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  1. GrizzlyDK

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi! What would I need to change in order for my team to use this as Russia (opfor) against insurgents (Independent)? Is it possible? We primarily use RHS.
  2. I'm a fan, I'm just waiting for it to be un-broken before I want to spend my time on it. I have been looking forward to using it, so I hope you get some time available and make OCAP great again.
  3. Well i cant sense your questions.
  4. Not sure if this is what you want, but if you are logged in as admin you can type #lock and no one can join.
  5. GrizzlyDK

    Vortorsk Terrain

    Man some of those buildings looks nice! Did you make them?
  6. Welcome! NOTE: Due to the current world situation, we will NOT play, and never will play as ISIL/DAESH or any present terrorist organizations. If you are looking for: A unit, that aims towards using most of the assets available in ARMA (Air/Land/Navy/Infantry/Vehicles) The possibility to advance in ranks (Tier), based on actual in-game skill and participation The chance of specializing in your favorite OPFOR weapon/vehicle/rotary/equipment, almost regardless of our mission and our participation numbers. Only scenarios based on real and plausible situations that has happened, is possible could have happened and with gear and equipment from the real world. (No futuristic arma content here) 10+ years of experience in the armaverse behind it A flowing dynamic campaign where actions make a difference, and online savegames through ALiVE, ensures that your player will be where he was when you logged off just as the vehicles will be where they where last parked for each mission. Well.. You have come to the right place ,,,,,If you can live with yourself playing OPFOR that is.. Each campaign will run for a certain amount of time, with a specified theme. As this post is written, we are currently Russian special forces in Iraq, assisting iraqi forces in getting ISIL out of a territory. Since we play as OPFOR, we can play as many different armies, guerillas, insurgents and so on without having to change our main weapons or vehicle platform, which will differ from each campaign depending on the community mood. We will appreciate no politic banter in this community. We play Wednesdays at 1900 Copenhagen time. So, visit us at http://rogue-state.dk/ And read more about us and how you join if you wish to do so. //Grizzly
  7. Squad name: Rogue State Timezone/location : UTC+01:00 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP/ZEUS/PVP/MILSIM Website address: http://rogue-state.dk/ Short description: Danish, hardcore OPFOR unit, with a bit of everything. Language: Danish
  8. GrizzlyDK

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I got this issue as well.
  9. I would like to invite all danish ARMA players to a new danish Discord channel. This is a place where all danes can meet up, arrange games and advertise for their clans or find new clans and people to play with. There will regularly be posted ARMA news in the news room, and there is plenty of rooms to get help and discuss mission and mod making and so on. Velkommen! https://discord.gg/SnjHEPm
  10. Now that APEX and tanoa has arrived, is there any way in separating the new DLC objects from the main A3 objects? I'm not ready to use tanoa objects on my map just yet, and the only thing separating them as of now, is my memory since they all end up under the A3 category. And thanks again for an awesome program, It's a huge help in map making.
  11. GrizzlyDK

    ASR AI 3

    What's the difference between installing this serverside only, and serverside+clientside?
  12. GrizzlyDK


    CLOSED Didn't have the time
  13. GrizzlyDK

    No clutter or Names

    Okay guys! Thanks for your help, I got it working by throwing myself off a cliff and updating the tools to beta developer version. I hate that because I'm always afraid it will damage/change more than it will repair, but this time it worked. That means it was probably something in the binarize process that didn't work properly. Yay!