar.
  14. What's the difference between GBU-10 and GBU-24 arma-wise? They seem to pack same payload. Wiki states that "the GBU-24 glides farther as a result of more efficient guidance technology" Will be able to strike more distant targets?
  15. Hello, i'm trying to add HC to my linux server with no luck. Some of the issues: 1) If i launch HC on start of server and then choose mission with HC support (liberation in my case) they will not pick up proper slots 2) If i launch HC after setting up mission, they will select proper slots, but they end up in "connecting" state in player list and with zero hosted AI 3) If i launch HC in process of mission, they will connect and pickup AI, but they will disconnect with "signature verification timeout" error Any tips?
  16. Really hope you can do some (maybe futuristic, something 2030-styled?) UAVs. Apex Drakon (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185244-apex-drakon-jet-powered-uav/) was nice, but abandoned and never worked with ACE :/
  17. damn, that choppers... Firewill, is it possible to replace stock helis/A-10 with your modded stuff? Maybe with optional PBO?
  18. I surely saw it in some mission... How i can make, say, attached arsenal to act as pure ammobox, providing player only with ammo for weapons he currently own and nothing else?
  19. Yea, USAF mod from Fuller is pretty decent. There is some bugs in it, but it's completely playable.
  20. Armament: 10 2.75" Rocket Pod 10 5" Zuni Rocket Pod 28 Mk-20 Rockeye Mk-77 Napalm 28 Mk-81 (250 lbs) 28 Mk-82 Snakeye 13 Mk-83 (1,000 lbs) 5 Mk-84 (2,000 lbs) 20 Mk-117 (750 lbs) 28 CBU-78 Do want. That will fill bomber role.
  21. good stuff. Just wondering - what are your next project? Do you have WIP thread so we can stalk^W follow your work?
  22. http://blog.hawkhost.com/2010/06/28/tmux-the-terminal-multiplexer/
  23. rlex

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm running RHS on linux server for some time (since 0.3.4 maybe) and had no issues.
  24. use tmux/screen with limited scrollback cache.
  25. rlex

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Tobias, seems like BIS have different understanding what is server and client anyway... So HC client actually starts to listen, in my case on port 2316. Here is netstat output from one of those (PID 18303 is server, PID 26188 is client): udp 0 0* 18303/arma3server_p udp 0 0* 18303/arma3server_p udp 0 0* 18303/arma3server_p udp 0 0* 18303/arma3server_p udp 0 0* 26188/arma3server_p