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  1. Gwynbleidd

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'm not sure if this is even possible, but could someone make an addon that changes naked eye zoom speed? It's been bugging me for a while, so even confirming that it's not possible would be good : )
  2. Gwynbleidd

    WeaponSights Zoom

    My heart skipped when I saw the title, I thought it might be a mod that adjusts the speed of the zoom. Just in case that you're taking suggestions, maybe you could add that feature if it's not too much work (and when you're done adding support for all the weapons you planned)?
  3. Gwynbleidd

    Smoother Animations v4

    Switching directions also causes a weird bug where your weapon sights get delayed, if you try to aim immediately after switching direction. For example, while moving forward, switch to forward+right, as soon as you add right, try aiming down the sights - you will see the guy do some weird dance with the weapon, delaying the aiming down sights. If you have a launcher, and do the same thing from above (switch direction) and try to switch stance after switching direction (crouch or stand up), the game completely ignores you (doesn't switch your stance at all). Which got me killed few times when I was starting, until I learned it's safer to spam the button, than trust the game. Here's the example of the delay: (recorded a while ago for feedback tracker, that's why there are subtitles)
  4. I have the same issue on vanilla maps, so it's probably not the map you're using. For me, ACRE worked perfectly until the update, but now I'm having the exact same problem like you described. Direct talk works perfectly always, but radio is completely random, even though we're standing next to each other. Sometimes works, sometimes not. I think it might be due to using voice activation on ts3, I remember in A2 times, ACRE didn't work well with it, looks like the problem might be back (for me). Are the people in your group using voice activation maybe?
  5. Wow, this was one of the most annoying gameplay bugs I've encountered in Arma. If it's really fixed, it should make clearing buildings a whole lot more enjoyable. Thanks BI!
  6. Gwynbleidd

    C2 -Command And Control

    If you get the time, could you please tweak the suppressing fire to act kinda like your 3D menu - If no units are selected, pressing the suppress hotkey would select them all and order to suppress, but if you select units, then only selected units suppress?
  7. Gwynbleidd

