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  1. ArgusNastyCrab

    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    The Williams FJ44 are only used in the prototype model, I don't think 2 of those give enough power to even get that c130 moving on the runway.
  2. ArgusNastyCrab

    ArmA Multiplayer and humans

    I think we need some a multiplayer game mode created by BIS like America's Army where 2 teams fight it out: - Best of x number of matches wins the game - Fixed player slots (only 1 DMR per team for example) - Matches only take a short time (max 10 minutes) - Some sort of auto balance teams - scoreboard - matches are confined to small area's with objectives inside buildings. (and a plausible method of stopping players from leaving this area) - because this is Arma and not AA we can actually have a sniper sitting on a hill 600 meters from the fight who can assist in spotting and maybe shooting) - No respawn during a match and spectating mode. I've tried to recreate the Americas Army multiplayer gamemode in arma 3 using the guidelines above but i failed. (I don't even know how to use triggers.) Like mentioned earlier in this thread this could be the gamemode that attracts a lot of new players and its easy and quick to get into.
  3. ArgusNastyCrab

    Arma 3 - Feedback Tracker

    I'm sorry, what do you mean? The devs don't report to you or the community, just because they are so open towards the community doesn't mean the community should police them, what's next, you going through their meetings minutes and see if they do their jobs or if their long term strategy is in line with your expectations?
  4. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    We control the soldier, not the rifle. In my opinion the soldier is trained to handle the recoil so the muzzle climb we have at the moment is just stupid. Players in the role of an autorifleman at the moment need extra mouse pads just to counter the muzzle climb...
  5. ArgusNastyCrab

    Comanche missiles power

    No like I said in my first post, they are rockets with an added bonus of being guidable with SALH (Semi Active Laser Homing) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Attack_Guided_Rocket
  6. ArgusNastyCrab

    Comanche missiles power

    give them a 30% power boost combined with a 20% increase in manacost and a 5% decrease in refresh time.... They have a smaller warhead than those Hellfires you talk about. They are semi actively laser guided so they might appear to be missiles but they are in fact the same as the rockets you saw in ARMA 2. I'm sure they will release a version of the RA99 with proper AT missiles later. Everything is based on real life statistics and science, there is not such a thing as boosting damage in the arma series.
  7. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I thought they said right after E3 in one of the live streams. Well, it's worth the wait although some of the content shown in the live stream seemed quite finished to me already.
  8. ArgusNastyCrab

    Movement mode resets

    According to the patchnotes of todays devbranch update its fixed!
  9. ArgusNastyCrab

    Movement mode resets

    Taken from this post by Warmbrak: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?155675-Game-Update-0-58-Movement-mode-resets-between-crosshair-amp-iron-sights This thread was closed because the issue is apparently resolved in the feedbacktracker. It has also been confirmed a week ago on the forums that this would be fixed in the next dev update, but after a week the bug is still not fixed on the devbranch. I think this bug is very annoying and I hope BI did not forget about this one :-)
  10. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    One thing I did not like about the new sniper content is that when switching to the rangefinder, the sniper puts the rifle on his back really fast. I think it would look better if the sniper just puts the rifle on the ground next to him. I know this has nothing to do with the new content, but its most apparent when playing one of the new snipers.
  11. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I have sounds now, from the gunfire that is. The sound is really cool, but I'm unable to hear it at 500 meters distance..
  12. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Instead of PIP for the zoom part they could use PIP for the part you see by looking outside your scope with a very low resolution and frame rate, and blur it to make it less noticeable. Blur can easily be 'explained' because the soldier doesn't focus his eyes on what's happening outside his scope, and the human player is also focussing his attention to what's happening inside his scope. Just a thought
  13. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yea I was thinking about this as well. Rendering the smaller stuff outside the scope in low res and maybe blur it to make it less obvious that its low res. The fact that its blurred shouldn't really matter since your eyes aren't focussed on it anyway (both ingame as well as behind your monitor)
  14. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Few things I noticed: - BLUE sniper has a rangefinder, RED snipers doesn't - RED sniper has a silenced sidearm, BLUE sniper doesn't - It is possible to see more of your surroundings with the new sniper scope by looking past your scope. i.e. view is not completely blacked out to the edges of your screen. However, this view has the same zoom as the scope itself, inconsistent with the ARCO scope. (stealth PiP scope request) - No sounds obviously - Soldier keeps looking through the scope while reloading, - Switching to your rangefinder/binoculars while prone makes the sniper put his rifle on his back. (why not just leave it on the ground if you're in a prone position?) - The new ammo bounces of from an RPG launcher on someones back while they penetrate Ifrit and Hunter armor, - The ammo doesn't penetrate the Ifrit's windows and require multiple hits to disable one of its tires, - When reloading with the scope removed, the iron sights collide with the players head, - Bipod isn't deployable :-) I really like the new rifles!
  15. ArgusNastyCrab

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    You beat me to it. I can confirm this, pressing the right mouse button to bring up the sights when walking in tactical pace now actually increases your running speed.