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  1. Have a look at a3 wasteland it has a good vehicle and player save system using inidb
  2. You could use CreateDiaryRecord as a log to record the relevant info accessible from the players map screen. Edit: after rereading this info was posted above. Shows I really skipped a large section. Oops. Sorry.
  3. Selecting from three big groups...

    Can't this be done in the editor with one group. Place three markers and then sync the groups to the markers. When the mission starts the group will spawn in one of those locations. It used to work with player starts.
  4. Have you tried a debug on the activation?? Use something like: hint str thislist When activated to see what units are inside the trigger area
  5. Don't these triggers also activate with snakes rabbits butterflies and bees?? Would not make sense that captives were not working...
  6. Building system

    Fair point God father. It is just like r3f in that respect. I remember ibuild I'll have to take a look at this one now more work has been done.
  7. Building system

    The wysywig one that is part of Liberation is pretty good. Not sure if the license allows it to be separated out.
  8. @eaglezero6205 in one of the sample missions (maybe more) there is an example of a group insertion by boat and helicopter. You could have a look at those to get some ideas. the framework has been set up so that it works in multiplayer very well. try the tutorial MultiSquadObjectives.Altis in the framework documentation folder.
  9. thanks for the detailed answer, i will give it a try.
  10. hi Zenophon, this framework is great. Haviing seen it when you first released I am please to know you are still working on things. Can you please advise when using Zen_FindGroundPosition what kind of data I would need to put in to find a valley on Altis. Given most are in the North-West and West a marker (or two) in that area would speed up the search - I can do that. I would imagine that the check would be for the steeper gradients in the marker area. Once located how do I find the direction the valley takes so I could then spawn a few small camps there? thanks for your assitance.
  11. thanks savage, I have had the sectors running, I woud love to use alive for missions but my current group is trying to recruit new members and even with workshop we spend too long getting mods sorted instead of getting into battle. I missed the mpmission example likely due to the mod requirements I didn't have loaded at the time. I'll take another look. Good to know DAC and alive work together though, thanks for that. edit: thanks for the config in your signature, the curator addition will help a lot during testing.
  12. thanks Delta99, I have read the manual and there is nothing about the sectors, only the setup card that is included in the download. in my testing it appears to be random luck that the AI take sectors. I was hoping this was a mod-free version of ALiVE, but I'm having issues with fps performance trying to set it up to run as well.
  13. the physical intel drops are controlled inside of the encounters in the task folders. You will be looking through for the group spawns (class Groups) - look for "dropIntel" and change this to 1 to ensure all enemies drop intel. You will find it is usually the last person in the group that is killed that will drop it. If you are some distance away it can be hard to find as some of the smaller items drop into the ground or are under the body.
  14. hi @Fal Soram I am sure al ot of these issues are being addressed and should be either fixed or tweaked int he next release. this is the first Beta on PO4 so there are some fetaures not yet implemented. I am sure the fatigue parmaeter is being fixed inthe next release. body bags and bosy searching are bugged right now. there is also supposed to be a towing and helo lift script using a variant of Dudas' excellent advanced towwing/lifting/rapelling mods - these are also missing on dedicated servers yet sohw up on hosted ones. I have not changed enemy factions so cannot answer that question. To change facitons you will be best to look at MPSF\configuration\cfgFactions.hpp in initServer.sqf is the faction allegiance settings this is where I suggest looking to see what spawned units are attacking each other. in cfgFactions the unit faction type e.g. O_, B_, I_ does not matter as they will be spawned depending on the side value e.g blue=1, red=2, civ=3. If you look closely you will see some I_ units inside the blue pacific squads. civilian setFriend [west,1]; civilian setFriend [east,1]; east setFriend [west,0]; east setFriend [resistance,0]; resistance setFriend [west,0]; resistance setFriend [east,0]; west setFriend [east,0]; west setFriend [resistance,0]; hope that helps if you have other queries please ask.
  15. quick question - does the AI know about sectors (DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Sector.sqf) and they will move to take them or is this set up for a PvP game mode? would this work as an asymmetric warfare set up? thanks,