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  1. Hey guys, I've got 2 separate issues with a model of mine. I made a ball and I basically want it to roll down a hill with Physx. This all works, partly. This is the p3d with textures: https://puu.sh/sPkxb/a71ff2427e.zip config: class ref_ball_big : Land_DuctTape_F { author = ""; simulation="thing"; scope = 2; displayName = "Big ball"; vehicleClass = "r_ent"; hiddenSelections[] = {""}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\ref_losttemple\ballbig\ballbig_co.paa"}; model = "ref_losttemple\ballbig\ballbig"; armor = 100; destrType = "DestructMan"; mass = 500; }; I'm new at this, and I've been reading up a lot and making progress. First issue: Only after I enabled the physx (setVelocity) the ball collides with players/objects. As soon as it comes to a stop it doesn't have any form of collision. I have a Geometry with Component01 and mass. It's fully closed. What am I missing? Fixed this issue. Apparently I didn't build the last pbo with the component. Second issue: I'm completely new to texturing. Somethings wrong with the texture of the ball, some parts aren't colored correctly and appear to 'shine through'. This is probably because I messed up either the rvmat or the ballbig_nohq.paa. The mapping and everything is correct (done with blender), it's just that somehow the colors are a bit off.Image of the ball. What I did now is just save the ballbig_co.paa and nohq.paa, and I'm guessing that is wrong. I don't really need the ball to look fancy so I don't mind the ball having no structure at all (from my understand that's what the nohq does. What would be the best approach to this? I've tried looking up what the different stages mean, but I'm having a hard time finding any good documentation on it. The arma wiki is a bit vague on this. Rvmat (also in the zip): Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm still experiencing this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?154315-ArmA-updated-to-0-56-and-server-does-not-allow-clients-to-join With stable (logically) but also with the latest DEV build. The thread suggests It has allraedy been fixed in dev. SteamCMD: SteamCmd.exe +login myname mypw +force_install_dir C:\Arma3Server\ +app_update "107410 -beta development" validate +quit Shortcut: C:\arma3server\arma3server.exe -config=DynRace.cfg -nosound -nosplash -maxmem=2047 -nointro -world=empty Config: Server RTP: Like in the thread mentioned above. I join but nothing happens (I don't get in lobby). For the record, steam is disabled on the server. Server: Win2012 x64. The server is located within the same LAN network but NOT on the same PC as the client. VerifySignatures = 0 does not change anything. Did I mis something?
  3. Description Made a Christmas themed mission for our mil-sim community. Though it would be nice to share. Can be played with 5 or more people. Not 100% necessary but a Zeus game master makes it more fun (spawning more units/remote controlling them). There are no in game objectives, however the mission requires a lead to give orders. So read the mission goals (only if you will fill this role, else it will spoil the mission). Story Your part of the Santa Security Detail: Elf Team 1. Your team just headed out for a routine patrol when you suddenly receive a distress call from Santa. Mission goals Zeus tips Zeus playtrough Features Zombie elves (Ryan zombies and Demons) Transportable presents (zeus name: 'present') Big presents with ammo (zeus name: "present ammobox') Magic elves with magic ace heal interaction (fully heals unit, cooldown 180 seconds) Themed map Required mods A lot of mods are needed. Mainly because we use them with out unit and I'm using Christmas stuff found all over the place. I get that it's a big list. We use our own distribution client for mods so for us it's no problem. I know this might scare some people into not using this mission. Just wanted to share for those that wanted to take the time :). CBA ACE ACRE CUP RHSAFRF RHSUSAF And either this list of mods: Santa Claus Christmas Objects pack Mallow's Elf Hat Ergon Country EM Buildings Arma 3 Custom buildings HMDs MOD RHS HMDs Ryan zombies Winter Town All Terains Cammo mod Reach Mods These mods will give some config errors, which can be ignored. Download Mission file Editable mission Credits I wanna thank all above mod creators for their awesome mods. Without this I could not have made this mission for our unit.
  4. mindstorm

    SQFLint - Syntax error checker CLI

    By far on of the most potential plugins. Love using this on a daily base. Also eager for next release :).
  5. mindstorm


