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  1. modifying the code to allow for wrong potions to work can create more problems that solutions as will be impossible to predict some custom cases. i provided a way to fix this by allowing the use to place loot in exact positions. many other similar systems had this problem and had to adopt this method to make sure this wont happen. @Chuc please provide what building class names are the ones creating this problem and ill look at it. if you dont know how to get class name on the position tool video i show how to get this or simple take an ss of one is not working and ill try to find the class name
  2. hey man, there is no update for a3 buildings, i use positions within in the models but that wasn't designed for that is why some dont look right. if you want 100% control need to create custom positions, check on a previous post here i released a config for all a3 buildings, you have to look at them and change to your needs https://pastebin.com/w7s8LM3k ive mention few thing about that file above think you can find it useful let me know if you have any questions
  3. Civ A and B are just to low class and high class areas, building that look rundown or poor are B and other A, and yes on that list also have other places like food and industrial. you dont have to keep this classifications as i have them there but i tried to make them as unique as possible. having them classified like that helps getting the right items into the right buildings. any question just let me know id be happy to help.
  4. @Chuc Yes you can change the "Military" to w/e you want but cant change the class names as those are provided by the game/mods, with the position creator tool i provided you can edit create any positions you want. i was working on an update for this but been really busy. https://pastebin.com/w7s8LM3k that file buildings_a3.cpp, was something i was working on, have more classifications as well all (i think :P) a3 buildings can look at it and use as you wish. you'll have to create/edit loot tables to match building category names or simple make the position files less detailed for w/e you want. #Positions Creator Tool https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1560677855 that tool i created will help you create customize positions hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions
  5. @KevsNoTrev, yeah is easy. on your config under the section ratio, remove "weapons" line from it ratio[] = { "backpacks",1, "uniforms",1, "items",2 }; then on "items[] =" add the magazines you want like items[] = { "11Rnd_45ACP_Mag",10, or whatever magazines you want, just need the class names. the number after is weight meaning how likely is to spawn based on the weight or the other ones on the list
  6. Update: Ive created a small mod to help deal with some of the problems with positions. using the builtin positions in building is not always the best thing, is why i also provided a way to deal with that. this mod will help you create custom positions for any building you want. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1560677855 note: this mod is very simple and i did not put a lot of time to test it so is entirely possible some things might not work thank you
  7. @LSValmont ill try to look at this, can you provide me with the names of the buildings having this issues, ill try creating custom position for them, sometimes when using model positions this can happen. im almost done with my the new script im working on and ill be able to look at this fully, in any rate ill try looking at this as soon as i can ty
  8. lol np, glad you find it useful. let me know any problems i'll try to help im planning to go back and rework this a bit better as well adding some new things to it. at the moment im working on a new release that should be done soon, think you might like this one too
  9. thanks for the release, ill be checking it out
  10. play with the settings, can limit all of that, can also set where smaller building get less than bigger ones as well as a cap overall
  11. thanks, let me know how it goes, i have more ideas on this that ill be implementing but need to see if the core works under a stress test, dont have many people to test in multiplayer, was only able to test it with 2 people on coop and dedicated server and dont looks like there is much fps drop, unless you go crazy with the settings
  12. this works _lblPicture = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> _x >> "picture");
  13. #Lootsystem Script: This script creates random loot on buildings based on predefined settings #Installation: Add the following line to your init.sqf: // init lootsystem [] execVM "lootsystem\init.sqf"; Add the following line to your description.ext: //lootsystem config #include "lootsystem\config.cpp" Move the lootsystem folder to your mission folder #Customization: Edit the config file: lootsystem\config.cpp #Functions: LSS_fnc_cleanup Usage: [] spawn LSS_fnc_cleanup; Notes: Manually cleans expired generated loot LSS_fnc_cleanup_auto Usage: [] call LSS_fnc_cleanup_auto; Notes: Starts a thread and does cleanup based on config.cpp LSS_fnc_spawn_loot Usage: [<pos>,<range>] spawn LSS_fnc_spawn_loot; example: [getpos player,80] spawn LSS_fnc_spawn_loot; Notes: Generates loot based on a given position and radius LSS_fnc_spawn_loot_auto Usage: [] call LSS_fnc_spawn_loot_auto; Notes: Generates loot based on a given position and radius LSS_fnc_spawn_loot_inBulding Usage: [<building_object>] call LSS_fnc_spawn_loot_inBulding; Returns: the building object where the loot was created Notes: Generates loot based on a given building object #Download https://github.com/dodzh/lootsystem #Problems Issues https://github.com/dodzh/lootsystem/issues #Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537485467 #Positions Creator Tool https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1560677855 This my first actual script posted :( hope you all like it enjoy
  14. Hello, Pardon my ignorance on this i was wandering if anyone could help me find what function is called when player selects self heal option from the scroll menu. i guess i could easily create a own function for this but was curios as what the game uses . thank you
  15. but reconfiguring it requires modding correct? Ty