    LOD Discussion

    It could easily be grass that's eating performance, in 1.60 they went a bit wild with grass: https://arma3.com/assets/img/post/images/thumbs/arma3_comparison_screenshot06_v100.jpg (before 1.60) https://arma3.com/assets/img/post/images/thumbs/arma3_comparison_screenshot06_v160.jpg (1.60) Beagle had a lot better comparison in visual feedback thread. Alone in editor, in places where it was easily 60 fps for me, after 1.60 update it dropped to 50. The 10 fps hit in Arma is huge, but I swallowed it. Now in 1.62 it's down to 45fps on those very same places (I guess due to the new lod blending?). On top of that, unless I drop object quality to low, I have weird stutter that makes it a pain to play. I have no idea why they changed it, grass was fine on Altis as it was, not insanely dense, but there was no grass appearing/changing at 3-4 meters in front of you. Now not only that, but it causes performance issues.
  8. Gwynbleidd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Heh, yeah he must've really hated the weapon sound :) Though jokes aside, I didn't really mind the sound, maybe it's worse indoors. Now for the question at hand, I think you misunderstood me. He definitely was on alert, it would be weird if he wasn't (considering the mess downstairs like you pointed out). I'm not saying he should be completely shocked, and stunned for 2 seconds like nothing happened downstairs, I'm saying his reaction is too fast for a human, even when you're 100% expecting it, and just waiting for it to happen. Here, found a really nice demonstration: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime You know the screen is gonna go green, you're just waiting for it to happen, but still, there are limits to your reaction. Take it for a couple of rounds, and try to go below 150ms :)
  9. Gwynbleidd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hm, not too sure about the actual numbers. If I had to say something, then maybe at 100 meters just after contact in the open (while they haven't yet been surpressed) it used to take them 2-4 shots to score a hit. Now it's more like 1-3 shots, though take these numbers with a grain of salt. One thing I'm sure about is that at these relatively short ranges, they hit their first shot a more often then they used to, even after making sharp turns. Something else that seems to happen more is trading shots with AI (at 100m). I hit him once, he hits me immediately after (as if my shot has less impact on their accuracy then before the update?). This was all on MP. If it helps, I lowered AI accuracy by 0.10, and they seem to be more like before the update (not completely kicking my ass) :) On an unrelated note, I think the AI reaction speed should be toned down just a little bit. According to google, average human reaction time to visual stimuli is 0.25 seconds, so the moment I'm visible to him, it should take him some time (let's say between 0.20-030) to start doing anything at all, and after that, he should start turning, and try to hit me. Now check this video: tttps://youtu.be/l5UM_uPb4NM?t=40s I was the attacker, and since I knew when I'm going to pop up and shoot him, he was at disadvantage, since he is reacting to me (he has reaction time penalty+take time to aim, I only have to take time to aim). Now if you check the video, even with the "jump" I had on him, we both fire of the shot at the same time. His was just a reaction shot though, before taking time to aim, but still, his reaction is too fast, if I measured it correctly in video editor, it's 0.110s. Now, next problem. I hit my first shot, he misses, I fire of my second shot and hit him again, his second shot headshots me and kills me. You might need to quickly pause/play the video to be able to follow everything that happened, but if you do, pause on second casing that ejects from my gun, and you will see that as he flinches (just as my second shot landed), he fires of the shot that kills me. I do not mind their accuracy this close, he definitely should be able to hit me easily, but the punishment for getting hit on aiming needs to be bigger for both AI, and the player (for player maybe just rotate the aim by a small degree, just to throw him of his aim upon getting hit). It kinda sucks to do everything right - having the jump on someone, hitting him first, landing all shots, and then getting killed by the luck of the draw. Here's one more video just so you can be certain it was not the missions fault (for the fast AI reaction), they tend to react faster then people, here is a generic encounter: tttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AR_1KtOUS4 Now we both were surprised here, he was wandering around not looking in my direction (I was to his 9 o'clock), and he ran directly in front of me plain as day, and he still reacted faster than me - by that I mean he started to turn towards me before I started to turn towards him, because it took me time to realize he is moving in front of me (reaction time penalty). The only reason I'm alive is because he needed to turn to shoot me, and I was luckily looking right at him, with gun raised. When you have a lot of teammates it's even more pronounced, because your reaction can't be shoot on sight as it was on my video. It's a small fraction of a second, but you still need it to determine if it's friendly.
  10. Gwynbleidd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I don't know about dev, but after 1.60 stable update, I definitely felt increase in their accuracy and had to lower it. Couple of updates ago (1.54, maybe 1.56), I had the feeling they lowered their accuracy a bit, and really liked how they were until this last update.
  11. Also, when you're already standing, and press stand up (toggle), it automatically lowers your weapon. Happens only when holding a pistol.
  12. Gwynbleidd

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have a ticket for this: http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=1113 It doesn't include some new weapons that are affected though, since the ticket is very old. If you can write all the weapons here, I could update the ticket.
  13. Gwynbleidd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    This would be great (AI watching in the direction of your ping). Suppression should really get it's own keybind, like in C2 mod: http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r594/Mad_Cheese/C2BucketSupress_zps64izcssl.jpg (I don't want the AI to start suppressing when I'm pinging human players) While you're holding the suppress keybind, you can move that icon around, when you let go, you give the order to the AI to suppress that area. Best way this would work (IMO of course): If you press the suppress keybind without selecting any AI, the whole team would start suppressing. If you select couple of the AI and press suppress, only selected AI suppress. This way it would really speed up the process, and when you run into the enemies in thick jungle, you could have your entire team open up with all they've got with the push of the button, instead of selecting the team, pushing buttons and going through the menus.
  14. Gwynbleidd

    Enhanced Movement

    Oh great! Hopefully bad benson can implement it somehow, to stop these conflicts when he gets around to it :)