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  1. Hi, The downed animations for an injured player are missing. When a player is injured, they either stand up or do a static face down animation. Before we had nice wounded animations where the player would hold their arm or face in agony.
  2. digitalgeo

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Hi, Empty objects and compositions are still missing from Zeus interface in 1.66 ... I read that it would be fixed in the next update. But it's been a few updates already, and 1.66 stable just came out. What's going on?
  3. digitalgeo

    How do I become a non-Apex user again? (I own Apex)

    That's an interesting suggestion. I'll do some research on it :) EDIT: After messing around with symbolic links, I managed to split Arma 3 into my HDD and SSD. If anyones curious to how I did it, leave a post, because for now I'm going to play some Arma!
  4. digitalgeo

    How do I become a non-Apex user again? (I own Apex)

    Hi, thanks for replying. I don't want to buy anything and I salvaged it from a chromebook. It's a 16GB model but only 15GB is available.
  5. Hi all, Here's my problem: I just got a new SSD, but its only 15GB. Vanilla Arma 3 is 12GB, but since I own Apex the Arma is 20GB. I know for a fact that non-apex users have the Apex units/vehicles downloaded, but not the Tanoa map itself. Tanoa is 6GB. (Apex Owner) 20GB > 15GB => I can't fit Arma in my new SSD! (Non-Apex Owner) 20GB - 6GB = 14GB 14GB < 15GB => I can fit inside my SSD! I like Apex, but I want to try out Arma on an SSD and I know I need to become a non-apex owner again to make it fit. I've tried unticking "Arma 3 Apex" in Steam's DLC menu, which uninstalls Apex completely. However this kicks me out of every server. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! EDIT: Solution
  6. digitalgeo


    Ok, lets assume Arma 4 has all the improvements you mentioned. It offered Deform-able terrain, mass AI and a fantastic ballistics system. As a customer, I'd say that's nice, but there's no innovation. Then I look at TitanIM. They offer PLANETS (plus deform-able terrain, mass AI and ballistics system). Innovation like this gives a "WOW" factor bigger than any of Arma's features. Instead of a "meh", I get a "HOLY SHIT" reaction. Now, I like Arma. I want Arma to stay number one. But to sustain that, future milsim's will need implement innovations like planets (or even VR) to stay competitive. World-wide combined arms is the future!
  7. digitalgeo


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the planetary map itself doesn't necessarily need a good computer to run, since it's partially procedurally generated (like minecraft). TitanIM's planet itself is rendered by its Outerra engine, which by itself has lower requirements than Arma 3. You can check out the requirements and download an Outerra demo here. The recommended 2-Core CPU and 2GB graphics memory is surprisingly low for rendering a planet. Even when offline, you can explore up to 90km of terrain, with near unlimited render distance. Server though could be a different story. I do agree that smaller maps are better for certain scenarios. But a planet is a like a map, made up of thousands of smaller maps isn't it? I bet you can even find Altis and Stratis in Outerra :D (Maybe without the buildings) Good missions should limit the scale of the play area, like the vanilla A3 campaign.
  8. digitalgeo


    Did some research. There's a mod which adds a planet Earth map for Arma 3. Its called the "Cosmos Engine", but it's somewhat limited in MP, and you cant land everywhere. I think I tried to play it once, but it was broken at the time. It could be working now. Try Cosmos engine here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27261 Fingers crossed BI can figure out Enfusion planets. Planets look really attractive right now, and TitanIM has it!
  9. digitalgeo


    Well, its seems mandatory now. Arma 4 NEEDS planetwide maps
  10. TitanIM is a military sandbox ( just like Arma). Like Arma, it supports combined arms, modding, editor and even sling loading. But unlike Arma, you can play anywhere on the entire PLANET: land, sea, air (& space!?) It's coming to standard desktops this December. BI's upcoming game engine, Enfusion, has yet to support worldwide maps or planetary scale warfare. Guys, what are BI's chances on competing with this Sandbox? (Maybe BI should consider planetary maps or other next-gen features like VR to ensure Arma 4 remains the most attractive milsim out there) TitanIM http://titanim.net/www/#blog Youtube Discuss!
  11. digitalgeo

    Zeus Objects/Units Missing After 1.64

    It's a bug :D
  12. digitalgeo

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    Hi, I'd like to see a new Official game mode for large scale coop, based on community made ones like patrol ops, Domination or ALIVE. The key phrase of the Tac-ops DLC is "challenging, repayable, authentic, military gameplay", and this suits it well.
  13. digitalgeo

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Hi, I have a (hopefully) small request. Currently, players will get a notification to when a new person takes the Game Moderator slot. However this notification is non-existent for the Game Master himself. When the Game Mod slot is taken, players will get a notification to who the new game mod is. The Game Master on the other hand will get no notification. If the new Game Moderator is a troll, he can take the slot, mess up the session, then exit the server before the Game Master relies's something is wrong. My request(s): - Make the notification visible to Game Master as well - OR (better still) disable all rights completely by default for Game Mod (for Official Zeus servers), so we don't have to worry about troll game mods In the official servers, the Game Mod's the default rights (only editing is allowed) is not a good compromise. In the usual sessions, Game Masters either want full mod rights so mod can help create larger objectives or completely disabled mod rights to prevent troll mods (one extreme or the other). The default rights can't achieve either since it doesn't allow object movement but it still allows trolls to delete all the objects or move objects/spawns in inappropriate places. The common practice right now is to vote an admin to edit those rights. However it would be appreciated if the default rights were disabled completely, for our convenience. Thannks, digitalgeo
  14. digitalgeo

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Hi, here's my feedback: add a repair animation for vehicles. The current repair animation is the engineer healing himself when on foot. Pretty please :) DigitalGeo