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    CH-46 Knight

    Are you guys interested in setting up some sort of function to load CRRC boats into the helicopter If so, I'd be glad to assist in scripting/config.
  2. scorch_052

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Why are you guys so insistent on having them work with other projects? Let them do their thing. They're more than capable of it, as they've shown. Competition is always good for the consumer. If you'd like an American voice actor/adequate (albeit usually unoptimized) scripter let me know. Also got a dedicated server available for MP testing.
  3. Soooo, just a pack full of other people's maps? Why? If someone can install one mod, they can install 2 or 10 or 100.
  4. scorch_052

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    It is...unfortunate that this project has been struck by the cruel mistress that is copyright law, but, I've yet to see a mod by pomigit and co. that didn't add something new and interesting to ArmA 3. So, I eagerly await their next addition to the modding scene. And, for those complaining, accusing, and whatnot. Remember, however disappointed you feel, I guarantee you the team feels at least 10x worse, so, don't add to that, please.
  5. Hotfix Update to address v1.54 issues https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3vpnwz/operation_trebuchet_v0131_hotfix_release/ New Christmas Community Event https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3vqruv/official_community_eventchristmas_special/
  6. Nomex Coveralls Expanded By Scorch052 Description Nomex Coveralls Expanded takes the original Nomex Coveralls mod created by cinco and expands it by progressively adding things to it. The initial release, titled 1.2 for continuity's sake with the original mod, adds hiddenselections support and a multitude of new textures. As the mod is updated, more and more features will be provided, such as custom vests, modified versions, and custom textures. Credits cinco - Creating the original mod and providing the unbinarized files Foxhound - Clarifying a few things for me regarding the content ghos7bear (reddit) - Providing assistance in setting up the model with hiddenselections Bohemia Interactive - Providing a platform and tools to allow us to mod the game as we please. Images Changelog 1.2 -Added hiddenselections allowing for easy retexturing (Selection 0 = Coveralls ; Selection 1 = Gloves) -Added Olive and Black variants of Coveralls -Added Tan, Black, and Mechanix variants of Gloves Classnames [size=3] nomex_tan - Tan Nomex Coveralls nomex_olive - Olive Nomex Coveralls nomex_black - Black Nomex Coveralls player setobjecttextureglobal [1, "coverall\data\gloves_mechanix_co.paa"]; - Change gloves to Mechanix[/size] [size=3]player setobjecttextureglobal [1, "coverall\data\gloves_green_co.paa"]; - Change gloves to Green player setobjecttextureglobal [1, "coverall\data\gloves_tan_co.paa"]; - Change gloves to Tan player setobjecttextureglobal [1, "coverall\data\gloves_black_co.paa"]; - Change gloves to Black[/size] DOWNLOAD
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3s37pb/uplink_b0005_nov082523/ Another Uplink has been posted. While we know not everyone prefers reddit for various reason, it is definitely the best source of information for fans of the mod. https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3rb2p3/uplink_b0004_nov022523/ Uplink http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OPTRE and Steam Group
  9. Check the showcase mission included in the download.
  10. New Uplink posted https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3p6jtu/uplink_b0002_oct172523/ An official public server has been put up running OPTRE and CBA only ArmA 3 Server IP - TS3 Server IP -
  11. v0.13 Released https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3ozpqt/operation_trebuchet_v013_release/
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd5iQ3cB2Ds
  13. You're missing a file that can be found in the download. Copy the userconfig folder in @OPTRE to your A3 Directory. Don't worry if you can't figure it out because that step won't be necessary after the next update.
  14. New Uplink posted https://www.reddit.com/r/OperationTrebuchet/comments/3oa5pt/uplink_b0001_oct102523/
  15. scorch_052

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    I think I'm gonna revive this mod
  16. We have not. I was under the impression that was on hiatus so I'm very glad to see they are continuing work.
  17. scorch_052

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Plus, I remember the I44 team saying alot of that content was actually ported from the ArmA 1 version and needed a makeover, which is what I think actually slowed them down so much.
  18. scorch_052

    new vests (mbav/avs)

    Damn, you got me excited for a second thinking someone was making those. AFAIK those vests have not been recreated in ArmA 3, but you can get LBTs here.
  19. If the hands and legs of your uniform don't match the skin color of your unit's face, you need to copy the class Wounds{}; from whatever unit you're inheriting it from. So, what that means is if I am implementing a custom uniform model and inheriting from B_Soldier_F, my config would need to look like this: class B_Soldier_F; class SC_Nam_Soldier: B_Soldier_F { scope = 1; scopeCurator = 0; author = "simkas & Scorch052"; displayName = "-"; uniformClass = "SC_Nam_Uniform"; model = "\SC_Nam\uniform_main.p3d"; weapons[] = {"Throw","Put"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"Throw","Put"}; Items[] = {"FirstAidKit"}; RespawnItems[] = {"FirstAidKit"}; magazines[] = {}; respawnMagazines[] = {}; linkedItems[] = {"SC_Nam_FlakVest","SC_Nam_Helmet","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"}; respawnLinkedItems[] = {"SC_Nam_FlakVest","SC_Nam_Helmet","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"}; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1","camo2","insignia","boots_bloused","pants_bloused","shirt_rolled","shirt_rolledt","shirt_rolled_hands","shirt_rolledt_hands"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"SC_Nam\data\jacket_co.paa","SC_Nam\data\pants_co.paa"}; class Wounds /// changes material of skin according to damage { tex[] = {}; mat[] = { "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat" }; }; }; If you have a material for wounds on your model, you would put that at the beginning, like so: class Wounds /// changes material of skin according to damage { tex[] = {}; mat[] = { "SC_Nam\Data\uniform.rvmat", "SC_Nam\Data\uniform_injury.rvmat", "SC_Nam\Data\uniform_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat" }; If a mod could consider adding this to https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/139468-arma3-characters-modding-tutorial/ I could not, for the life of me, find info on how to fix this issue, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  20. scorch_052

    Smooth shadows

    I believe using prefershadowvolume = 0 as a property in the Geometry LOD will achieve that effect, but the shadows will come out blurry and honestly a little ugly looking.