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  1. thewalrus

    Northern Ireland Insurgents

    How's it coming along? :D This is probably my #1 most expected mod to come out!
  2. thewalrus

    Northern Ireland Insurgents

    Fantastic news! Hope you can make use of 3CB's material, it's top notch.
  3. thewalrus

    Afghan National Army Add-on

    At last, a proper ANA faction! Cheerio
  4. thewalrus

    3CB BAF Units

    Which factions will be released in the Opfor pack?
  5. thewalrus

    Project OPFOR

    Just a heads up, 3CB released DPM smocks for their BAF gear mod, which would suit the IRA faction perfectly as well. Maybe you could request to use those for your own faction.
  6. Yeah I'm not sure why this mod gets so little attention either, it's great quality and delivers a unique and much requested faction :wacko:
  7. thewalrus

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hey people, sorry for asking but I don't have the option to play the newest version yet. However, I was wondering if it's possible to come close to the Falklands War look yet, with the newly added gear? Or is it all modern gear?
  8. Nice! Looking forward to it. Reminds me of that old Novorossiya vs Ukraine mod that was released like 2 years ago, I think it hasn't been updated since then but form what I recall it was quite good as well!
  9. There are plenty of nations in the Middle East allied to the US, like Iraq, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, U.A.E. and Afghanistan and maybe even more. In fact, the only nations aligned to Russia in the Middle East are indeed Iran and Syria, of which only Iran could become influential. The faction could be added to both INDFOR and OPFOR but in the end it's all up to the Holy Modmaker.
  10. thewalrus

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Could some please make some sort of guerilla forces? Ultimately I would like to play a Greek Civil War, with the national army and Golden Dawn guerilla's on one side, and KKE and anarchist guerilla's on the other side. That would be great. But as creating models seems to be impossible at this point (I don't know anything about modding but that seems to be the case), just one faction with guerilla's with guns would be awesome as well. I tried playing as a civilian in the editor, and simply picking up the gear of dead soldiers, but as a civilian you can't give commands to fellow civilians, not even if they are in your team. So if someone could make a civilians faction with guns, the ammo holder of the Opfor forces, and the option to give commands, then that would be GREAT!