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    New to modding

    Please bare as I'm new to modding, and don't know anything. So far I have Blender with Arma Toolbox and Arma 3 Tools. My scenario is this: I wish to make some grenade traps Can I use some ingame Arma resources and import them into Blender, so I don't have to make a grenade from scratch? If yes, how is the procedure? Can I use some jpeg image of a grenade, import it to Blender and customise it? How? Miraculously I mod these items, how do I make them functional and implement them to work as intended?
  2. nicoliani


    Anyone play Heliborne?
  3. Don't know if this is in the game... but adding some more realism to recon missions, make rainforest birds make alarm calls, if your a squad is making more noise than usual, that in some places where there are birds that they will start alarming and flying away. This way if there are close enemy they can feel that something is wrong. Add some wild boars as well.
  4. If you consider adding Macedonian Special Forces I can help you out with material: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolves_(military)
  5. On the podcast you where talking about not posting on Steam because of license issues, but Echo is on Steam.
  6. There is currently an online tool for tactically planning a battle which supports games as Squad etc. If the game is supported it will include maps of the game and relevant icons. You will still be able to upload a custom map and icons, as well as battle plan a recorded video. The dev does support adding additional games, which can be requested in the forum. Gametactic.org Unit Symbol Generator NATO Military Map Symbols
  7. New meat! You dudes gonna love the Nam.
  8. Would be more nice to remove the bulky radio that pops out like something from a 90's DOS game, and implement something more graphically tempting icon in the corner.
  9. Is it possible to edit the configuration file so the HUD only display when you are in 1st person? Or add that functionality. 3rd person gives me enough of ability to get the perception of myself and my team, so I wouldn't want to have an extra handicap with the HUD, but once I switch over to 1st person it comes in handy.
  10. nicoliani

    Enhanced Movement

    Realisticly speaking a soldier that weights 80 kg + the 30 kg pack he is carrying, could the enhanced movement be slowed down a bit, or adjusted to the current stamina, if a soldier is tired, climbing over an obstacle should take longer, I think milsim units will use the mod more if this would be incorporated.
  11. nicoliani

    Composition tool - Eden editor plugin

    You might want to add a spoiler in your first post with specific keys used and a small tutorial. If you don't see your videos no one can figure out where to find and place the sqf file.
  12. I'm currently dev a scenario. Can I transfer that with objects... to the new map once it's released?
  13. nicoliani

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    How come I can't find the server even though I filter?
  14. As well if the scenario is not an ACE 3 scenario, but you load the ACE 3 mod, and setup your own settings in the conf file, will those things apply when you play the scenario?
  15. If I wish to play a scenario downloaded from the workshop is advanced ballistics enabled? Should I change the value to yes? Advanced Ballistics Boolean Enables Advanced Ballistics. No What does this exactly mean, and do I need to enable the upper code for it to be in effect? Enabled For Snipers Boolean Enables Advanced Ballistics for non local snipers (when using high power optics). Yes
  16. Can you please make more different jungle sounds, the current is a bit of annoying and not making the ghosty jungle feeling:
  17. ***** SFH is a personnel database for soldiers that are being hired by units, and units in search for a soldier or soldiers that will live up to their requirements and needs to fill in a spot to conduct one of their missions. SFH is not for soldiers that wish to be employed by the unit but merely it is for contractors that are going to be hired for one specific occasion when a unit is in need for help from the outside, whether it's to fill in gaps or to expand their unit for a particular operation ***** Are you the soldier that wish to squad up with a unit to share the fun and gain new experience? To be hired to squad up and conduct for one of their operations, then this is the place to fill in your career profile. This is as well where units that are in need of new blood or need of specialized soldiers which will fill in spots in their unit the place to look for. Does your unit need an extra medic, a professional helicopter pilot that has the ability to land on a rooftop and evacuate your valuable men under fire, an experienced squad leader that will give you success, or anything else? You will find that soldier right here! ready to be hired, so your mission goes as planned. In the long run, soldiers in this database can be organised as SFH contractors to go on PvP missions against or with other units. There will be no required training, as contractors we are professional and prepared. Instr: Please fill in your career profile using the template that you find in the first spoiler Units PM the soldiers, or contact as preferred Keep this thread clean. Please PM me if you wish to give me any advice as adding or changing something to the template Unit members that have hired soldiers are encouraged to post a review regarding the soldiers progression of the mission. Use BBCode member to refer to the member in the post and include his post link This is not for soldiers looking for soldiers to co-op or units looking for unit members but strictly for units wishing to hire for an operation Statements (You Can Ask The Unit Which Hired You For A Performance Mission Report Which Will Benefit You As A Reference And Paste It In Your Post):
  18. What are the radius for what AI or enemy can hear you when on whisper/normal/yelling?
  19. I find it little odd, when you shoot with your weapon lowered it points half way 45 degrees and the shots are directed straight from your chest and not weapon. Having a crosshair to compensate for this is maybe not the way to go, specially when units and servers disable that. There should be a stance for shooting with lowered weapon, a stance that would move your front leg, and adjust your shoulders so the weapon peaks straight on the screen, and behaves according to that.
  20. nicoliani