    I skimmed the code real quick, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe your modules run on all clients. So spawners execute on all clients? Not 100% sure, like I said I had a quick glance at it. But if so that would mean the spawners would have triggerd 15 times instead of only 1 once on the server. If so just add some isServer checks, but again I could be wrong on this. The mods we use are custom and the list is rather large. The bigger once in there are cup, ace, acre, cba, rhs. Other then that it's some small mods containing planes/vehicles/gear and custom stuff.
  6. mindstorm


    We tried playing this yesterday with about 15 people. Only using ambient, wrecks and zombie spawning. After about a minute or 2 the frames started to drop bad. After like 10 minutes frames where under 10 for everyone. Anyone else had this experience with a group of 10 or more? Might have been a combination of our mods though, just checking if more had this.
  7. How cow thats really impressive man! Looking awesome. Love the flowers opening at night! Didn't even know that was possible.
  8. There's a new eventhandler on dev branch that could help out: PlayerViewChanged No documentation yet but it's a lot better then while loops. So you just have to test the parameters. KEY_MAX_TIMES = 3; KEY_MESSAGES = [ "%1 has tried to enter third person, stop now or you will be kicked!", "%1 has tried to enter third person, last chance, stop now!", "%1 has tried to enter third person, for the last time, and will now be kicked!" ]; player addEventHandler ["PlayerViewChanged", _viewName = _this select 0; //Entirly speculation did not test yet if(_viewName == "EXTERNAL") then { _keyTimes = _player getVariable ["keyTimesVar", 0]; _keyTimes = _keyTimes + 1; [[west,"HQ"], format [KEY_MESSAGES select (_keyTimes-1), name player]] remoteExec ["sideChat"]; if(_keyTimes >= KEY_MAX_TIMES) then { ["",false,5] spawn BIS_fnc_endMission; }; player setVariable ["keyTimesVar",_keyTimes]; player switchCamera "INTERNAL"; }; ];
  9. It is you who I should be thanking for this masterpiece :). Thank you for all the work you put into this.
  10. This versions crashes Arma with the map 'Angel Island'. Old stable did not have this issue. arma ppt: 8:42:06 ACRE2 Library Loaded 8:42:10 [4733,103.402,0,"XEH: PreInit finished."] 8:42:10 [4735,103.679,0,"XEH: PostInit started. MISSIONINIT: missionName=tempMissionSP, missionVersion=52, worldName=Angel, isMultiplayer=false, isServer=true, isDedicated=false, CBA_isHeadlessClient=false, hasInterface=true, didJIP=false isLinux=false"] 8:42:11 [4735,103.703,0,"CBA_VERSIONING: cba=, "] 8:42:11 Unable to get file version size: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@rmp_acre2_V6\acre.dll 8:42:14 Warning: 3600 ms spent in callExtension calling name: "acre", function: "init:" 8:42:14 ACRE: Loading Map: \veterans\angel\angel.wrp 8:42:14 [ACRE]: AI Detection Activated! -crash here acre_dll.log: 2016-08-26 08:42:11,074-{INFO }- ACRE Loaded 2016-08-26 08:42:11,084-{INFO }- Generating PBO List 2016-08-26 08:42:14,655-{INFO }- PBO Index complete
  11. As far as I know the only way to do this is by means of memory positions with configs that give animations which translate over axis. In short the model from the video has several memory positions along each edge. Then each of these memory positions has animation with a skeleton assigned to them which allow them to animate over x,y,z. Then when you want to change a point's position you use the animation of the point, and the mesh will then change as in the video.
  12. mindstorm

