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  1. p_siddy

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    @ArmaFiend How you getting on with this mod? I looked at doing something like this a long time ago and never realised someone had given it a crack. Looks really nice and had a play this evening. Should be a really good for mission makers if you can get the AI to play nicely. One small detail I noticed when walking round was a lack of door hinges. Seems a pointless detail but being able to see or not see hinges let's you know if the door is inward or outward opening. Just a little touch that would go down a treat for making CQB ops a more precise and less guess work as to whether you're about to open a door onto the team. Again, nice work! Hoping you havent shelved it else i might have to download blender and give it a go at last.
  2. p_siddy

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Going to be CBRN related
  3. p_siddy

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    looking very nice MikePhoenix. Looking forward to seeing how the Scimitar turns out.
  4. p_siddy

    Arma3 Videos

    Shameless plug of my channel. Any Views/Subs greatly appreciated. Strictly Arma 3 content from the largest British based unit. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5CvS5TLjMZEi6UbxOcU2iQ?view_as=subscriber
  5. Shameless plug of my own YouTube Channel. Any views/subs appreciated. We've been using this mod for a fair while now and really enjoy using it. Great work.
  6. Its done when its done mate! Drop us a message on FB or something with updated TS details and I'll jump on.
  7. I saved up all my Christmas joy for this release :) Going to sit here patiently pressing 'F5' into the new year :)
  8. Each update looks better than the last. Great work!
  9. This release is the one I've anticipated most since time began. And even if you feel you may let us down, know this.. you will never let me down more than my beloved Arsenal FC (one for the football [soccer] fans).
  10. Hyped to get a look around this place!
  11. Looks very picturesc. Well done. There will be no touch and go's on that runway though.. haha
  12. That's okay, no need to apologise. 4 helipads is okay. I'm sure the ranges and open spaces will be suitable for training CAS in anyway.. and as you say, a carrier will suffice for an airfield.
  13. Will there be a proper air field and also training areas for CAS training etc