    [SFH] - Soldier For Hire

    Status: AvailablePersonal: Age: 30+ Day/Time ((Available) (GMT)): Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 01 am. GMT +1 Location: Sweden Languages: 5: Swedish & Macedonian 4: English 3: Somali Contractor: PvP/PvE/PVPVE Type (SF/Infantry/Armor/Guerrilla Warfare/Air/Sea/Marksman...): Long-range reconnaissance patrol Specify Your Type Skills And Contract (Starting With What You Prefer To Do Most And What You Do Best, The Soldier Character You Are. This Is The Preferences That Units Will Look For Most): a: I'm the perfect soldier operating in a small fireteam of 2-4, preferably as a leader being extracted very close to the objective, preferably being dropped in 30-45 min before the main unit gets going, this way intelligence report will be gathered and sent back. As a team within a SF squad that we will assists the larger and more noisy SF teams approach to the objective. I move my team in silence and slow mode. Trying to stay out of fire and concentrate reporting back and getting the eyes and location of the objective before the rest of the squad/section... clears their path to the objective. The size of my team makes us both less noticeable, stealth and the approach if being uncovered, be able to return swift and direct fire. I have no problems working with regular forces as their recon in the same manner, with my motto stay low and go slow, avoid any encounter if not necessary. b: N/A c: N/A Unit Size (Do You Have A Requirement Of Min/Max For The Size Of The Unit You Wish To Be Hired For?): 5+ Age (Do You Have A Requirement For An Average Age For The Unit?): 25+ Are You Willing To Do A Training Session With The Unit Prior The Operation Apart From The Mandatory Briefing? YES Do You Know Any Contractor You Trust That You Could Bring On If Asked For? NO Special Requirements (Is There Something You Want To Do, Or Not. Etc. Some Map You Don't Want To Play On: Specialized Skills: Rifles:I'm slowly learning and getting more familiar by testing them in the fire ranges. Nothing favourable as yet. Land/Air/Sea: Experience: Year Joined (ArmA I-III): 2016 Total Hours Served (Steam): 105 Mods (Mods Of Interest That You Master): ACE 3, TFAR & CBA Units (Long Term Service As A Member Of A Unit?/Confidential): Active: VMC (PMC) & Task Force Knight 77 (SF) Leave: N/A End Of Active Service: N/A Highest Rank: Lance corporal Real Life Military Experience: No Social Intelligence Test: Do You Smoke? Only cigars Mood: :619: Favourite Quote: Your SQ Result: 7 Contact Preference: (PM/Steam/Skype): PM & http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018075520/ SFH Thanks You For Filling Out Your Application
  21. nicoliani

    ASR AI 3

    If I host an internet game through ArmA to be able to play co-op, will this mod work? And does the second person need to have the mod installed?
  22. nicoliani

    Unrealistic lowered weapon shooting

    I was little wrong in the beginning because the soldiers always hold their weapon in shoulder position and not stomach/chest. When you right click the weapon straights up and you have to hold right click to zoom in the sight.
  23. nicoliani

    Unrealistic lowered weapon shooting

    I'm going to explain it more simple with two images. What I mean, is the shots are directed from where you have your chest, so when I aim, I look at my chest, when it's straight, there is where the bullets will end, straight. If you look at your weapon it's tilting and giving you a false visual input. Look at first picture, IRL you don't shot with a tilted weapon, you straighten it up, so it should be something as the second image: