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  1. Do we have any post on why you dislike steam?
  2. LCpl A. Loveless

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Hopefully these are used by many and many mod communities to add gender diversity to arma and not just to quench the whole "We have women in our unit and we need women unit's to quench the need to make the females feel better in our unit"
  3. LCpl A. Loveless

    Type 22 Manta UGV

    Ah, good to know, thank you!
  4. LCpl A. Loveless

    Type 22 Manta UGV

    Is it possible to put this on the steam workshop at all?
  5. So can people still join said communities servers or?
  6. Question, Does beta mean when the public can help bug test and all that, or is it still closed to the public when its beta?
  7. LCpl A. Loveless

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Thanks for the help, always nice to see a friendly face and a helpful person.
  8. LCpl A. Loveless

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Any possibility of getting a experimental release on tanoa?
  9. So inside the folder with ara-metrics and _CommonRedist and etc? Because i set the file to true and i let it update and its still using 1.68 when dev branch is on 1.71
  10. Is it possible to add a way to switch between the stable branch and the development branch?
  11. LCpl A. Loveless

    Jets - Hitpoints

    If we could get a model of the physics that helicopters have, that would be amazing, ye, i agree.
  12. LCpl A. Loveless

    Jets - Hitpoints

    So far i haven't had troubles with the jet physics, i can control a jet fine with my mouse and keyboard. No problems whatsoever. Don't even need to constantly tap D either. So. Mouse and keyboard is more precise than a joystick mate. It's pretty evident at that too. so.
  13. LCpl A. Loveless

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Do we have a server key yet or are we still working on that, because i cant join my server without it because the clientside mod depends on it.
  14. LCpl A. Loveless

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    On my server, Atm got the latest build, that fixes a lot of the bugs.
  15. LCpl A. Loveless

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Got a server up for whoever wants to join.