    Drone UI on screen

    The UI is a 3d model (driverOpticsModel="A3\drones_f\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UGV_01_Optics_Driver_F.p3d"), so you there's no way to actually do this. As far as I know there is no buildin UI layer you could show.
  13. Change the 0.1 to 0 for invisible. It doesn't hide everything though (gear, gun). player setObjectTextureGlobal [0,'#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,0.1,ca)'];
  14. Yes you do. There's no other way unless you want to model your own player model which you can hide with setObjectTexture.
  15. I attached an eventhandler to all units to track bullets and then decloack the unit when bullet get near: var_bullets = []; { if(side _x == west) then { _firedId = _x addEventHandler ["fired", { _this spawn { //_this [obj:unit, str:weapon, str:muzzle, str:mode, str:ammo, str:magazine, obj:projectile] _bullet = _this select 6; var_bullets pushBack _bullet; while {alive _bullet} do {sleep 0.1;}; var_bullets = var_bullets - [_bullet]; }; }]; }; } foreach allUnits; And then check via the Draw3D if any get close, decloack if they do. addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { if(isObjectHidden player) then { { if(_x distance player < 2 && _x distance2D player < 0.2) then { palyer hideObjectGlobal false; }; } forEach var_bullets ; }; }]; I know it's not super fancy and accurate but it's something :). Ofcourse this does decloack the unit, so I suggest also changing his collor a bit like this for example: player setObjectTextureGlobal [0,'#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,0.1,ca)']; This requires to remove gear to look fancy though, which again requires a custom damage handler to not mare your 'predator' die within 1 hit.
  16. mindstorm

    'De-spawning' a script?

    Change this: animLoop = {_unit = _this select 0; _anim = _this select 1; while{alive _unit}do{_unit playMove _anim; waitUntil{animationState _unit != _anim}}} To: canDoAnimLoop = true; animLoop = {_unit = _this select 0; _anim = _this select 1; while{alive _unit && canDoAnimLoop}do{_unit playMove _anim; waitUntil{animationState _unit != _anim}}} And in a trigger, or whenever you want to make the unit to stop: canDoAnimLoop = false;
  17. I'm trying to set the direction of a player in a gunner seat. It's not a AI unit so doWatch doesn't work. I am able to retrieve the weapon dir / dirthe player is watching: _vehicle = vehicle player; _weapondirarray = _vehicle weaponDirection primaryWeapon _vehicle; _weaponDirection = (_weapondirarray select 0) atan2 (_weapondirarray select 1); But have yet to found a way to set the weapondir. Setting the player direction isn't working (because he is in the vehicle I suppose). I basically need to player to "watch" a direction where a event is happening. Suggestions?
  18. I'm trying to write a script that attaches an object to another object based on the position in the 3den editor (object to a vehicle). Basically a-team style pimp my vehicle without having to sort out all the specific attachment offsets. So far I have come up with the following script, which works but it has a two issues; 1. The vectorDir and up aren't super accurate. The objects are slightly rotated and titles 2. Sometimes, at random, some objects are way off on the z-axis, while the same object on a different spot is where it should be. The change is only on the z-axes and can be minus or plus what it should be. This is the script: object init: [this, vehicle] call fnc_edenAttachTo; if!(isServer) exitWith {}; params ["_object","_attachToObject"]; _object disableCollisionWith _attachToObject; _this spawn { private ["_attachToObject", "_object", "_originalPos", "_offset", "_attachOffset", "_truckheight", "_objheight", "_v", "_vectorDirUp", "_vectorUp", "_dirOffset", "_timeout", "_attached", "_offsetAfterAttach", "_offsetDiff", "_offsetToOriginal"]; params ["_object","_attachToObject",["_offset",[]],["_attachOffset",[]]]; waitUntil {time > 5}; waitUntil {_attachToObject getVariable ["canStartAttach", true]}; _attachToObject setVariable ["canStartAttach", false]; //Without delays vectorDirUp only works half of the time sleep 0.2; _attachToObject enableSimulation false; _object enableSimulation false; _originalPos = position _object; _object setVariable ["originalPos", _originalPos]; if(count _offset == 0) then { _offset = _attachToObject worldToModel (position _object); }; if(count _attachOffset > 0) then { _offset = _offset vectorAdd _attachOffset; }; _truckheight = (getPos _attachToObject) select 2; _objheight = (getPos _object) select 2; _v = _attachToObject worldToModel [0,0,0]; _vectorDirUp = [ _attachToObject worldToModel vectorDir _object vectorDiff _v, _attachToObject worldToModel vectorUp _object vectorDiff _v ]; _object attachTo [_attachToObject, _offset]; //diag_log format ["%1: Setting to %2", _object, _vectorDirUp]; _timeout = time + 3; sleep 0.1; waitUntil { _attached = if (!isNull attachedTo _object) then { if ((attachedTo _object) isEqualTo _attachToObject) exitWith { true }; false } else { false }; (_attached || (time > _timeout)) }; _object setVectorDirAndUp [[0,0,1],[0,0,1]]; sleep 0.05; _object setVectorDirAndUp _vectorDirUp; //Do a check if the new offset is what we predicted, if not there's an issue with the central attachmentposition of the attachObject, calculate offset and save for future attachments if(count _attachOffset == 0) then { _attachToObject enableSimulation true; _object enableSimulation true; _offsetAfterAttach = _attachToObject worldToModel (position _object); _offsetDiff = _offsetAfterAttach vectorDiff _offset; _offsetToOriginal = _originalPos vectorDiff (position _object); //diag_log format ["Obj: %5 Offset: %1 After attach: %2. Diff: %3. Vs original: %4", _offset, _offsetAfterAttach, _offsetDiff, _offsetToOriginal, _object]; //_attachToObject setVariable [format ["attachOffset%1", typeOf _object],_offsetDiff vectorMultiply -1]; if(vectorMagnitude _offsetDiff > 0.1) then { [_object, _attachToObject, _offset, _offsetDiff vectorMultiply -1] spawn fnc_edenAttachTo; }; }; _attachToObject enableSimulation true; _object enableSimulation true; _attachToObject setDamage 0; _attachToObject setVariable ["canStartAttach", true]; }; I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction on how to fix the issues i'm having. I've been trying several things but not successful so far.
  19. mindstorm

