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  1. cali332

    Prussian Empire Mod

    prussia never had switzerland in their hand...? :D Nice mod anyway. great tanks
  2. I really like the mod. Maybe the sound changing could be better... tought about making the noise of the jungle existing but more quiet in the open areas? And also the sound data of the jungle sound is pretty short and you can hear the repeating of it? But really nice work, and maybe it's already planned :) lg
  3. cali332

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    one question, why is this mod seperated to Iron Front owners. I mean i understand people want to make money. And of course i dont own iron front so i write this... But a great mod like this is hard to see if not everyone can have it :D (And no, the water-paint mod isnt mentionable) Lg :P
  4. cali332

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Only the Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 needed ;)
  5. You do a pretty great progress. nice to see :)
  6. ooh got that. i would appreciate it if you would upload it also as a single vehicle on Steam Workshop. Or maybe tell us where it will appear... acutally i dont have a survey of all these WW2 mods...
  7. ooh these sherman are so shiny! You're doing this well known, right? Show us these pictures. ;D
  8. Are these PaKs packable? For example: The HMG can be packed into the stand and the MG. Or arent they moveable at all? Lg
  9. completly understand what you mean. haha Looks all so awesome
  10. cali332

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    If there are already so many people doing WW2 mods i am surprised that no one took the time to make the Planes of that time. i mean there's no JU-87 or Messerschmitt Bf 109 announced. Same for Spitfire etc. And if someone thinks: i can do that... Little advise: the most important thing for planes like these are the controls. the arma 3 Vanilla planes are the best example for a good control.
  11. Dont know exactly what you mean, but at least my object distance and view distance were on 3km ^^ But even if you cant see object which are in you Object distance, they will influence your performance. And of course it depends on you PC :D
  12. well altis also a 20x20 with, well water around it :D So it's normal size :P
  13. Sounds great. I am curious what vehicles come else!
  14. This map look so fking huge with the screenshots, but its "only" 20x20 :D
  15. Well, to the performance. I perceived that houses take a lot of performance. i flew with 3km over forest, i had around 30 fps. in Kavala my performance dies to 10-15 fps I think the fear is unnecessary