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  1. Holy crap! Awesome looking mod! Question: How have you guys done the HELLAD functionality? Can sou see the laser slowly burning through your engine block, or does the vehicle just randomly explode? Is it a stream of invisible bullets with infinite ammo that make fire effects on impact? Is it a visible laser that magically damages things? Or is it a combination, with a visible laser dot and the invisible fire bullets doing the damage? This interests me.
  2. Gutsnav

    Development Blog & Reveals

    That good enough for you?
  3. Hey spacenavy sorry to bother but what is your team's plan for the sound side of things? Do you guys have appropriate sound editing software / manpower? Are you planning on adding support for JSRS 3? I'm sure the visuals and functuality will be top notch, but I'm a little concerned about the sounds :P thanks
  4. Specify? I know that they shouldn't explode from bushes, but what else is wrong with them?
  5. I'm pretty sure that the enemy would be really suspicious of a random guy dressed as one of them who isn't on their comms net, isn't in a known friendly location, and doesn't speak their language. Of course, for less organized forces such as the FIA or ISIS or whatever it has sort of worked in the past (SF dressed as insurgents), but only because no one saw them or if they did they were dead shortly after.
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    Arma 3 - Marksmen DLC Developer Diaries

    Yep. That's been there in the background since like 2012, though.
  7. Gutsnav

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Not much use for that, we still can't attach explosives to vehicles... :/
  8. Gutsnav

    Game-Mode That YOU Think Should Be Official

    Combined Arms showcase, just reworked for a bigger scale. That would be fun.
  9. Gutsnav

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Probably never. Maybe in a year but unlikely.
  10. Gutsnav

    Recoil Overhaul Feedback

    Well, even if they don't shoot properly, they did consult apparently certifiable sources. It does seem pretty good in the current version. Of course they didn't seem to be using slings but whatever.
  11. Gutsnav

    Weapon Sway Inaccurate

    I have an idea [sorry for off topic, but it relates to the post above]. You know that wind indicator in the Advanced Flight Model virtual instrument thingy? What if that were to be added to the HUD, and possibly bound to activate at the press of a key(s) ["K", "B", and "RMB"]? It would be a clean white outline, and depending on the wind's speed the indicator would 'fill up' with solid white. Then for those people who don't like to miss, there could be an exact windage reading when the player is in possession of a laser rangefinder and maybe even a laser designator. Some real laser rangefinders have this feature / ability, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were common in the future. Windage could be adjusted with "Home" and "End" keys. There you go. It would be pretty easy to use, but difficult to master :D
  12. Gutsnav

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Looks like some form of parallax is being worked on, at least for some sights like the MRCO. From the latest Dev Branch update: "Changed: Collimators have been changed to a new technology." Not exactly descriptive, but someone had the good idea to post a video on YouTube. Link is here -> ---------- Post added at 01:56 ---------- Previous post was at 01:52 ---------- EDIT: I don't actually know if they are really working on parallax, it just looks like they are. I have no idea what the heck they are doing :P the hype train is unavoidable
  13. It already is, in the form of not being an idiot and running through a kill zone. The AI suppression is only supposed to mimic natural reactions to bullets flying near you (which is try not to get killed). The AI accuracy part is the same, because you aren't going to be putting accurate fire when you're being shot at, mostly because you'll just pop out and fire a few shots instead of sitting there waiting for a good shot.
  14. Gutsnav

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I really like the different camoflage variants for the new suppressors (Black, Green, Tan, etc.). I really wish that they would do this for all weapons and accessories; but that isn't likely seeing as they would be pretty much doing it for free. A "Desert" Katiba would be pretty badass though.