    Attachto issue

    That's basically the same version I'm using (changed it to worldToModel for testing) . But for some reason the rotation is off by a bit. And with some rotations it completely messes things up (when I rotate objects >90 degree mainly). For now It seems to happen when rotations are >90 degrees and especially with some objects. I'm just going to avoid using those I suppose. Thx for the reply!
  20. mindstorm

    Attachto issue

    Late reply, been sick. What I want to achieve is that the objects I place in the editor are attached to a vehicle in the way I place them in the editor. This is the editor view for example: And here is how it looks now, as you can see the vectordirup is slightly off. Also the position of some object is also off (which seems to be at random). The _v = _attachToObject worldToModel [0,0,0]; part is something I found in the Get Wrecked code. They use it to attach stuff to vehicles as well. They don't use vectorUp so I guess that's why it works for them?
  21. Also there is the fact that each thread which takes to long to execute (for example because it uses a while with sleep 1 inside) get's called eah frame, and suspended if it takes more then x amount of time. Therefor for example 300 threads require more engine work to be done then 1 main thread which loops everything.
  22. I'm an experienced scripted who makes missions for a large community. Some of my creations: Generators which toggle lights, they also require refueling and repairs Geiger counter Snow & engine pre-heating Doors with keycodes Door breaching Alien units with tons of cool actions (emp, high-jump, cloack, attach, sound scares. Perfect for horror missions). Some of my older work Basically, you name it, I make it (provided it can be done in Arma). I am offering my experience and help to anyone who is willing to help me out with modelling. I've started to familiarize myself with the basics but there's just some things that require to much time to get into. Things I need help with: Converting and porting existing models to Arma Creating textures for existing models Creating models with textures (geiger counter) Contact me through PM if you are interested.
  23. mindstorm

    Transparent objects like helper objects

    At least 25 re-packs of my mod later and it is as simple as starting out with #(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,CA) in the model. Thank you very much!
  24. Hey, I'm trying to get my droppod to become transpartent, like the helper objects. The general thing I want to achieve is to be able to use the following code to hide (and then fade-in by increasing alpha) my droppod object: object setTexture [0,"#(argb,1,1,1)color(0.6,1,1,0,ca)"] I made the selection and I'm able to re texture it, but the closer I set the alpha channel to 0 the more black the object becomes. So the transparency isn't working. Here's the p3d & configs: http://puu.sh/kBSBT/509a81faa4.zip Does anyone have an idea as to why this isn't working? I shouldn't have to use a rvmat since the helper objects don't use any as well. I've tried to change lighting & shadows under face properties but that doesn't change anything. As far as I can tell the helper objects start out with normal procedural texture colors as well, so I'm not really sure what I'm missing here.
  25. house1 setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true]; The laste part, "True" says the variable is broadcasted over the network. So you can just place a trigger with normal conditions and onact: //If statement makes sure it's only executed where on the machine of the required players if(player == player32 || player == player3) then { house1 setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',0]; };