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  1. i knew I should have just tried that, thanks. it makes total sense now. cheers.
  2. hey dodzh. the mod works really well thanks for that. I have managed to stop the items spawning on the barracks roof by using this. is there an option to spawn just ammo magazines and not the weapons with them?
  3. KevsNoTrev

    DWAR MP mission (COOP/TvT)

    I understand about halo reasoning. I Never considered the PvP aspect. Good call.
  4. this is great! I love the ability to change the spawn occurence so quickyl and with the debug markers see the changes.
  5. KevsNoTrev

    DWAR MP mission (COOP/TvT)

    Had about 2 hours on a dedicated server with a mate. Once we worked out what we had to do we moved to the main objective. It's cool how the assault goes but at one time the AI spawned inside the bunker with us. He did not last long. Finally we held them off for 5 min and then fell out of the bunker as it despawned. No injury but a good laugh. We moved to the airfield and once we realised the independent scum had us out numbered we went on the hunt. Even one of us outside the circle and we lost the sector control. Eventually all rounded up. Another player joined and went as opfor. He came and took the airfield about 3 min after we left. Then must have crashed, (steam kick) likely something unrelated to the mission as I never saw him again. Thoughts. 1. A task instead of the map marker decription top left would be great to allow people know what the current objective is. It took us too long to find it. We saw he notification but missed the location grid reference. 2. Do the AI scale according to player numbers? While the main obj was good fun we did it at night with nvg and nvs svopes. It was tough. We could not tell how many were left or if a scream of allahu akbar meant certain death. Nice touch btw. Those screams are hard to place. They did't really come across as directional. 3. The r3f logi script seems to be active on all buildings even the map placed ones. 4. Too many options in the scroll wheel menu at times . Trying to go to creation factory ends up with arsenal or halo jump...oops! View distance can be set with some nice scripts with dialogs that other have shared. 5. Halo 9km up is a nice view but it takes a long time to come down!! 6. Is the creation factory always going to have unlimited credits or are you planning to build this in later based on kills capture points etc.? 7. Overall great job lots of fun. Well done Looking forward to updates
  6. KevsNoTrev

    Counting AI Casualties (How to?)

    Glad you like it. be aware I did not put the details in a hint or diary system. I tried diary but it kept scrolling the page and adding the info each time a death occurred. I would suggest rsc overlay might work better you'll have more artistic control.
  7. KevsNoTrev

    Counting AI Casualties (How to?)

    i had a test of alldeadmen and alldead - when the garbage collector runs (or Zeus deleted deadunits) it will remove dead units/vehicles from these arrays. I thought this might happen so I confirmed it. Moving on to an evenhandler now! Just planning it out. EDIT: Added code below - it needs actual unit names but this counts each unit that is killed and adds to the array. This should work for modded units as it uses the classname. If you are using scripts then the <unit> setvariable ["spawnedSide",side <unit>];, will need to be added to the script to allow the spawned side to be retained. For some reason Arma EH's call all dead units Civ immediately after death... Ultimately, this is just trying to do what the statistics page of the diary does for us each mission!!
  8. KevsNoTrev

    Counting AI Casualties (How to?)

    have you looked at the allDead or allDeadMen commands? These give you array of all dead units & vehicles and then just he dead 'men respectively. This would be far easier for an AAR than an eventhandler as it will be simpler to iterate through at the end of the mission before the end mission screen. This iwll also avoid a lot of wrok being done through the mission possibly lowering framerates. ALthough in SP i'm not sure how this would give you the information before you get the 'you are dead' screen.
  9. KevsNoTrev

    Counting AI Casualties (How to?)

    Is this multiplayer or single player? Do you want to count all player kills or any death of AI and player including he AI bad driving and friendly fire kills? I can throw something together but it may take a few days. On another thought pattern. The diary from to the map screen records each players kills and team deaths. Is this accessible from anywhere??? This might be easier to capture for an AAR!
  10. KevsNoTrev

    DWAR MP mission (COOP/TvT)

    this looks great - i'll have to wait until the weekend but looking forward to playing it... thanks. I'll give feedback once I get a chance to have a go!
  11. KevsNoTrev

    Counting AI Casualties (How to?)

    Have you tried adding an eventhandler "killed" to the AI? You can then get the unit type with typeof Are the AI spawned or editor placed? On my phone so can't link to Bi-wiki. Sorry
  12. Have a look at a3 wasteland it has a good vehicle and player save system using inidb
  13. You could use CreateDiaryRecord as a log to record the relevant info accessible from the players map screen. Edit: after rereading this info was posted above. Shows I really skipped a large section. Oops. Sorry.
  14. KevsNoTrev

    Selecting from three big groups...

    Can't this be done in the editor with one group. Place three markers and then sync the groups to the markers. When the mission starts the group will spawn in one of those locations. It used to work with player starts.
  15. Have you tried a debug on the activation?? Use something like: hint str thislist When activated to see what units are inside the trigger area