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  1. ramius86

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    have you updated with the rc_limited both server and client?
  2. ramius86

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hello toadie, we are using some of your rifles since a while and while I was updating the hlc core in our repository I noticed 2 old files, hlc_ace3_Compat_CORE.pbo and hlc_CUP_Compat_CORE.pbo , I notice they are no more in your core probably even before this update, are they obsolete? I can't find a mirror or any info anywhere so I'm assuming I can delete those files?
  3. Thanks for the update but this doesn't work on dedicated server, no signature! I've also tried to sign with a selfsigned signature but pbo is corrupted
  4. ramius86

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Here's the trick, I've changed that to the external ip, now works :-) Thanks, will test a bit
  5. ramius86

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Yes, port 3000, I've only definied windows as os type and server location, nothing else changed
  6. ramius86

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Hey, just found this tool, seems very interesting but I got a question: do I need also an apache/IIS webserver to run or it run an internal webserver itself? Because when I start server without any errors I can't connect to port 3000 even with localhost and I've also disabled firewall to test. Thanks
  7. ramius86

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    Didn't noticed, btw I got also less fps in start menu
  8. ramius86

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    Got same problem but my cpu doesn't have an integrated gpu so.. Btw I'm testing with YAAB with same settings, tried different startup parameters and allocator ( without mods ofc ) and always less fps than 32
  9. ramius86

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    It's possible use this mission to test performance on a dedicated server? I mean, run mission on server and see how many fps I got on my client? ( testing 32 and 64 exe ) If I start mission on dedicated I got stuck at "receiving data"
  10. Headless client still got kicked with wrongpassword