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  1. Guys, HITP merged with FOW - although they do occasionally update this thread. However, for some reason the FOW thread has been locked, this could indicate good or bad news - are they preparing for a big update? Or has production been postponed?
  2. I believe you may have seen some videos for the older versions of the CSA38 mod, for Arma 2 or earlier
  3. DIdnt know such a thing exsisted, You're a life saver! http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ORBAT_Tool is the link
  4. Sadly it isnt currently. For it to be compatible with Alive, the units need to be placed into these catagories: Infantry, Motorized, Mechanized, Armor and Air. It is so strict that you cannot even change the spelling of the catagories (e.g Armor to Armour). The CSA mod does not have the units in these categories. However it is possible to make it compatible, however it requires some scripting, and even more so if you want to radically change the unit's outfits. Have a look here: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Declaring_Faction_Mappings
  5. Hello, I am currently using the Enemy Occupation System to create a wave defence mission. However the nature of EOS means that (from my experience) I cannot edit the inventories of the units. This leaves me with a problem in that I do not want the units to have grenades. Is there a script which will allow me to remove all grenades from units that have been spawned in after the mission has started? Otherwise is there a way for me to edit inventories via script when defining units for EOS?
  6. Theodor Schmidt

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hello, I've been wondering if the FOW team has considered making FOW compatible with ALiVE. I been considering the potential of a WW2 campaign with ALiVE someday and while I know ALiVE is more suited to modern day warfare, I still think it will work well in a WW2 enviroment. With this in mind I did some digging and came across a page in the wiki detailing about how custom factions work, specifically stating that they have to be made compatible with ALiVE, so with this in mind do you guys have any plans for compatibility with ALiVE.
  7. Theodor Schmidt

    Buldozer Errors

    Hello, I am currently have a problem with Buldozer, it started after the recent update. Each time I try to start Buldozer I get two errors, the first saying "No entry 'config.bin.DifficultlyPresets'". I click ok, buldozer opens up for a second, then crashes and "Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?)" Does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. Theodor Schmidt

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    It will be interesting to see the South Korean's in Arma.
  9. Theodor Schmidt

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hello. Myself and my Arma 3 unit is having some problems with TFAR. For some reason whenever we start a mission, we spawn with no short range radios, even though the scripts are correct (it worked during singleplayer testing and LAN server testing). However the Long range radios work perfectly. I've been doing some research on this problem and I believe that it could be due to use updating our CBAs. IS this the problem? If not what else could be the problem? Now I also have my own problem, whenever I join the server it does not move me into the TFAR TS channel, and if I try to move myself it does not work.
  10. Theodor Schmidt

    Defence module mission help

    Yes, I cannot remember how. I will dig up the mission in time. The only problem was. It would only use vanilla A3 units, not mod unit
  11. Theodor Schmidt

    counting problems

    Its working! :). Thanks for all the help everyone, its taken us a while but we've done, and I certainly would be nowhere without the help
  12. Theodor Schmidt

    Defence module mission help

    Yes, it would be really good. Anyway good news, the instructions from image actually work!
  13. Theodor Schmidt

    counting problems

    Testing it out now, will return the results soon Edit: Still seems to only ever want to go to 1 and doesnt want to repeat after the first truck anyway
  14. Theodor Schmidt

    counting problems

    Ok I've placed everything into the correct places in the trigger (albeit, it is a new trigger since I had already deleted the previous one). I also defined the variable in initServer.sqf, however it only ever wants to go up to 1. Plus the missed double quote isnt the problem since I had placed it in manually.