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  1. =BTC= LordMac

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Yes, i'm using the latest version 2.2.0. Thank you mdcclxxvi, I really appreciate the script and your support !!
  2. =BTC= LordMac

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Hi 1776 and thank you for your great work ! Our clan really appreciate it. We use the script mostly as an ATC (air traffic control). I'd like to implement the missions virtually linking the execution of the script to a "RADAR building" placed in the editor (varname = "radar_blu"). If the radar building is destroyed the script stops working. I tried to include the script inside a "while" : while {alive radar_blu} do { your_script } , but it's not working. Can you help me with this ? Thank you again for your work !
  3. =BTC= LordMac

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Hi there! I just want to thank you even in behalf of my clan. We are following you since A2 and we really appreciate the mod and the efforts you put in it. Waiting for the 1st of may ! Great work guys.
  4. =BTC= LordMac

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hi Senseii and thank you for your great work. My clan is using this mission in some of our events and i ran into an "issue" with the sen_unitpools.sqf. Problem: During the game the server spawns a few units not mentioned in the sen_unitpools.sqf. I filled the enemy arrays ,as per your indications, with rhs units and vehicles classnames of my choice, all from the same faction VDV. I checked multiple times and I haven't inserted the AAsoldier from vdv in the array but those AA infantry units keep spwaning during the game and that's the main problem becouse we use just Little Birds as transportation. I guess that a some point the DCG just spawns GROUPS of units instead of SINGLE units and that's why i find those unwanted enemy AA infantry units. It's just my guess. The DCG has actually no problems, my request is: is there a way to blacklist those AA units or those groups containing AA unitis ? Thank you !
  5. =BTC= LordMac

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Same here, LOP_AM is failing to work with alive. In the same mission just changing the various LOP_AM with LOP_UA in the modules, everything works fine. I guess there is something wrong in the config. Anyway great job Leight !
  6. =BTC= LordMac


    Namman this is a really great addon !!! I was looking for a fast and armored vehicle able to transport troops on dirty terrains and I found you ! Since I gave it a few test runs i used it in our SR5 Clan, we really appreciate your job! Here some constructive feedback: Pro: - Very good speed on offroad (we use it for long travels, please do not change the speed ) - Armored -Good looking Cons - (Caiman) Turrets skins only work if you have both caiman and maxpro addons - (Caiman) Sometime people die when exiting the tourret, so we have to move from gunner to passenger and then exit. thank you again for your job !
  7. =BTC= LordMac


    Great great addon! Thank you very much guys a2t simplifies and emphasises at the same time the game's comms. We are hard testing it on our server and we love it even if we are experiencing the same issues of others testers. Jip "sabotations", 2h~ limit of clean usage of the addon, and random ts3 crash plus audio loop for the poor one in game (similar to albertors audio file). We'll keep to support with our feedback and thanks for the passion and time you are putting in guys ! Last but not least: You made my day lol really. Everyone here is trying to give a little help and feedback to those guys..I don't think a skillfilter is needed, the guys can handle this by their own Albertors we noticed the same prob since there wasn't a specifc line in the inst procedure. Now on, next "unqualified" readers will easly find out that there are different dll and just one is needed ;)
  8. =BTC= LordMac

    How do I setup the UAV?

    I'm noticing the same problem
  9. =BTC= LordMac

    Demo custom missions problems

    I solved the problem, well at least for me. I started a first istance of the game, hosted a game then alt+tab and executed a second istance of the game trying to join my previous hosted game to see which error people was receiving. I got banned. So i discovered arma 2 demo created a new "ban" file when times ago i banned a tk kid. This file, in my case, was banning everyone who tryied to join my hosted game. So i saved my mpmission, uninstalled and reinstalled the game (just to besure no other ban files were created).Now everything works fine again if i just kick people and do not ban them. I hope this can help you too.
  10. =BTC= LordMac

    Demo custom missions problems

    I'm noticing exactly the same problem, any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks