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  1. No, not at all. It can be done via the Arma3Tools on steam, you need to use the DSUtils and it should be self explanatory from there (create your key, select the addons and then sign the pbos).
  2. You could produce your own keys for it? Very simple to do, and if you are already distributing your mods privately there will be no pain to get it distributed. If you need any help I am on hand.
  3. I have fixed TADST for the newest difficulty changes however I can't release it without Tophe's go ahead.
  4. Baconeo

    Lockheed C-130

    Hey Sabre, any plans to take a look at walkable interiors again? Adds that next level of realism when you can walk up to the seats or inspect cargo in the back. Thanks!
  5. Baconeo

    ARMA 3 - official mod, ADR-97 weapon pack

    Any chance of a non steam download? Looks very good from the pictures.
  6. Baconeo

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    After some more testing and help from @Evrik, the problem occurs from the liftForceCoef being set at 1.5 which does not give it enough force to lift the Jackal. If the liftForceCoef was set to 2 then it would lift it fine (tested this), so you may wantto consider changing this in your base class or just the RAF version class. Obviously, it is your mod so your choice at the end of the day but that is what I have found from testing and with help from @Evrik.
  7. Baconeo

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    I just tested with just 3CB vehicles and the Chinook mod running attempting to lift the Jackal with all three variants of the Chinook as well as testing the Jackal with nothing in the inventory. Each time it failed to fully sling load the Jackal, as described above it would 'skip' but the Chinook could not hold it.
  8. Baconeo

    Eden Feature Requests

    Would it be possible to make the callsign set in the eden editor (right click on group and then attributes, allows you to set the groupID) display on the loadout screen? Seems like all the data is there when the mission is read to make it possible, thanks.
  9. Baconeo

    Weapon Switching on the Move

    I think that 100% we should be able to sling the rifle on our front when switching to a sidearm however you should only be able to do it when walking or at combat pace. Anything above those levels of speed should require you to either switch back to your primary or place it on your back for storage, the same goes for when you are about to go prone it should either stop you from going prone or force a weapon switch.
  10. Baconeo

    Action Menu Streamlining

    I think it should also be toggeable so you can choose whether a certain key will remove something fro mthe action menu, some people may still want specific actions on their action menu.
  11. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Which mods are you using? We use Sabre's version fine (albeit slightly modified).
  12. Baconeo

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Love the new skins, only problem I currently have is that none of the seats in the chinook are able to deploy or prepare the fast roping system for ace.
  13. Baconeo

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Loving the update, any plans to add in variants with ramp guns and unarmed variants?
  14. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Lifetap, I have PM'd you some stuff about the L85s you may be interested in.
  15. Baconeo

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    T11 Parachute, used by US and British airborne regiments. Would be great if someone was able to make this or even just create the model (I can do the rest).
  16. Baconeo

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    Awesome work, always good to see new aircraft in Arma!
  17. Baconeo

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Knowing what this is excites me so much! :P
  18. Baconeo

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    If you have added AGM fast rope support are you also going to add ACE 3 fast rope support (released yesterday)? Good work either way!
  19. Baconeo

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Also would love to see some RAF skins, you could even use DeltaGamers available here on his github - https://github.com/deltagamer/DEGA_ChinookPack Awesome work!
  20. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/milestones Click on the milestone you are interested in and then check out any open issues as well as any closed issues and that should answer your question.
  21. Baconeo


    This appears to be fixed in the Dev branch so hopefully it is rolled out soon.
  22. Baconeo


    Can confirm that this has happened to us, if we use our none converted 2D editor templates then the init lines run fine.
  23. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Equipment

    PM'd this the other day, if any other members of 3cb need it PM'd let me know.
  24. Baconeo

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Looking good, excited for the L119. I still have that improved GPMG config that decreases the recoil with the bipod if you wanted it?
  25. Hi all, basically in our missions we have two zeus operators making the missions on the fly however they can see everything and everyone so as is human nature they use this to their advantage slightly. What I am wondering is if there is a way to hide these units from the zeus's and so they can only see them when they actually see them other than having a massive marker over their head giving their position away. Cheers!