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  1. The Naval Special Warfare is recruiting! A positive screening will could earn you a position in the elite unit 6LACK $QUADRON(6$). 6$ is A cell of NSWDEVGRU and is charge with taking on any and all missions assigned by The Commander in Chief of The United States, JSOC and U.S.Z.O.R.T. If cold nights in the ocean, long days in the jungle and close contact with the infected sound like a good career...The SQUADRON is for you. ________________________________________________________________________ REQUIREMENTS MISSION CREATOR/ZUES: MUST! have basic mission making skills such as HVT, demolition, intel collecting, multiplayer set up. (Triggers,cutscenes and any other dynamics are a plus. But does not effect screening) ASSAULTER: MUST! understand the basics of Arma and have at least played through the campaign. One must understand value of a team. SHOOT. MOVE. COMMUNICATE. SHOOT-Ability you use your weapon and it’s ammo to effectively put down enemy targets. MOVE- Ability to move around the battlefield effectively to combat the enemy and keep the team and oneself safe. COMMUNICATE- Ability to relay info to team leader and assaulter with battlefield information. ________________________________________________________________________ SNIPERS: MUST! Understand the mechanics on the ACE3 scope system and max range of weapon to effectively accomplish objectives. ________________________________________________________________________ POINT MAN: MUST! have strong navigational skill to direct team on target and complete objectives. ________________________________________________________________________ PILOTS: Ability to fly manner of aircraft such as. Little Bird and Chinook helicopters. Must have decent skill in counter measures to effectively insert and extract team for target. ________________________________________________________________________ If one meets the requirements above, a successful screening in said skills must be obtained. After that you will be assigned to a team with in 6$ and begin training and deployment. Apply Here--> https://units.arma3.com/unit/fukwitthasquad with desired position. List your (code name), and describe your favorite mission scenario. Captain Frost 6$