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  1. Thank you for your response. I have made the edits to the fn_campaignInit.sqf as you provided. As I outlined in my previous inquiry, my goal is to have a campaign of only CAS mission for an Air Asset and have the mission as a stand alone not requiring any MCC interaction after creation and save to SQM. Also, I am sorry for being such a noob but I have placed a playable unit, MCC start module and the MCC Campaign module and when testing, the soldier spawns and it is playable but no campaign start. I know the mission will be dependent on MCC but I do not want MCC's control panels or tablet interfaces required in order for the Operation to run, I am not sure if this is possible. Thank you shay_gman for your hard work on MCC4 and thank you to anyone that answers this follow-up.
  2. MCC aficionados, I am trying to automate the building of a scenario which consists of 10 or 20 (or user defined amount) of CAS class attack missions for an air asset. What I would like the scenario to do is randomly generate missions that would be a randomly placed tank, armored vehicle, convoy or HVT (TARGET) anywhere on Altis which must be destroyed. When the TARGET is destroyed another will be generated from the randomized list (even if the TARGET type is repeated, as long as it is in another location). I am sure all this can be scripted or built but I am interested in modules being placed while in either Eden or the MCC editor and saved as a stand alone with the end result being what I described above. Can MCC do this type of automated scenario? If so can you direct me to a similar mission/build that I use as reference? Thank you in advance
  3. I agree with you completely floris_heinen there is an incredible appetite for a complete and effective US attack chopper. So far I am LOVING the mod and looking forward to more Apache awesomeness!
  4. Is there a txt listing of all "Custom Button" assignments in one place? I have gathered as many as I could find from the manual but even that does not appear to have associations to Head Tracking utilizing Custom Button 19 for instance. Thank you in advance
  5. If you are making standalone missions, you can edit the module settings by saving the mission as a non binary and use Notepad++ or other text editor to set the variables manually in the mission.sqm.
  6. Is there a way to sync a zone or area to the player spawn area? The issue I have is players are spawning outside my base walls and have to travel a substantial distance around the base to get back to HQ. Are there ANY variables that a designer has as it relates to the player spawn location in relation to HQ? Thank you again for you excellent MOD and follow up.
  7. hajimoto

    Custom Sound and Text issue

    Dai-San - Unrelated to your specific issue with triggers not working as intended within the Eden editor, I too am having substantial issues with functions and calls that worked perfectly in the past. Certain module settings for instance do no work in the 3D editor and I am forced to use a text editor and manually override settings in the mission.sql. Very frustrating and so far, the 3D editor not worth the item placement gains it grants.
  8. I need some help on a couple of topics related to MCC. Any help would be very much appreciated. While in the ARMA3 editor I place the MCC module START LOCATION and all other supporting modules to allow the MCC campaign missions. The question I have is, how can I stop the random spawn location for MAIN? I want players to spawn in a very specific area related tot he START module. Is there a way to turn off the enemy attacking the START location or Base? MCC Zone restriction: How can I have a zone that stops enemy AI from entering a given zone. Any help with examples or links to off BI site examples is appreciated. Hajimoto
  9. The question was to get BIS revive to work with MCC Campaign. BIS revive in a regular mission is as you say, pretty straight forward but with MCC Campaign the player dies which causes instant respawn screen. See Shay_Gman's response that clears that item up. Thank you
  10. I am using the MOD version. I double checked the MCC Medical Module and you are right it defaulted to Complex even though I thought I changed it. Do you know of a way to disable the BIS healing feature? I only want MCC Medical in the healing options as the mouse wheel will confuse some of our medics and the fact that the BIS heal function overrides some of the MCC Medical procedure rendering it useless in some cases. Thanks again
  11. Thank you for the response. As for the multiple posts, if you read they are not specifically directed at you and more so at the community. While I realize that you are subscribed to all the media outlets it was not a case of impatience on my part as it was more of, I know you are busy and some other scripter that is more familiar with the MCC functions may be able to answer for me. Once again thank you for your response. I do have a follow up: The Medkit is not providing the Medic with endless Epi and Saline as described in the Wiki, Is there a variable that needs to activated? What would I have to add to the mission to eliminate the BI FAK use in the mouse wheel options, I want ONLy MCC medical system to be used. Would it be possible that you can direct me to a mission/PBO that properly invokes these functions that I can use as a base on proper format/syntax? Hajimoto
  12. MCC4 and BI revive Can someone help me with how to integrate the BI revive system to work in an MCC4 campaign scenario. I want to have the incapacitated soldier to be able to be revived rather than instantly have to select a respawn as offered in MCC4 after death menu. If the player actually dies or decides to respawn then and only then will they see the MCC4 respawn menu.
  13. MCC Campaign Rescue POW I have created a MP COP mission that places the MCC campaign module on Stratis I made a small base with the BI Respawn_West (As I typically do). When the MCC campaign produces a mission where we must destroy some targets and rescue a captive, when we bring the POW back to the base (Respawn_West), the mission will not complete. If I place the MCC Module Start_Location in the same area of Respaewn_West, when any of the West force dies, they are viewing two death/revive screens, one is the BI revive that I added to the mission but in the back ground I can see the MCC select respawn option. These two question may be related but I would like to have the BI revive parameter to be the only thing the player sees, once the timer has run out, the player respawns at Respawn_West or MCC Start_Location. Any help would be apprecaited or maybe a quick PBO so I can open the editor and learn. Thank you