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    Project True Viking

    Awesome work! I am so glad that for this spiritual successor to Astfor kinda thing. I am loving the look, sound and feel for all the content; though I hope we will get a version of a uniform that is gloved with knee pads too. Keep up the awesome work! Are the KM-90s/Galil 5.56mm? edit: Nvm, I see that the railed version has a different magwell that allows for the stagnag kinda magazines, so I assume it's all 5.56.
  2. nickobus

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Hell yeah! Finally! A plate carrier with a chest rig set up. Been looking for more chest rig stuff that has a plate carrier with it or a warlord chest rig. Keep up the awesome work~
  3. Ok that makes alot more sense, thanks! One last question, is there a max value?
  4. Might be a dumb question but I'd like to ask: For AIS_DAMAGE_TOLLERANCE_FACTOR, it says "A higher value means more damage tolerance. 1 is Vanilla. 0.8 mean all damage will reduce to 80% of Vanilla.". Could you clarify it, wouldn't 0.8 reducing the damage to 80% means you have more tolerance, so a lower value would mean more damage tolerance? Also, is there a max value?
  5. Hi folks, I just found this script as I was looking for something along like ACE 3 but more SP friendly. While this is working great for me, I am unable to switch units among playable units. Is there a way to allow this while having this script active? I understand that in the readme that it states that switch unit will not work, hence it is disabled but any chance someone found a way to rectify?
  6. Thank you for your awesome continued work. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but I'm having the following: 1) Within BIS Arsenal, items in backpack are not saved and resets to empty whenever I reopen the aresenal. 2) Turrets like the NSV have no ammo
  7. After having stepped back from this mod, I remember why I love it after getting back into it. The recoil, the medical system, the AI that will drag/heal, and the weapon customization (especially how the magazines actually change!). I was wondering if there was a way to allow a player to change unit when the unit is injured (bleeding) in scenario/single player. Currently, I can only lay and wait out the bleed which can take long as sometimes no AI are available to assist. Is there a way to change unit when bleeding out?
  8. nickobus

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    A Warlord Chest Rig with a soft body armor (like paca) would be great. ref: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3115/3261412457_2006c2764b_o.jpg
  9. Kord eh, nice, those are good, looks like....we have an accord.....yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. I've been enjoying every iteration of this mod and I look forward to future updates and certainly glad that it continues to be worked on with great quality. Out of curiosity, is there some indicator for the grenade throwing power? It's a little hard to judge.
  11. Looks fantastic! I like the holo sight, the sight recticle looks fantastic. Any chance the black rim around the sight be reduced? If it is an intentional feature, disregard. Looking forward to an updated release!
  12. They look fantastic. I hope you decide to implement them, would be a great addition to their transportation outside of trucks or gaz, with the whole BF2 esque feel haha, but that's your prerogative. Keep up the fantastic work~!
  13. Looking great, this will be a fantastic addition to the game for an excellent OpFor. Curiously, do you have any plans on implementing a Vodnik?
  14. Looks sweet! Is that a grenade launcher above the barrel? Hence the two triggers?