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    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Thank you for the mission. I can't seem to run it though :-(. I've been trying for the past 5 hours to try to resolve the issue with no luck. This is what I tried so far: Removing the game completely and reinstalling it Verifying integ. Removing all bisign's and verifying integrity. Creating a new user profile on ArmA Removing the server completely and redownloading all the files to a new folder Launching without mods ^ Pretty much what Google told me to do, found a few threads on Google but no "real" answer on what I should try. My issue: When I connect to the game it just hangs on the loading screen with sound. When I check my RPT I see this weird shit: 1:57:45 Skipping signatures due to overflow flag being set. 1:57:45 Skipping mods and signatures due to overflow flag being set. 1:57:45 Error reading mod name 0 Constantly being spammed with: Skipping mods and signatures due to overflow flag being set. Full RPT client side: https://pastebin.com/57jAVGJf I didn't see anything "weird" on the server RPT, however, here it is anyway: https://pastebin.com/FecZ1pjG I would appreciate all the help that I can get. Hopefully, we can get this working. Thanks for your time and help! edit: This is weird, tried launching only with CBA and it worked. Any tips on how to get ACE to work with this? Edit: andd it broke again. I shut down the server to try to load the mods again. (Almost everything from the recommended on the thread) was unable to connect so removed everything, unloaded mods from my side, started arma, removed mods from startup parameter and unable to connect again. Even with only CBA running. :/. 😢 Don't know why ArmA is being such a cunt now. Never had so many troubles runnings mods. I think I found a fix for the problem and its really stupid... Restart your server machine. (dedi server, vps, whatever you're using to host. restart and instant fix lol... Spent so many hours an didn't even try the one basic thing that you're supposed to do. :/) Edit: It doesn't seem to work with ACE all other mods work (except for KP ranks and the rope mods due to segmentation fault). ACE launches the server but when I try to connect I get the same error as above. If I remove ace off server parameters everything works.
  2. itsflashpoint

    [SP/MP] Dynamic ISIS War System 1.80

    Great mission, really fun. My buddies and I die from laughing so hard every time we get blown up. It would be nice if we can manually set the FOB position. I accidentally placed mine on the road and now all my vehicles spawn in buildings :-(. Or at the very least allow us to set the position for vehicle spawns.
  3. itsflashpoint

    Linux Server issue

    Is it? I can't connect to my server at all for some reason it just hangs on the loading screen. What about this?:
  4. itsflashpoint

    Linux Server issue

    Hey guys, I am trying to host a server on a CentOS server, but some reason I am unable to install ArmA 3 properly. I've followed the guide on BI's website, but for some reason this happens: So I took a look at the installed DLC's/games section and it seems like ArmA 3 is missing. I tried reinstalling, installing into a new directory, updating and I have no luck. does anyone else have any tips on what I should try?
  5. itsflashpoint

    User Mission Request Thread

    Yeah I found the "accurate" name for the mission,. "Roadblock duty" I found a few missions, but none of them are as extensive as the one in ArmA2.
  6. itsflashpoint

    User Mission Request Thread

    I am trying to find a border protection mission to play with my buddies. There used to be one for ArmA 2 (can't find it anymore :-() but basically all you did was protect the border from AI's, you'd stop cars check the trunk, frisk the occupants, etc. Once in a while there'd be an attack on the border line, and sometimes there would be bombs in a car. I found this one: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/192072-alive-coop-20-border-patrol/ but it doesn't seem to work at all, the mission wont load MP or SP. Thanks in advanced!
  7. Task Force 194 - Realism Clan Becoming a Task Force member: Task Force 194 is a multi-national special forces group. The story of the unit is that all special forces operators in the world are picked to be trained into a Task Force 194 Operator. The training is easy but hard at the same time. You must perform as a Leader and a Grunt at all times but still be able to work in a group. As like other special forces units we will have you trained in explosives, suppressing, Rappeling, Formations, HALO and HAHO jumping, Leadership, and Breaching. Task Force 194 consists of NATO Country SF Operators. Such as Seals, SAS, JTF, ETC. Task Force 194 follows U.S. Navy ranks is accompanied by a U.S. Air Force fixed wing unit called 13th Special Operations Squadron. The backbone of the unit is the 13th SOS for they will give us transport and CAS. TF 194 uses humvees, atvs, and MTVRs and uses a various amount of weapons ranging from the MK18s to the M4s. (Not only do we use NATO weapons but we also train in enemy firearms.) 13th SOS flies MV-22, C-130, A-10, F-15 and F-16s. (13th SOS is only a fixed wing unit and launches from airfields and carriers.) Task Force 194 is the multi-national version of Seal Team 6. Information: You have to be able to download mods You need to have a WORKING Microphone You need to be able to speak English, we don't care about accents as long as you speak English. You need to have ArmA 2 Combined Ops Website Info: http://taskforce194.com/ Forum Info: http://forum.taskforce194.com Recruitment Application: http://forum.taskforce194.com/forms.php?id=1 Teamspeak IP: ts3.taskforce194.com
  8. itsflashpoint

    How can I extract the Chernarus theme (Music)?

    Pretty sure it will be easier to download it from YouTube, or just depo as it was said above. Enjoy! :)