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    EH for Disarming a mine

    It's a little bit disappointing to say the least that there isn't anything.. Thankyou for the quick reply Austin, you have a good idea there, but unfortunately I am more a perfectionist and would prefer it done properly lol. Will keep your idea in mind in case I change my opinion on that. Cheers, -Grovesy
  2. Hey guys, I am currently working on a script here and slowly walked myself into a dead-end.. Interested to know if there were any EventHandlers for a mine being disarmed.. Either in default ArmA, CBA addon, or ACE3 addon? Script waits until a mine is disarmed, from there I would like to gather the ID of the mine and the ID of the player/unit disarming the mine. Any help appreciated. Cheers, -Grovesy
  3. Hey guys, first time posting on the bohemia interactive forums. I have been playing around with basic mission editing for a while(started in OA). But lately I began using SQF files to do things as it keeps the editor clean and I like the AddAction command for realism. Well for a while I have been trying to perfect a script using CreateTrigger and SetTriggerStatements. Everytime it loads, it will seem to crash the game. If someone can show me a simple way of using this in SQF you'll be a great help! I need the Statements to be as follows: Condition: ({alive _x} count units Enemygroup) < 1; OnAct: Samson AddAction ["<t color=#0000FF">Speak to Col. Samson</t>", "SpeakToSamson.sqf]; [RESISTANCE, "HQ"] SideChat "All soliders in the BLUFOR Camp have been eliminated."; OnDea: -nil So I hope someone can help me out with that, I will learn off your work pretty quickly, and mind any mistakes I may have made above. Was a little rushed, but the idea stands. -Thankyou, Grovesy